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Pre-Health “Check-Up” For Class of 2013 and Their Parents May 1, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-Health “Check-Up” For Class of 2013 and Their Parents May 1, 2010

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Pre-Health “Check-Up” For Class of 2013 and Their Parents May 1, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-Health “Check-Up” For Class of 2013 and Their Parents May 1, 2010

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Pre-Health “Check-Up” For Class of 2013 and Their Parents May 1, 2010 Lee Witters & Stacy Barton

  2. Some Demographics of the Dartmouth Pre-health Student • ~30% of each entering class (= 300 students) attends the “pre-health” meeting during orientation • The Nathan Smith Society has a membership of ~1100 students • ~160-170 applicants per year to medical school (# alumni > seniors by 4:1) • ~80-85 % success rate in first application; no differences in success between various majors, between science & non-science majors or between seniors and alumni • There is no pre-health major at Dartmouth

  3. Pre-health Advising System Lee A. Witters Faculty Advisor of Nathan Smith Society Career Service Health Professions Advisors Stacy Barton Annette Hamilton Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) Faculty advisors (DC) DMS faculty and Admissions Office; DMS students Class Deans Peer Advising; Alumni Advising Tucker Foundation The Dartmouth Pre-health Student and Alumnus/a

  4. Nathan Smith 1762-1829

  5. DHMC Shadowing Program Community Veterinary Shadowing Program Community Dental Shadowing Program Dartmouth Ears (a patient visiting program at DHMC) ‘Dinner with a Doc/Vet/Dentist’ Program NSS Research Opportunities Database DMS “Interest Groups” & Alumni Workshops ‘Take a Med Student to Lunch’ Program “Mock Admissions” Paying for Medical School (DMS Financial Aid office) Senior Night DC/DMS Night “Dance for a Dream” (annual fund-raiser for selected charity) Workshops on Medical/Dental/Vet School Application Nathan Smith Society EventsSpring Term 2010

  6. Emerging Changes in Assessing Candidacy of the Medical School Applicant Revisiting the Medical School Educational Mission at a Time of Expansion Report from the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, January 2009

  7. Active listener Problem solver Communicator (oral, written) Critical thinker Multilingual Resiliency Integrity Adaptability Persistence Motivation Intellectual curiosity Empathy Altruistic service Evaluating Beyond Grades,MCAT/DAT/GRE Scores and Prior Experiences in Health Skills & Abilities Personal & Professional Characteristics

  8. Things to Pay Attention To • Get sound advice from an experienced advisor; beware of “anecdotes”; get a “first year checkup” • Most students from Dartmouth and country-wide are applying to medical/vet/dental school after they graduate. • Make a four year schedule for the required science courses needed to apply to medical school. • Students are accepted into medical school with any undergraduate major, but displaying aptitude in the sciences is very important. Many students “stub a toe” in early science courses; that does not disqualify a student from the health professions! • Many students complete courses or strengthen their classroom credentials in a post-bacc program

  9. Things to Pay Attention To • Utilize resources that can help you succeed in the curriculum (Academic Skills, course TAs, office hours with professor) • GET TO KNOW PROFESSORS

  10. Things to Pay Attention To • Participate in extracurricular activities that demonstrate your humanism (e.g. volunteer activity, advocacy organizations), your interest in medicine (e.g. shadowing), your scholarship (e.g. research), and your leadership/creativity. Do these in a sustained way over several terms, not just for a few weeks. BUT don’t overextend your commitments to the detriment of classroom performance. • Participate in activities of the Nathan Smith Society • Don’t plan your life at Dartmouth exclusively around pointing to medical or graduate school; take advantage of a liberal education in and out of the classroom both in Hanover and elsewhere

  11. Application “Wheel” GPA/ BCPM MCAT Letters of Evaluation - Clinical - Research - Service Experience Motivation