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Bridge Project

Bridge Project

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Bridge Project

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  1. Bridge Project ROMAN BRIDGE Presented By: Paeyton S. Laura P. Jesse A.

  2. History of Bridges Roman bridges started appearing in the 1st and 2nd century AD. One of the roman bridges built in AD 105 forTrajan, is still standing today. It spans the Tagus in spain. The width of its central arches are 110 feet wide and its height is 210 feet above the level of the water. The 8 ton blocks that structure this bridge are NOT cemented.

  3. Bridges in the Middle Ages The master minds of the middle ages constructed bridges with houses on them. One of them is the London Bridge. This bridge was construced between 1176 and 1209. It was said to have been constructed by Peter, chaplain of St Mary Colechurch. The london bridge is the first stone bridge to actually be constructed in a tidal waterway. The bridges piers and padding are so thick that it demolished 75% of the river. This bridge lasted more then 6 centuries until we replaced it in the United States.

  4. Tunkahnnock Creek Viaduct This bridge is located in Pennsylvania. It spans a whopping 2,375 feet. It is one of the largest concrete reinforced bridges in the United States. People statrted to work on this bridge in May of 1912. The designer if this bridge was A. Burton Cohen. The owner and builder of this bridge is Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad.

  5. Humber Bridge This bridge was one the longest cable suspension bridge in the world. They began working on this bridge in the year 1973. The work was contuined on for 8 years. This bridge is located in Hull City. People were first able to cross the bridge in 24th June 1981.

  6. Forth Railway Bridge The Forth Railway Bridge is the worlds first major steel bridge. This bridge spans a length of 1.5 miles. The construction of this bridge began in 1883 and was actually completed on March 4, 1890. Tancred–Arrol constructed this bridge. For every day of work there were 4, 000 men working at once. Fifty- seven men lost their lives on the construction of this bridge.

  7. Salginatobel Bridge The Salginatobel Bridge is a reinforced concrete arch bridge. This bridge is located in Schiers, Switzlarend. This bridge was constructed between 1929 and 1930. This bridge is 133m long, and it carries a roadway 3.5m wide.

  8. Ponte di Pietra in Verona This is a Roman arch bridge located in Verona, Italy. Four of the arches were destroyed by German troops in World War 2. They were rebuilt in 1957 with its origional materials.

  9. Metrobridge This bridge spans the Moskva River in Moscow. It was originally built in 1958. In 1984 the bridge fell into despair. So the Metrobridge was temproially blocked off. After a long 18 years the bridge was finally rebuilt and open to the public.

  10. Parshallburg Bridge The Parshallburg Bridge is located in Michigan. This is the oldest Thatcher truss bridge in the United States. It was built in 1889. When it was first built, it rested on cobblestone abutments (part of a structure that bears the weight or pressure of an arch). This bridge is 140 feet long.

  11. Thatcher Bridge This bridge was constructed in 1962. It is located in Balboa, Panama. This bridge is also known as the Bridge of The Americas. This bridge is a steel arch bridge and is 1,128 feet long.

  12. Brooklyn Bridge

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