the nervous system n.
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The Nervous System

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The Nervous System. By: Pablo Orihuela Biology 9H, V. What does the Nervous System L ook like ?. The Nervous System is Brain, the Spinal Cord, a nd the Nerves that stretch out from the brain to t he Spinal Cord. What is involved in the Nervous System ?.

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the nervous system

The Nervous System

By: Pablo Orihuela

Biology 9H, V

what does the nervous system l ook like
What does the Nervous System Look like ?

The Nervous System is Brain, the Spinal Cord,

and the Nerves that stretch out from the brain to

the Spinal Cord.

what is involved in the nervous system
What is involved in the Nervous System ?

Two Main Parts make the Nervous System function. The Central Nervous System and

Peripheral Nervous System.

The Central Nervous System is made of the Brain and the Spinal Cord.

The Peripheral Nervous System of all the nerves from the brain to the spinal cord. It

Also has Spinal Nerves and Cranial Nerves.

how does the nervous system work
How does the Nervous System Work ?

The Nervous System has three essential steps for its production.

Stimuli, changes throughout the body , are monitored by many sensory receptors

throughout the body. Info gathered from this is called Sensory Input

In the Integration stage, Sensory Input is processed and the nerves think of an action

To fit the current situation.

In the Motor Output stage, The muscles and glands react to the current situation.


Inflammation of the Brain, usually due to infection.

It is very likely that you get Encephalitis through a Viral Infection (Skin contact, Mosquito Bite,

Contaminated Food/Drink etc).

Encephalitis can become a symptom of other viruses such as Chickenpox, Rabies, and the

West Nile Virus.

Symptoms of Encephalitis include Loss of Appetite, Clumsiness, High Irratability, Occaisional Stiff Neck, and Vomiting.

If not treated in time, it may reasult in loss of your senses, muscle control, and

how is it treated
How is it Treated ?

Encephalitis can be treated by a number of ways

Some examples of the treatment are Antibiotics, Atiseizure medications, Steroids,

and Sedatives

It is also recommended that the patient get good nutrition to help their immune

system fight the infection