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Different perspectives

A power-point that can be used in the classroom for English corners.

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Different perspectives

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  1. We are different but it’s …Good

  2. RIDDLE A father asked his daughter to go and buy him some things for a trip. Dad: Hey sweetie could you please go buy some things for my trip? Daughter: Why can’t mom do it? Dad: Mom is busy, so if you wouldn’t mind could you….

  3. On his desk was an envelope with cash in it. The girl came up to his desk and on the envelope she read 98. Father: Don’t talk to any strangers Daughter: Okay Papa, you can trust me 

  4. She took the money and went to a shop. There she chose 90 rmb worth of stuff Daughter: I want all this. How much? Cashier: 90 rmb ~ la

  5. When she got to the cash desk she was 4 rmb short. ? Daughter: What the heck! I am 4 rmb short of money. Cashier: Aiyo, four more kuai…! What had happened?

  6. DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES Can Cause Frustration That drives me crazy! That drives me up the wall! That makes me nuts! That rubs me the wrong way!

  7. Opinion

  8. Way of Life

  9. Punctuality

  10. Contacts

  11. Anger

  12. Standing in Line

  13. Sundays on roads

  14. Party

  15. In the restaurant

  16. Travelling

  17. Handling problems

  18. 3 meals a day

  19. Transportation

  20. Elderly

  21. Moods and weather

  22. The Boss

  23. What's fashionable

  24. New things

  25. The Child

  26. How we think of each other

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