michelle vidanes star xml data architect april 30 th 2008
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STAR Update

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Michelle Vidanes STAR XML Data Architect April 30 th , 2008. STAR Update. Aiming to Reduce Barriers to Implementation Working with OAGI Building a Technical Community. Agenda. Aiming to Reduce Barriers to Implementation. Barriers to Implementation.

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Presentation Transcript
michelle vidanes star xml data architect april 30 th 2008
Michelle Vidanes

STAR XML Data Architect

April 30th, 2008

STAR Update
Aiming to Reduce Barriers to Implementation

Working with OAGI

Building a Technical Community

barriers to implementation
Barriers to Implementation
  • STAR User Community has experienced varied interpretations of:
    • Fields
    • Components
    • Enumerations
    • Documentation
  • Causes:
    • Ambiguous definitions
    • Missing definitions
    • Lack of use cases
    • Spread out, complex documentation structure
solution 1 improve guidelines
Solution 1: Improve Guidelines
  • Complete redesign of BOD Implementation Guidelines
    • Using DocBook
      • XML syntax that enables creation of documents in a presentation-neutral form that captures the logical structure of your content.
    • Improved the layout of the guidelines to make search and navigation easier
    • Consolidated documentation down to a single guideline per “process” or Noun.
      • Contains all verbs
      • Contains all code lists
    • Updated missing documentation
    • Created a section in the guidelines to accommodate use case documentation
  • Available Formats:
    • PDF
    • Single HTML
    • Multi or “Chunked” HTML for easy Web navigation
    • DocBook files are also made available to members
solution 2 bod profiling
Solution 2: BOD Profiling
  • Profile on a BOD-by-BOD basis with assistance from the STAR User Community
    • Field by field, component by component review to clarify descriptions
    • Identify use cases for complex scenarios such as line splitting
    • Ongoing, user-driven effort to continually improve STAR standards
  • First BOD profiled: Parts Order
    • Over 30 field descriptions clarified
    • Line Splitting use cases documented
    • New solutions added for dealing with multiple Item ID and Order Number types
  • Next BOD: Parts Invoice
    • We will carry over many of the findings from the PO Profiling project to the Parts Invoice Project to promote consistency across the Parts Management suite
solution 3 tool offerings
Solution 3: Tool Offerings
  • Distribution of the STAR Workbench to STAR members
    • XML IDE tool
    • Based on open source technology
    • Allows members to:
      • Generate, view, modify and validate XML instances
      • Import, view & modify schema
      • Generate data models from schema
      • SOAP UI Interface for work with Web Services
  • Publication of the STAR BOD Validation Website
    • Open to the public
    • Users can validate their XML Instances against the most current versions of STAR schema
    • http://validation.starstandard.org/exist/BODValidation/login.xql
solutions to come
Solutions to Come
  • Barrier: A standard Web Services implementation
    • Users have noted variations of STAR Web Services implementations
    • Example: Some are doing user name/password authentication while others are implementing WS-Security.
      • WS-Security itself has different flavors of implementation
  • Solution: Users have requested a tightening down the STAR Web Services Specification
    • 2008-2009 Project
    • To be discussed at the upcoming June Technical Session (more on that later)
solutions to come1
Solutions to Come
  • Barrier: Standard implementation of OAGIS Verbs
    • STAR as well as users have noted various interpretations of OAGIS Verbs
  • Solution: Work with OAGI to document Verb usage and use cases
    • First project: Get/Show
get show


The Get/Show verb is being used multiple ways to specify how queries are to be done

Creates interoperability issues among B2B scenarios as well as A2A scenarios

get show1
  • Goals:
    • Identify the common ways members (STAR & OAGI) are using the Get/Show verb as it is currently defined
    • Document a common approach for the methods
    • Allow for easier adoption among implementations
    • Target Date for Completion: End of May 2008
      • Next call: May 9th at 1pm ET
other areas for positions
Other Areas for Positions

GET / SHOW Position Paper identified the following additional areas of interest:

ConfirmBOD usage

When is the ConfirmBOD used.

When is the Acknowledge used instead of ConfirmBOD

STAR to contribute usage guidelines.

Process with action code vs Change/Update/Cancel/Sync verbs.

Extensions to the Get/Show to allow more complex querying and filtering abilities.

building a community
Building a Community
  • Goal: To improve communications among STAR members, their technical personnel, and the general STAR user community
  • Solutions:
    • Discussion Forums
    • Blogs & Blog Aggregators
      • i.e. Planet Eclipse, which aggregates various technical blogs about eclipse
      • http://www.planeteclipse.org/planet/
    • Modifying the STAR website layout
    • Technical Sessions
building a community1
Building a Community
  • 1st Annual Technical Session – November 2007
  • 2nd Annual Technical Session – June 2008
  • Member Presented Topics Covering:
    • Web Services Implementations
    • BOD Implementation Proofs of Concept
    • Tutorial on Data Binding Frameworks and STAR Standards
    • Bi-directional Real-time Messaging with Dynamically Addressed Endpoints
    • Architecture Roundtable Discussion
    • Birds of a Feather Meetings
  • STAR Presented Topics Covering:
    • Building a Technical Community
    • Using EPF Composer to tie all of our processes and documentation together in one place
    • Hands on Tutorial with the STAR Workbench