introduction new portable compressor xas 87 l.
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Introduction New Portable Compressor XAS 87

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Introduction New Portable Compressor XAS 87 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction New Portable Compressor XAS 87. Wim Thijs Product Manager Small Compressors. Agenda. Why XAS 87 Kd Performance Data Standard Features Machine Build Up Support Material Warranty Competitor comparison Pricing Conclusions. Why XAS 87 Kd .

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introduction new portable compressor xas 87

Introduction New Portable CompressorXAS 87

Wim Thijs

Product Manager

Small Compressors

  • Why XAS 87 Kd
  • Performance Data
  • Standard Features
  • Machine Build Up
  • Support Material
  • Warranty
  • Competitor comparison
  • Pricing
  • Conclusions
why xas 87 kd
Why XAS 87 Kd
  • Typical compressor requirements for basic use
    • 1 tool 30 l/s (1,8 m³/min) 6 bar(g) at point of use
    • 2 tools 58 l/s (3,5 m³/min) 6 bar(g) at point of use
    • 3 tools 80 l/s (5 m³/min) 6 bar(g) at point of use
  • Size and Weight is important to the customers in construction and construction rental industry
    • Total weight below 750 kg means
      • no brakes needed on trailer
      • Standard EU drivers licence B applies always
    • Minimum weight of XAS 97 is above 750 kg.
why xas87
Why XAS87
  • Not competitive in certain market segments
    • Brake system is costly and requires maintenance
    • Series 7 unit is designed to have many heavy options integrated
      • Size
      • Weight
      • Power margin
  • A new model has the opportunity to meet these demands regarding – performance, size, weight, flexibility
why xas875
Why XAS87
  • New unit follows the Series 7 (XAS37 - 97) concept
    • Base frame with removable side panels
    • Front & rear removable baffles
    • Rear baffle houses the controller
    • Steel AND HardHatTM canopy available
  • 5 m³/min in a XAS 57 canopy

Very strong brand in construction industry

Kubota V1505-T

Water cooled

33 kW @ 3.000 rpm

11% Power Margin*

* With outlet pressure @ 6,5 bar

  • New C80 element
  • GearBox drive (i = 2,04)
    • New element
    • Smaller than C111
    • No belt drive

Compliant to all European Directives

Outdoor Noise Directive (OND)

Sound Power Level = 98 dB(A)

Exhaust Emission Directive (EED)

COM 3 compliant

small and light
Small and Light

FIX towbar = 2988 mm ADJ towbar = 3155 - 3393 mm

1860 mm (steel)

1020 mm (steel)

1346 mm

BOX Width = 960 mm (steel) Width with Undercarriage = 1337 mm

Total Full option Weight = 745 kg

easy to use
Easy to Use

Same control panel as XAS37-47 Kd

Hour counter (running hours)

Working pressure gauge

Temperature alarm

General alarm

Start switch

Cold start in start switch

Circuit breaker

easy to service
Easy to Service
  • Hood opens providing excellent service & maintenance access
  • All service points without obstruction
  • Removable side panels and front/rear baffles
easy to service15
Common Air Filter for compressor & engine

Air Filter Maintenance Indicator

PE Fuel Tank (40 liter)

Oil Separator / Receiver with Safety & Regulating Valves

Compressor Cooler & Engine Radiator

Fuel Filter with Water Separator

Compressor Oil Filter

Easy to Service





easy to service16
Easy to Service
  • Common Air Filter for compressor & engine
  • Air Filter Maintenance Indicator
  • PE Fuel Tank (40 liter)
  • Oil Separator / Receiver with Safety & Regulating Valves
  • Compressor Cooler & Engine Radiator
  • Fuel Filter with Water Separator
  • Compressor Oil Filter




fuel system
Fuel System

PE fuel tank

normal working shift

4h30min @ 100% load continuous use

7h @ 50% load continuous use

easy to remove for servicing

Electric fuel pump

20 micron fuel filter with water separator

compressor engine cooling
Performance in Hot & Cold:

European units LAT = +45°C

At later stage LAT = +50°C

Minimum starting temp. = -10°C

Cold start kit = -20°C

Coolers easily serviced by removing of front baffle cassette2 bolts

Compressor & Engine cooling
features benefits overview
Features & Benefits Overview
  • Feature
  • Hood design
  • HardHat available
  • New element
  • -20°C cold start kit
  • Smaller dimensions (-15% than XAS97)
  • Lower weight (-750 kg)
  • Service points easy to reach
  • Benefit
  • Excellent Service access
  • Lower TCO
  • Better performance
  • Starting capability
  • Easier to move
  • Easier to transport & position
  • Serviceability

Fixed towbar no brakes

Adjustable towbar no brakes

Support mount

Towing eyes include




Ball coupling



GB eye

Front Support Leg or Jockey Wheel

road signalization
Road Signalization

RS option includes:

Rear bumper (steel unit)

Rear signal & brake lights

Side protection with reflectors

Option 24V adaptor

Option 13-pin to 7-pin connector

wheel chocks
Wheel Chocks

Mandatory in some countries

Prevents machine from moving byimmobilizing the wheels

2 wheel chocks supplied

Mounted on front of canopy

safety chains
Safety Chains

Mandatory in someregions for units without brakes

Secures connectionbetween compressorand towing vehicle

Avoids damage to compressor parts by storing tools and equipment in a separate compartment

Can have 1 toolbox

cold weather equipment
Starting aid for ambient below -10°C

Will start unit to -20°C


synthetic compressor oil

thermostatic valvein compressor oil system

larger battery

Cold Weather Equipment
tool lubricator
1 liter lubricator is fitted between pressure vessel and outlet valves

Mixes precise amount of tool lubrication oil with compressed air for longer tool lifetime

Oil volume adjustable by knob on side of lubricator

Oil level dipstick

Tool Lubricator
air filter safety cartridges
Air Filter Safety Cartridges
  • Avoids damage to the element or engine
    • When air intake filter is damaged
    • During service when air intake filter is removed
metal filler neck
Metal Filler Neck
  • Metal cap over the filler neck of the fuel tank
    • Avoids damage to the screw thread of the filler cap / filler neck
anti theft chain
Anti Theft Chain
  • Chain and lock in hardened steel to complicate a possible theft of the unit through towing or lifting.
    • Abus lock with key card. The card is required to obtain copies of the key.
    • The option does not include a track and trace module.
special colours

Hood(from yellow into customer color)


Side panels including front & rear baffles(from grey into customer colour)


From yellow into customer colour

Special Colours
supporting material
Supporting material
  • Supporting material
    • Marketing documents
    • Global Business Portal
      • Parts Lists / Instruction Books / AML Data / Drawings
      • Quick Start Guide
supporting material33
Supporting material
  • Communication material
    • Leaflets
      • 7 languages standard
      • Others on request
    • Promotional material
      • Pictures
      • Movie
      • ...
supporting material34
Supporting material
  • On the web
    • E-learning
      • Competitor Comparisons
      • Technical & Commercial presentation
    • Aftermarket
      • IntelliQuoter, EasyPlan
      • Extended Warranty details
    • News
      • Airmail
      • Aftermarket News
  • Standard Warranty (3 years)
    • Kubota engine – maximum 2,000 hours
    • Excludes Starter motor and alternator
  • CoverCare™ (5 years)
    • Kubota engine – maximum 3,000 hours
  • General conditions:
    • Standard Warranty: Use of genuine parts
    • CoverCARE: Use of genuine parts + service + extended warranty fee
    • The Covercare on Kubota driven machines can only be sold/registered on new machines and 3 months after commissioning
competitor comparison
Competitor Comparison



  • Conclusions:
  • Against most competitors, Atlas Copco has higher FAD (between +1% to +6% better)
    • we changed our FAD to meet the customer demand, but still kept ahead of most competitiors
  • Overall dimensions of the XAS87 is smaller
  • Operational weight of competition are heavier by between 0% and +28%
    • means our machine is easier positioned and moved to site for operators
    • Kaeser M50 has same weight as basic variant. XAS 87 Kd has a full option weight of maximum 740kg.

XAS 87 Kd BOX will be IP less 8% of the XAS 97 Dd

Options pricing to remain unchanged


XAS 97 Dd FB BALL LEG RS IP = 18.630 Euro

XAS 97 Dd F BALL LEG RS IP = 18.143 Euro

XAS 87 Kd F BALL LEG RS IP = 16.833 Euro


  • Availability
    • Pilot Batch planned for Wk 6
    • Serial Production start planned for Wk 11
  • Transfer Pricing
    • released to all Customer Centres by January 1
  • 3-tool compressor with total weight below 750kg
  • Use the XAS 87 Kd to protect the pricing of the XAS 97 Dd
    • Upsell options on the XAS 97 Dd
  • Sell the advantages of the HardHat

We are committed to your superior productivity throughinteraction and innovation.


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