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OBB: Optimal Baby Bed

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OBB: Optimal Baby Bed. Group 8 : Heu Ji Woo, Karen Fernandes, Matthias Mayrhofer, Hong Gyeong-Min. Table of contents. Problem Definition Core values and the limits of existing products Product Development. 1. Problem definition. Infants die mainly because of suffocation and SIDS.

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obb optimal baby bed

OBB: Optimal Baby Bed

Group 8 : Heu Ji Woo, Karen Fernandes, Matthias Mayrhofer, Hong Gyeong-Min

table of contents
Table of contents
  • Problem Definition
  • Core values and the limits of existing products
  • Product Development
infants die mainly because of suffocation and sids
1. Problem definitionInfants die mainly because of suffocation and SIDS.
  • Annually 3258 infants die in Korea
  • Suffocationis the number one cause of
  • infant deaths.
  • 20% of infant deaths are caused by suffocation.
  • SIDS is also increasingly causing
  • infants death
  • SIDS: Sudden Infants Death Syndrome

Source: Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs

the main causes of infant deaths are suffocation and sids
1. Problem definitionThe main causes of infant deaths are suffocation and SIDS

Sleeping on stomach

Sleeping on the stomach increases the baby's risk of suffocation and SIDS

Physical pressure on babies

Because babies breath with their stomachs, pressing the baby’s chest can cause suffocation.

Excessively hot temperature

Overheated bedding increases the risk of suffocation and SIDS

Infant protection products’ marketability

Growing popularity of infant protection products

Parent’s concern about their baby’s safety

In-depth interview:

Su-Jin Bae (35, female)

I always feel anxious for fear that my baby sleeps on his stomach and dies. And whenever I feed my baby breast milk at night, I worry that the baby might suffocate when my arm puts pressure on the baby’s chest while I am drowsy.

Parents worry about their babies and therefore, increases the popularity of infant protection products, which implies that there will be a great demand of anti-suffocation & SIDS products.

2. Core values and the limits of existing products

Core values for protecting suffocation and SIDS

Alternatives Evaluation


Temperature control

Correcting sleeping posture

“Fixes” baby’s body for sleeping on its back

or sounds alarm if baby sleeps on its stomach

Protection from physical pressure

Protects babies from physical pressure

Or sounds alarm if there is too much pressure on the baby’s body.

Temperature control

Prevents overheating of the baby’s body and the bedding.

Protection from pressure

Sleeping posture


SIDS monitor

Bedside cot

parental benefits
2. Core values and the limits of existing productsParental benefits.


  • Parents are able to sleep right next to their baby.
    • Allows parents to know that their baby is safe during night time.
    • Reduces the tedious task of having to get up and go to the crib in order to attend to the baby’s needs.
  • The baby will feel emotionally safer and content when close to his/her parents.
  • If the baby is in danger or has any abrupt health problems (coughing, getting sick, etc), the parents will know immediately.
  • No extra space apart from the bed is needed (advantage over
  • bedside cribs)
3. Product development

What values our product convey to customers?


Core value:

Infant’s Protection from death

-Sleeping on back

-Protection from pressure

-Temperature and bedding

Secondary features:

Replaceable outer material

Temperature controls

Clips to hold the blanket in place

1.엎드려 자다 죽는 것 방지

2.부모와 함께 잘 수 있음 (신생아 때는 손이 많이 가서 가까이 두고 자야 함. 모유 먹이다 잔다던가)

3..부모가 자거나 딴일 하느라 눈치 못 챌 때 알 수 있음

  • Applyable from 0-12 months (Source: babycenter.com)
  • Width:
    • Inner part: 35cm
    • Outerpart: 7cm (each)
  • Length: 80cm
  • Height: 12cm
7cm 35cm 7cm



Ventilation system

Pressure sensor

  • Outer fabric: Perforated Synthetic Leather (Poromericimitiation leather)
    • Made from Polyurethane.
      • “Breathable” fabric that allows for airflow.
    • A lot cheaper than real leather.
    • Keeps a luxurious feel to the product.
  • Inner fabric: Foam Cushioning
    • Allows for air ventilations within the product.
    • Easy installment of the cooling system.
ventilation system
Ventilation System
  • Cooling
    • Multiple fans will be installed inside the seat to produce air circulation.
    • The fans will diffuse the heat from the baby’s body throughout the seat and out through the fabric which will cool the surface.
    • Circulates air across the body of the baby which allows for the body’s natural cooling system to work.
how to keep it fixed on the bed
How to keep it fixed on the bed?
    • Product: Fixed velcro on the bottom.
    • Bedsheet: Sewablevelcros

@ Product

@ Sheet

pressure sensors
Pressure Sensors
  • Integrated within the sides of the product.
    • Ideafromcarseats (safetybeltalarm)
  • Linked to a measurement unit that alerts parents by vibrationor alarm signal if too much pressure is on the side parts of the product.
    • Touch point sensitivity can be adapted.
blanket clips
Blanket Clips
  • For fixing the blanket in place at the bottom part of the product.
    • Attached to the outer material.
testing phase


  • Prototypeshave to bedesigned and produced
  • In order to beable to create the bestpossibleproduct a lot of testingisneeded
  • In order to getfeedbackfrombabies, wehaveto considerbiopsychologicalmeasurements (brainwaves, sleepingcharacteristics, etc.)