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No Child Left Behind

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No Child Left Behind. Webinar June 1, 2012. Phone lines will be muted!. To avoid background noise and other distractions, the phone lines will be muted. Lines will be unmuted periodically for questions. Use the Chat box to post questions or wait until lines are unmuted. Agenda Topics.

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no child left behind

No Child Left Behind


June 1, 2012

phone lines will be muted
Phone lines will be muted!
  • To avoid background noise and other distractions, the phone lines will be muted.
  • Lines will be unmuted periodically for questions.
  • Use the Chat box to post questions or wait until lines are unmuted.
agenda topics
Agenda Topics
  • Welcome and Introduction of Speakers
  • Program and Allocation Update
  • Reimbursement Update
  • 2010-2011 Performance Report Closeout; 2011-2012 Performance Report Changes; FY13 Application
  • FY13 Monitoring
  • Q & A
nclb consolidated application and performance report update

NCLB Consolidated Application and Performance Report Update

For SAU specific discussions, feel free to call the NCLB Clearinghouse at 624-6705 to schedule a time for one-on-one or small group technical assistance.

nclb allocations
NCLB Allocations

Final Allocations for 2012-13 are still being determined at the Federal level. We’ll continue to provide updates as information is available.

  • Title IA, FY13 Prelim: $350,000 reduction for overall state allocation;
  • Program Improvement CIPS: Still needs to be determined based on Title I allocations;
  • Title IIA, FY13:Slight reduction expected;
  • FY12 Rescission Reversal: Titles IA & IIA: SAUs will be issued additional funds from the FY12 reduction made in November 2011;
  • Title III: Estimated to be $50,000 less;
  • Title VI: Cuts to be determined by Congress.
  • “Sequestration” or “the sequester” are terms used to describe the automatic budget cuts passed into law under the Budget Control Act (BCA) in August 2011.
  • Could go into effect January 2, 2013
  • Impacts ESEA Title I and II, IDEA Part B and the CTE Grants
  • Worst-case scenario of 9.1% ($4.1 billion) in cuts assuming that FY 2013 funding levels are the same as FY 2012.
  • More info on the MDOE website under Commissioner’s Updates-stay tuned
title ia program update
Title IA Program Update
  • FY13 Charter Schools may impact Title IA allocations, and we may have mid-year adjustments.
  • FY14 Charter School will impact Title IA allocations.
  • 15% Carryover Waiver
  • Accountability Waivers
    • Approved AMO waiver keeps 2010-11 targets for 2011-12 AYP calculations;
    • Flexibility waiver work pending; proposed submission September 2012.
title ic program update
Title IC Program Update
  • No Program changes.
  • Continue to administer the new Migrant School Survey found on Maine Migrant Ed’s website.
  • Only submit to DOE those surveys that have indicated yes to all three questions.
  • Explicit directions found on the survey.
title iia
Title IIA
  • None at this time.
title iid technology
Title IID - Technology
  • No longer supported under NCLB
  • Can no longer transfer to Title IID
  • All transfers from 2011-12 must be obligated by September 30, 2012
  • IID supplemental page is no longer required
title iii general update
TITLE IIIGeneral Update
  • There are no program changes
  • Funding to Maine districts is about $50,000 less this year than last year:
    • 2012: $598,263
    • 2013 Estimate: $545,005

For past funding allocations go to:

title x mckinney vento
Title XMcKinney Vento
  • Homeless Education State Coordinator

Jacinda Goodwin


[email protected]

  • Fall Liaison Training Dates – TBA
    • Who attends?
      • Homeless Liaison (especially if they have not attended a training in the last two years)
      • Any additional school staff
  • Changes in Liaisons – submit name and contact information to the State Coordinator.
reimbursement invoices
  • Share these slides with your Business Office Staff.
  • Watch for Billing Periods that overlap from one invoice to another, especially when transitioning from one fiscal year’s funds to another fiscal year’s fund. There may be times when this occurs, and we may follow up with a phone call before approving because some expenditures could have been invoiced twice. We have had some instances of this.
reimbursement invoices1
  • If double invoicing occurs, the district would need to return funds back to the NCLB Clearinghouse along with a memo showing the amount and budget line object codes to which these funds need to be returned.
  • The NCLB Clearinghouse sends the check to the Dept. of Administrative & Financial Services and sends the memo to the Federal Reimbursement System programmers to have these funds added back into the system.
  • A district’s application must be fully submitted and certified by the SAU and approved by the State in order for the funding reimbursement line to be available to the Business Office.
  • If the funding line is not available to the Business Office, contact your local NCLB Coordinator to check on the application status.
  • SAUs should not have to call the State.

It is important that the Business Manager and the NCLB Program Coordinator compare balances from the NCLB Performance Report and the Federal Reimbursement System. The balances may not match because:

    • there may be expenditures made with no request for reimbursement yet.
    • NCLB Performance Reports can be completed on an accrual basis and the reimbursement system is a cash basis.
  • However, you should be able to reconcile the differences in the ending balances.
reimbursement update
  • If the district is showing a $0 balance in the Reimbursement system but a carryover in the NCLB Performance Report, there is an issue.
  • If the NCLB Report shows $0 carryover but has a grant balance in the Reimbursement System that would be OK.

2010-2011 Carryover Extension Report

2011-2012 Performance Report

FY13 Application (2012-2013)

Summary of Important Dates

for FY13

August 1, 2012

FY13 Application

2011-2011 Performance Report

(or 30 days after the end of

the summer program)

June 30, 2012[1 slide]

Submit Final Carryover Extension Reports for the 2010-2011 Performance Report

July 1, 2012[more slides]

January 15, 2013

Submit EOY Carryover Report for the 2011-2012 Performance Report

-Schoolwide Plans Due

-Notify SEA of School Changes ASAP

-Notify SEA if operating Summer Programming with FY12 funds

2010 2011 performance report
2010-2011 Performance Report
  • If your SAU had FY11 carryover fund balances on the End of Year Summary of Expenditures and requested an extension, the SAU must file the Extension Carryover Report and Final Expenditure Summary by June 30, 2012.
  • You must contact Dennis Kunces or Jackie Godbout for expenditures of FY11 Carryover funds made beyond June 30, 2012,
by july 1 2012
By July 1, 2012 . . .
  • Submit new Schoolwide Plans electronically to Rachelle Tome at [email protected]
  • Check your district’s list of schools in the FY13 Electronic System Site Setup. Any school changes (opening, closing, or renaming) are to be sent to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] This will ensure an up-to-date school chart on the Title I Ranking & Distribution page and current school names when compared to MEDMS. Do this as soon as possible.
by july 1 20121
By July 1, 2012 . . .
  • If operating any NCLB 2012 summer programming with 2011-2012 funds, notify [email protected] This will allow an additional 30 days from project completion date to submit the 2011-2012 Performance Report and FY13 Application. Provide:
    • Brief description of summer programming
    • Amount of Funds to be expended on the project
    • Date project will be completed
please note
Please note:



  • 2012-2013 Application cannotbe submitted until the 2011-2012 Performance Report has been submitted and certified by the Superintendent.
  • Outcomes from the 2011-2012 Performance Report will be considered as we review your 2012-2013 Application.
  • Our goal is to have timely submission with projects based on data and input from all constituents.


Both the Performance Report and Application need to be submitted and certified before they will be read at the State level. We will read them in the order they are received. Requests for additional information or clarification will be e-mailed to the NCLB Coordinator and Supt.
timing and quality count
Timing and Quality Count!!
  • Submit Early
  • Make sure your submissions are complete and well written to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • The NCLB Team will process submissions as quickly as possible—get in line early.
  • Check your e-mail and respond as soon as you can to our request for clarification/additional information.
nclb hearing and complaint process
NCLB Hearing and Complaint Process
  • Each SAU should review the State’s Hearing and Complaint Process located on the State’s NCLB homepage.
  • Each SAU that has a private school within its boundary must provide a copy or the web location of the Hearing and Complaint Process to the private school(s) participating in NCLB programming. The private school would follow the Complaint Procedures if an issue arises.
  • If you have a question, raise your hand by clicking on the bottom left of the attendees list.
  • Lines will be unmuted.
new email tracking feature
  • For application and performance report, the SAU now has access to view emails sent to them when the State provides feedback or opens paperwork as requested by the SAU for amendments. The link is called: Process Tracking History and is located at the bottom of the NCLB Menu pages on both the Data Entry and Submission sides of the system.
program contact page
Program Contact Page
  • Homeless Liaison is new to the list of contacts.
  • Title IID and IV contacts have been eliminated.
  • Please take the time to ensure current contacts. This helps us communicate more efficiently and effectively.
title ia major application change
Title IA Major Application Change
  • Two Budget Lines—one for FY12 funds that are being returned to the SAUs due to the rescission and then reinstatement of a portion of last year’s funds, and a budget line for FY13 funds.
  • Place FY12 funds in the project where they will be spent the earliest.
title ia parent reservation
Title IA Parent Reservation
  • Parent Involvement Reservation >$500,000
  • 1% of the Total Allocation
  • Of the reserved amount, 95% must be distributed to Title I schools based on a formula described on the Parent Reservation project page; up to 5% may be used for district level activities; and private schools must receive their equitable share of the reserved amount.
  • See last year’s 2011 powerpoint on the web for additional specificity.
title i eligibility
Title I Eligibility
  • Total enrollment in the district <1000; all schools are eligible
  • District has 1 building per grade level/grade span; all schools are eligible
  • School has a Free and Reduced lunch % > 35%; school is eligible
  • School has a Free and Reduced lunch % > than the district’s %; school is eligible
title ia ranking distribution rule
Title IA Ranking & Distribution Rule
  • Any school above 75% poverty must be served before any consideration of serving lower poverty schools through grade span grouping.
  • As poverty levels increase, issues could arise with districts not serving their middle schools but serving lower poverty elementary schools.
  • Solution: Use only FREE lunch numbers on the R&D page in the poverty column.
changes to title ia served schools
Changes to Title IA Served Schools
  • A Title I school that will not be served with Title I funds for the 2012-2013 school year will no longer be eligible for CIPS funding and support effective August 31, 2012.
  • If you will be adding Title I funds to a school for the first time and its school status for 2012-13 is CIPS1 or higher, then appropriate school reservations and district set-asides must be made in the FY13 application. Notify Rachelle Tome of the NEW Title I school as soon as possible at 624-6708.
new cips ses training
New CIPS & SES Training
  • Webinar for New CIPS
  • Information on the webinar will be e-mailed directly to newly identified CIPS schools
  • For More Information Contact: [email protected] (624-6705)
cipd and district set asides
CIPD and District Set asides
  • For districts in CIPD status, there is a required 10% set aside for district professional development needs.
  • District status is available on the MDOE AYP website (update pending)
  • Districts in CIPD or Monitor status for 2011-12 will receive email notification by the end of next week to assist with FY13 planning.
  • Contact Rachelle Tome if you have questions.
title i part d update
Title I, Part D Update

The Title ID, Subpart 1 – Dept. of Corrections Facilities

  • FY13 Application and the Performance Report for 2011-2012 are now totally integrated into the NCLB Electronic System.
  • There will be no paper documents to be filed.
title i part d update1
Title I, Part D Update
  • Title ID, Subpart 2 – Local Delinquent Facilities in SAD 6, SAD 64, RSU 18
  • Performance Report: Required demographic and performance data has been integrated into the district’s regular Supplemental Reports
  • Application: Required signed Agreement is part of the FY13 application.
  • If you have a question, raise your hand by clicking on the bottom left of the attendees list. When acknowledged, unmute *6 your line to ask your question.
title iia major application change
Title IIA Major Application Change
  • Two Budget Lines—one for FY12 funds that are being returned to the SAUs due to the rescission and then reinstatement of a portion of last year’s funds, and a budget line for FY13 funds.
  • Place FY12 funds in the project where they will be spent the earliest.
title iia allowable uses
Title IIA Allowable uses
  • Professional Development
  • Parent Training
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Class Size Reduction
  • Any supplies and materials necessary for professional development
title ii accountability
Title II Accountability
  • Under Section 2141 of Title IIA statute, any District that has not made AYP for three consecutive years and has not been at 100% HQT for three consecutive years will be notified by the Title IIA Coordinator to:
    • enter into an agreement with the Maine DOE regarding their use of Title IIA funds.
    • Not hire any additional Title I paraprofessionals until the district is out of this status
title iid educational technology
Title IID Educational Technology
  • No longer supported under NCLB
  • Can no longer transfer to Title IID
  • All transfers from 2011-12 must be obligated by September 30, 2012
  • If REAP-Flex eligible, you can REAP-Flex funds to Title V for technology projects.
performance report title iid
Performance Report - Title IID
  • Change: IID supplemental page is no longer required
title iii application and performance report
TITLE IIIApplication and Performance Report

Go to:

Webinar: Title III Application and Performance Report Technical Assistance

View Webinar session  |  Download the presentation |

Instructions for Completing and Submitting Title III Application and Performance Report

title iii application technical assistance example of thoughtful response in quotes
TITLE III Application Technical AssistanceExample of thoughtful response (in quotes)

Part II: Effectiveness of Approach (Goal One): The Applicant will implement an approach to ensure that English Learners increase their level of English proficiency by the end of each school year

a. Provide detailed description of the instructional strategies and program of services that will be implemented to ensure the progress of English Learners in attaining English proficiency, including comprehension, speaking, listening, reading and writing:

“Funding will provide English learners after school support with homework and language. ELs will be in small groups with ESL-endorsed teachers to provide additional support with assignments. All areas of language are addressed in the construction of student's homework assignments and supports.Funding will also support summer programming to support and maintain English language skills acquired throughout the school year. A thematic and project based design approach to teaching that is based on WIDA’s English language development standards will be used .”

title vi rural education
Title VI – Rural Education

Rural Small Schools – Award letters are projected to go out from the Feds in late August.

Rural Low Income – Awards announced usually in September

Performance Report due Sept 15.

Application Due on or before November 15


title ix general regulations
Title IX – General Regulations

A short Safe-Schools survey has been added to the Performance Report


end of year carryover report section
End of Year Carryover Report Section

New Language on the Summary Pages based on the Reimbursement Process

  • END OF YEAR SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURES Page [due January 15, 2013]:
    • Have you entered all of your expenditures? THESE FUNDS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO THE SAU.End of Year Carryover andSummary Reports are to be submitted by January 15, 2013 or as soon as all the money is expended whichever is sooner. If all funds have been expended, check with the SAU's Financial Manager to ensure that all funds have been requested through the Federal Grant Reimbursement System. If after submitting the End of Year Summary Report there is a balance in any of the ESEA titles, the SAU is given an option of an extension until June 30, 2013. A brief description of the reason for the extension is required. When granted this extension until June 30, 2013, the SAU will need to complete the Carryover Extension Narrative and Final Summary of Expenditures by Title pages of the 2011-2012 Performance Report on or before June 30, 2013.
carryover extension report section
Carryover Extension Report Section

New Language on the Summary Pages based on the Reimbursement Process

  • Final Expenditure Summary Page
    • Have you entered all of your expenditures? THESE FUNDS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO THE SAU.Any funds left after June 30th are no longer available to the SAU and must not be requested for reimbursement through the Federal Grant Reimbursement System. Contact your SAU's Financial Manager if you have any questions. The balance on the Final Summary of Expenditures must match the Grant Balance in the Federal Grant Reimbursement System.
  • If you have a question, raise your hand by clicking on the bottom left of the attendees list. When acknowledged, unmute *6 your line to ask your question.
new 5 year cycle fy13 through fy18
NEW 5-YEAR CYCLEFY13 through FY18
  • NEWMonitoring Process
  • FY13 Sites Have Been Selected. Notification will go out soon.
  • Monitoring Process Details will be available by mid-August:
    • on the NCLB Homepage under General Topics, then click on Monitoring and
    • mailed to the SAUs selected for FY13
monitoring process
Monitoring Process
  • A short list questions to be answered and required documents must be sent to the MDOE by October 30.
  • NCLB team members will review the information and determine by the end of December the outcome of the Desk Audit: Complete & Done, Need Telephone Conversation, or On-Site Visit Needed
new nclb coordinators meeting
New NCLB Coordinators Meeting
  • SAVE THE DATE: August 2, 2012
  • New NCLB Coordinators training for SAU personnel will be provided at TBD from 9:00 to 3:00.
  • Pass this information on if you know that a new NCLB Coordinator will be hired in your SAU.
  • Contact Jackie Godbout 624-6712 if you have any questions about this training.
  • Rachelle Tome, Fed. Programs/Title I Dir.


  • Steve Vose, Title I CIPS 624-6705
  • Jackie Godbout, Title IA & ID 624-6705
  • Margaret (Meghan) Southworth, Title IIA 624-6723
  • Dennis Kunces, Title IID, V, VI, REAP-Flex 624-6815
  • Nancy Mullins, Title III 624-6788
  • Jacinda Goodwin, Title X 624-6637
  • Email syntax: [email protected]