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GBM Presentation HDBS Executive Board Date : 18 th August, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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GBM Presentation HDBS Executive Board Date : 18 th August, 2013

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GBM Presentation HDBS Executive Board Date : 18 th August, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GBM Presentation HDBS Executive Board Date : 18 th August, 2013. Agenda. President’s Address Welcome Speech EB Introduction Approval of last GBMS’s MOM – Aug 5th, 2012 Operations Budget Puja Plans & Budget. Agenda. Committee Updates Religious Facilities Rental Cultural

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Presentation Transcript

GBM Presentation

HDBS Executive Board

Date : 18th August, 2013



  • President’s Address
    • Welcome Speech
    • EB Introduction
    • Approval of last GBMS’s MOM – Aug 5th, 2012
  • Operations Budget
  • Puja Plans & Budget


  • Committee Updates
    • Religious
    • Facilities
    • Rental
    • Cultural
    • Fundraising & Publicity
    • KFC
    • Sports
    • Technology
  • Legal Updates
    • Summary of events to date
    • Options for the future
    • Expenses to date & future
  • Misc

EB Obligations Coming In…..

TBOC 8.051

Aug 5,’12 & other



New EB Convened on Oct 30’12

Aurko’s Indemnity Claim


Obstructions to EB ……

Cynthia Former Threat of Lawsuit

On Mar 1’13

New EB Convened on Oct 30’12

Bhaskar Roy’s lawsuit in Intervention

On April 18’13

CT takes no action on Indemnity Options on

Mar 3’13


Significant Issues for GB (CT)

  • Indemnity Issues
    • Significant potential financial exposure that can only be covered by community fund raising (however no risk of bankruptcy)
  • CT Chair Issues
    • CT Chair uncertainty hampering normal functioning of HDBS
    • Severe conflict of interest
    • Continued stonewalling of EB demands
  • Discipline
    • No penalty for material harm to HDBS
  • Small group of people obstructing execution of past GB resolutions
    • What can/will the community do about it………

EB List

Dipankar Sinha Roy – Co Chair Rental Committee

Soova Sen –Puja Chair/ Diptabhas Sarkar – Puja Secretary


2013 Operations Budget

Bhajendra Burman


Puja Update

Soova Sen


Committee Updates – Religious

  • Religious Major Activities
    • Kalpo Taru Utsav
    • Shiv O Ratri
    • Basanti Puja with Pala Kirtan
    • Graduate’s Day
    • Mother’s / Father’s Day
    • Rath Yatra
    • Spiritual Lectures
  • Total Collection including Sunday Lunch = $54,225
  • Total expenditure = $3,835
  • Required Temple Maintenance:
    • Carpet cleaning, plumbing, tiles, painting, Murti re-painting
    • Fix temple rear door

Facilities Committee Update – Achievements to Date

  • Completion of Temple Repair by IB
  • Repair of Kitchen Roof
  • Installation of Security Cameras
  • Removal of old slabs and installation of new slabs & tiles in front of the Auditorium
  • Repair of the sprinkler system in the whole facility
  • Installation of Wheel Chair ramps on the North and South entrances of KalaBhavan (KB)
  • Installation of New Programmable Controllers & Enclosures for all the A/C Units for the Auditorium and KB
  • Repair of the A/C ductwork & damaged sheetrock in the Foyer and in the Auditorium
  • Repair of KB Roof leak

Facilities Committee Update – Future Plans

  • Future Plans
  • Repair of the Temple Door facing Schiller Road
  • Installation of new Water Heater for the Temple sink facing Hwy 6
  • Repair of the Complex Entry Gate
  • Repair of the old Mower or buy a new Mower
  • Installation of a few more Security Cameras for better & strategic coverage
  • Installation of a Permanent Solution to prevent the “Water Logging” of the Foyer
  • Better utilization of the space for the Priest’s old quarters
  • Installation of the Temple Main Door

Cultural Committee Updates

  • Baisakhi Mela in April, raising more than 6 k net profit.
  • Best Drama Festival, with participation of three outside teams, net profit of 12 k.
  • Bangla School has more than 40 students, with new Adult Classes
  • Kalabhavan, has 50 plus students, added another form of dance class
  • Music Classes
  • Art Classes
  • We have revamped the library, with several new magazine subscriptions, effective marketing and advertisement strategies implemented to supplement library costs, increase in number of members

Fundraising Committee Update

  • Major Fundraising Events Held
  • Baisakhi Mela on 14th April - $6K
  • Drama Festival - $19K
  • Community Fund Raising Effort
  • A Special fundraising effort has started for raising money for HDBS Legal funds. Total pledges $20K. Target 50K
  • Future Plans
  • Special Fundraising event in month of November , plan to raise $20K

Rental Committee Update

Best and Cheapest Rental Facility in Town


Committee Update – Rental At Durga Bari

  • Coming soon!!!
  • Package deal
      • Marriage
      • Upanayana
      • Annaprashan
    • Future Plans
      • Common Event
      • Festival
      • Competition
    • Marketing
      • Reach out to community
      • Looking for new opportunities

Committee Update – Rental At Durga Bari

Let's go to HDBS rental… spread the word

  • Excellent rental
  • facility
  • Teamwork
  • Best rate structure

Committee Updates – KFC

  • Generated $4,500 revenue by selling “packaged lunch” sponsorships.
  • Generated $2,500 revenue by selling Food in “Natyautsav 2013”.
  • Reduced cost by using volunteers rather than contract labor.
  • Reduced cost as HDBS Kitchen not part of Rental any more.
  • Reduced cost by using new smaller chest freezer rather than big freezer.
  • Paid Member of Sam's Club(Plus). $10 Cash back on $500 we spend.
  • Free member of Restaurant Depot, JDK Restaurant Supply store.
  • HDBS is now member of LOWES.
  • NEW!!! - Devotees can sponsor packaged lunch.
  • NEW!!! – Ice machine to cool off on celebration on hot days.
  • Continue Serving “FREE” lunch on every Sunday to HDBS devotees .

Committee Updates – KFC – Future Plans

  • Continue lunch Sponsorship.
  • Encourage more volunteer work.
  • Support all Puja events and any other HDBS events.
  • Popcorn vending capability to generate revenue.
  • Cotton Candy machine to generate revenue.
  • KFC Food Festival/Competition.
  • 2 New store room(s)
  • Kitchen Inventory
  • Monthly pressure wash
  • Paint Kitchen

Sports Committee Update

2013 Accomplishments

  • Held Annual Sports Day for Kids on Jan 26th 2013
  • Table Tennis Practice every weekend – Saturday and Sunday Morning ay Kalabhavan
  • Cricket Practice every Sunday at HDBS grounds from Jan to June 2013.

Sports Committee Update

  • 2013 Plan for the Rest of the Year:
  • Kite Flying for Kids for Viswakarma Pujo on Sunday Sep 22nd 2013.
  • Soccer Practice at HDBS ground every Saturday starting Aug 24th 2013
  • Annual Soccer Tournament – Nov 9th
  • Plan to make Volleyball Court and Badminton court by Dec 31st 2013.

Technology Committee Update

  • Make it easy to subscribe Enews by adding a subscription section to it.
  • Need volunteer to help maintaining HDBS Web site
  • Working on online Registration for Puja

FIDUCIARY DUTIES/ Obligations of officers of an Organization

  • Duty of Obedience / good faith
  • Duty of Loyalty
  • Duty of Care
  • In addition , for non-profit organization – compliance with governing documents (constitution) is strongly recommended

Legal Update: Background information leading to indemnification requirements – contd..


Legal Update: Current Lawsuit and Status

  • Aug 5 2012
  • GBM held with more than 100 participants and resolutions passed condemning the lawsuit trying to shutdown temple on false pretext as violation of fiduciary duties and indemnifying Aurko Dutta.

Aug 5, 2012 GBM key resolutions:

  • “We condemn the fraudulent lawsuit against our CT Chair Aurko Dutta by Santosh Mukherjee and Champak Sadhu”
  • “HDBS will pursue all avenues to recover damages from Santosh Mukherjee and Champak Sadhu caused by their litigation“
  • “HDBS will assume the defense of Aurko Dutta and indemnify him for the existing and future damages in the form of actual direct costs incurred – resulting from the litigation brought by Santosh Mukerji and Champak Sadhu.”

Legal Cost

  • Original Lawsuit (Cause # 2012-27959) – attorney costs for HDBS intervention : 15K (private donors)
  • Independent Legal analysis regarding mandatory indemnification law : 6K
  • Current Lawsuit (Cause # 2013-14667) – attorney costs to obtain Declarative Judgment on mandatory indemnification (including the Bhaskar Roy lawsuit)
  • This cost is non-discretionary expense. This was incurred to uphold GB resolutions and CT demand to obtain a court judgment.

Path Forward


A. Dutta

C. Former

September 6 Discovery

September 9 Hearing


No Contest

Show & Stay

No Show

Win – Pay less

Lose – Pay fullChances to come out net positive is dubious

Pay Full

Pay Half and assign claim against SM/CS

Obtain Summary Judgment and file for sanction to recover attorney cost

Set new Hearing date

& possible depositions


Terms of assignment of Claim

  • Pay 50K upfront to assign (in two installments)
  • Pay next 25K within 6 months
  • Another 25K in one year – held in escrow (if no claims from all liable parties are recovered by this time)
  • Aurko’s lawyers cover all counter lawsuits from liable parties
  • HDBS responsible for providing support, but NOT financially liable over 100K mentioned above.
  • These terms of assignment will be a formally signed between Aurko Dutta and HDBS