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Identifying and analyzing different perspectives PowerPoint Presentation
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Identifying and analyzing different perspectives

Identifying and analyzing different perspectives

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Identifying and analyzing different perspectives

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  1. Identifying and analyzingdifferentperspectives

  2. Analyzing and Comparing Perspectives on Issues - Gorillas Students compare and contrast their perspectives on raising gorillas in captivity with their peers and with scientists. They then summarize their perspectives and the perspectives of others.

  3. Example: Part I: Learning Activity 1. Make copies and distribute the Comparing Perspectives handout to each student. 2.Before viewing the video, ask students to write their perspectives on whether they believe gorillas should be placed into captivity or not and why. 3. Students interview their partners or group members to find out their perspectives. 4. Then view the video, focusing on the scientists' perspectives on placing gorillas in captivity in zoos and why. 5. After viewing the video, students revisit their own perspectives, written before viewing the video. Give students a chance to revise their perspectives in the "After Viewing" column. 6. Students share their revisions with their group members or partners.

  4. Part II: Assessment 1. Students compare their perspectives on the issue of gorilla captivity with those of their peers and those of scientists. 2. On the Comparing Perspectives handout, each student codes his or her perspective after viewing the video as “M: Mine,” for perspectives that are the same as theirs or “D: Different,” for perspectives that are different from theirs. 3. On a blank sheet of paper, students summarize their perspectives, the reasons for their perspectives, and who agrees with them. They then summarize the perspectives of those who disagree with and the reasons for their perspectives.

  5. Example: Worksheet Animal Captivity Comparing Perspectives Part 1

  6. Part 2 After viewing the Video in a page, write phrases that are mentioned and you considered that are important.

  7. Part 3 • Did you change your mind about raising gorillas in captivity based on what you saw in the video? Why or why not? • Did any of your group members change their minds? What reasons did they give?