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Dear next crossers of the Atlantic, PowerPoint Presentation
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Dear next crossers of the Atlantic,

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Dear next crossers of the Atlantic, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dear next crossers of the Atlantic,. I am loving the way of life here, I hope you come here too. Here is a close up of my new life in New England, and why you should come here and not the south. Like Fish and Chips? How about Fish and Ships?. Your very own invitation to New England!. Our Food.

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Dear next crossers of the Atlantic,

I am loving the way of life here, I hope you come here too. Here is a close up of my new life in New England, and why you should come here and not the south.

like fish and chips how about fish and ships

Like Fish and Chips? How about Fish and Ships?

Your very own invitation to New England!

our food
Our Food

Unlike the people in Jamestown we don’t farm much, but this is good. Instead we send out ships to fish for the greatest fish in all of the 13 colonies. The fish is named cod, and it comes straight off the tip of Massachusetts. We don’t rely on crops much that take longer to grow and are more of a pain in the neck to harvest. The main question is: Why waste your time fertilizing and making sure that your crops don’t drown in our rainy weather? It is much more stable to live our way of life where you always have a surplus of a marvelous fish, and that is why we only do something called subsistence farming. Subsistence farming means we only have to farm as much as we need to, and not rely on crops like those greedy planters with slaves in Jamestown.

This is not our food, and is grown and painstakingly harvested grain by grain in the south colonies.

This is much of our food supply, the best fish in all of the Atlantic.

our towns
Our Towns

If you happen to come to New England you are probably a neighbor of mine since we travel in groups here. Our towns in New England are a re-creation of England’s western counties with their towns. In the middle of the town we have a meetinghouse that also functions as a church and a public school for children. The public school is a one room school house that students are taught how to read and write. Everyone here of course came for freedom from the king’s order to change religion to the Church of England. We hated their way of religion, so we wanted to create our own religion to be the purest of Christians, and are obligated to go to church everyday. As a result the religion practiced here in New England is puritan. When the meetinghouse wasn’t being used as a school during the day we would use it as a place for used town meetings. In the town meetings every man had the right to vote about town issues. Around the meetinghouse there would be family houses made out of wood due to our vast woodland. Then, there was the farms. The farms were subsistence farms, and weren’t huge plantations like in the south. Also, we wouldn’t have slaves work on the farms, we would have workers from the town. Therefore, it is in anyone’s best interest to join our towns.

the people that live in the towns
The People that Live in the Towns

The people that come here are mainly puritans the purest of the Christians, who tried to reform the Church of England in New England, our new home. Many of the people that come here to live with us are from the western counties of England. Finally, everyone here is very religious.

This is where we, Puritans worshiped.

This is the church we didn’t like, the Church of England.


Our Town Layout


















why you should stay in our towns
Why You Should stay in Our Towns

If you move here, which is very recommended you should stay in our towns. A person has free will and if they want they can move out of our towns and take advantage of our woodlands to build a house. However, most people don’t know about the Indians that could do anything to you. Also you won’t be able to take advantage of our cod supply. You will have no church and also if you have children you can’t count on public education. After considering the wilderness we think as a town you should stay here, and most people do over the many sailors that have crossed the Atlantic.

our geography
Our Geography

The land isn’t to our advantage up here in New England, but there aresome things that we did have to our advantage. First, we have great harbors where the water is deep enough for a full size ship to come into the harbors. Next, we have vast forests that are awaiting to become your house. However, we did have rocky soil and a hilly terrain. Everyone in the town would probably like something besides cod, but the rocky soil makes it hard, and we have a very short growing season for crops due to our cold climate, another two reasons why we subsistence farm.

Our geography doesn’t look appealing, but at least we still have cod.

how we make money
How We Make Money

Of course, when you come to our town everything won’t be provided for you. Therefore, you have to make money, but only enough to survive since we don’t value wealth as much as the Jamestown people and we aren’t greedy. You may be wondering how we make our money, and we would say our pure nature. Our nature is to the advantage in this case. First of all we have giant pine trees for cutting down so we can sell them and make money. Next, it isn’t only us eating the cod we fish for, we also sell it. To get our glorious products to other places to sell we would use our pines to make ships to import and export, another way we make money. These ways are much more simple than using rice, indigo, and tobacco to make money. Therefore, we don’t take pride in our wealth like the greedy planters of the south, we use it accordingly.

our government
Our Government

Unlike the settlers of Jamestown we don’t have a representative government where people don’t even get to say their own voice. Instead, they have to elect a representative to speak for them. We take pride in thinking people can speak for themselves. When people speak for themselves we call this a direct democracy as the Athenians did. People vote in the meetinghouse in the middle of town. Therefore, our government is clearly better than the South's government

This is the place we vote for decisions that involve the town.

This is the place where the people in the south vote for representatives.