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Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Bob Peryam

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Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Bob Peryam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Bob Peryam. Protecting and Serving our residents and visitors with Honesty and Integrity.

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monroe county sheriff s office sheriff bob peryam

Monroe CountySheriff’s OfficeSheriff Bob Peryam

Protecting and Serving ourresidents and visitors withHonesty and Integrity


Leadership Philosophy: Our agency exists to provide service to our customers - the citizens of our county. We must ensure they receive the quality of service they deserve and pay for.

Sheriff Robert P. Peryam

“Do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason…always”

  • We must constantly seek improvement.
  • We should always challenge our assumptions and look for better, more efficient and more effective ways of doing business.

Undersheriff Rick Ramsay


112 miles of islands off the Southern tip of Florida with approximately 80,000 permanent residents

2,000,000 tourists visit each year

In peak season (January - April) the population of the county may reach as high as 150,000

The main highway, U.S. 1 runs from Florida City to Key West, with 45 bridges connecting the islands

The Florida Keys


Overview: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

  • 574 Employees
  • 192 road patrol officers and detectives
  • 130 Corrections Officers
  • 186 support staff
  • 66 people in HIDTA Group
  • Headquarters on Stock Island
  • 3 jail facilities with main jail on Stock Island
  • 4 Substations: Cudjoe, Marathon, Islamorada, Plantation Key
  • Special Ops, Aviation Hanger and HIDTA building in Marathon

Overview: HIDTA

  • MCSO has operated the HIDTA Monroe Task Force since 1991 bringing over $65 million into county coffers from seized drug assets.
  • MCSO is the fiscal agent for South Florida HIDTA, the Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands HIDTA and National HIDTA Assistance Center, all in Miami, overseeing $20 million in grant funds for the agencies.
  • South Florida HIDTA :
    • 291 state and local agencies
    • 12 federal agencies
    • 372 full time employees
  • The mission of HIDTA: to disrupt the market for illegal drugs and dismantle drug trafficking organizations.

Overview: Budget

  • Current Budget: $41,082,987. Lower than 2006 budget of $42,191,077.
  • Since 2007:
  • Cut 30positions, including:
  • 21 Law Enforcement Officers
  • 3 Corrections Officers
  • 6 Support Positions
  • ***Sheriff’s Office employees have not received a raise in pay since 2005.

Income Generated by MCSO

  • The Sheriff’s Office generates money through state and federal forfeitures:
  • Monroe County has received $38.9 millionin Federal and State forfeiture funds since 1999.

State and Federal Forfeiture funds cannot be used to offset regularly budgeted items. Uses are limited by State and Federal law.

  • Some of the areas the money may be used for:
  • Crime Prevention, including school related programs
  • and drug abuse prevention programs.
  • Training for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Supplemental law enforcement equipment
  • Construction, improvement or operation of jails
  • (excluding normal budgeted items.
  • Construction, improvement or operation of law
  • enforcement facilities (excluding normal budgeted items.
  • Note: The money may not be used for salaries for law enforcement officers with very few exceptions.

Where has it gone?

  • SAFF awards an estimated $250,000 in grants to local organizations for crime prevention and to benefit area youth.
  • Roth Building, formerly the old Mariner’s Hospital building on Plantation Key. Houses the Sector 7 Sheriff’s Office and numerous county offices.
  • 800 mHz radio system for law enforcement and fire rescue to better communicate with each other, enhancing public safety.
  • Aviation Hanger in Marathon
  • Camera systems in our Detention Centers
  • Juvenile Justice Building, Stock Island
  • In car computers

Where has it gone?

  • Mobile Command Post, used at major crime scenes.
  • Two command vehicles for Sheriff’s Office Special Response Teams.
  • Yearly funding for Summer Recreation programs in schools.
  • Note: The Sheriff’s Office is the only remaining agency funding this program. All others have stopped their contribution of funds.
  • Equipment to tackle illegal drugs an other criminal activities.
  • Funding for the Explorer / Cadet Program
  • Donations to local groups and charities, including Take Stock In Children, Samuels House, Rural Health Network, Boys and Girls Clubs, and many, many more.

Bomb Squad Vehicle

SWAT Team Vehicle

Mobile Command Post


Roth Building, Plantation Key

Explorer / Cadet Program

Aviation Hanger, Marathon


The Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Bureau Community Policing at it’s finest!

Headquarters: Stock Island

Sector 1:Cudjoe Key – Freeman Substation

Sector 4 / 5: Marathon Substation

Sector 6:Islamorada Substation

Sector 7:Roth Building, Plantation Key


Sector 1 – Lower Keys and Key West

Chief Ken Dugger - Sector 1 Commander

Sector 1: From Stock Island to thenorth end of the Seven Mile Bridge.

Offices: Headquarters Building

Main Detention Facility

Department of Juvenile

Justice Building

Freeman Substation

The Freeman Substation Commander is Lt. Gene Thompson .


Sector 4/5 – Marathon & Middle Keys

Captain Chad Scibilia - Sector 4/5 Commander

Sector 4: The City of Marathon

Sector 5: From Marathon to the 74 mile marker U.S. One.

Offices: Marathon Substation at the 47 mm of U.S. One

Detention Facility

Special Operations Offices

Aviation Hanger

The Key Vaca Substation Commander is Lt. Mitch Snider.


Sector 6 - Islamorada

Captain Don Fanelli - Sector Six Commander

Sector 6:The City of Islamorada. 73 mile markerto the 90.5

mile marker at the Tavernier Creek Bridge.

Offices:Islamorada Substation, U.S. One, mile marker 87

The Islamorada Station Commander is Lt. Tom Brazil.


Sector 7 – Upper Keys and Ocean Reef

Captain Lou Caputo - Sector 7 Commander

Sector 7:90.2mm to the 112 mile marker of U.S. One, including Ocean Reef, Card Sound Road, State Road 905 and parts of the Everglades.

Offices:The Roth Building, 88.7 mm of U.S. One

Detention Facility, Plantation Key

The Roth Building Substation Commander is Lt. Corey Bryan

Lt. Mitch Horn is

stationed at

Ocean Reef.


Special Investigations Division

Captain Chad Scibilia, Commander, Special Investigations

Drug Investigations, Crimes Against Women and Children, Homicide, Intelligence, Homeland Security, Traffic Enforcement, Dive, Bomb, SWAT, Hostage Negotiators, Victim Advocates, Reserves


In 2007, the Sheriff’s Special Investigations Unit:

  • Seized 777 grams of cocaine
  • Seized 1,240 grams of Marijuana
  • Seized $25,390 in U.S. Currency
  • 139 Death Investigations
  • Investigated 273 crimes against women and children
  • Assisted 1,246 Crime Victims
  • Contributed 15,777 Reserve hours

Crime Cut in Half!

Since 1991, Major Index Crimes in Monroe County have decreased by almost 50%,according to statistics kept by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).


Sheriff’s Office dispatchers answer an average of 340 calls for servicein a 24 hour period, with 123,587 calls answered in 2008.


Bureau of Corrections

Chief Tommy Taylor - Bureau of Corrections

Main Detention Center, Stock Island

Marathon Detention Center

Plantation Key Detention Center


Jail Population Statistics:

  • Average inmate population in 2008: 596
  • 6,328 bookings in 2008

Jail Income:

  • Contract beds pay $82 per day and generated $1.8 million in 2008
  • $27.9 million has been returned to the County’s General Fund from the rental of bed space since the jail was built in 1994!

Other Jail Income:

  • Inmate Commissary brings in approximately $100,000 per year
  • $20 Booking fees generated $50,246 in 2008
  • Inmate subsistence fees: $1 per day per inmate brings in approximately $30,000 per year.
  • Other fees collected for:
      • Administrative processing ($5 each for lost cups, lost IDs, etc.)
      • Prepaid phone cards
      • Indigent paks
      • Mattress Rentals
      • Large towels
      • Check writing fees
      • Reading glasses
      • Medical Services (Dentist, Lab, Nurse calls, x-rays)
      • Legal services (copies, notary, Pro se supplies)
    • Miscellaneous fees bring in approximately $50,000 per year

Inmate Labor:

  • Inmate labor contributed $663,467in services
  • (figured at minimum wage) to the County
  • and other Public Service agencies in 2008.
  • Including:
  • Cleaning / maintaining Sheriff’s Office and County
  • buildings
  • Landscaping County buildings, Public Parks and Roadways
  • Preparing Inmate meals
  • Working at County Public Works facilities.
  • Washing County and Sheriff’s Office vehicles

Other programs overseen by the Sheriff’s Office:

  • Intensive Delinquency Diversion Services (IDDS):
  • Diverts first time felony juvenile offenders out of the criminal justice system and into an intensive program.
    • Closely supervises kids
    • Offers counseling to kids and families
    • Assigns community service hours
    • Assures restitution is paid to victims
    • Encourages kids to finish school or complete a GED
    • Offers job counseling and helps them get a job
    • and much, much more.
    • The program is partially funded by a contract with the Department of Juvenile Justice and fees collected from court cases

Other programs overseen by the Sheriff’s Office:

Teen Court

Diverts first time misdemeanor juvenile offenders from the criminal justice system. The child must first make an admission of guilt.

The child's case is presented in a formal court room settingby a teen prosecutor and defense attorney. The court is presided over by a Judge (usually a practicing attorney). The sanctions are imposed by a jury of the defendant's peers.

Teen Court employees also administer the Civil Citation Program.

The program is partially funded with a fine attached to trafficcitations.


Other programs overseen by the Sheriff’s Office:

Victim Advocates

There are five Victim Advocates who work for the Sheriff’s Office. They assist crime victims County-wide, including the city of Key West.

The Advocates are partially funded by a grant from the Office of the Attorney General. In 2007, they assisted more than 1,200 victims of crime in the County.


What’s New:

  • Formulating a Strategic Plan for the office:
  • Make sure we are all focused on the same goals
  • Make sure we all understand our priorities
  • Make sure we all understand our roles in reaching the goals
  • Work more closely with neighboring counties and with Region 7 to ensure we get the jump on potential crime trends, gang activity and security threats.
  • Participating in Region 7 activities has the potential to bring Monroe County more Homeland Security funding, and more grant funding opportunities.

What’s New:

Other goals we are working toward:

  • Find ways to increase the number of federal inmates, thus increasing jail revenues
  • Evaluate the amount we are paid to keep federal inmates.
  • Look at ways to reduce the number of non- violent offenders in the Detention Center,

freeing up bed space for paying inmates.

  • Investigate the possibility of Solar Power to heat water and meet other energy needs.

What’s New:

Other goals we are working toward:

  • Make the office “greener” with hybrid vehicles and increased recycling.
  • Save money by recycling through a partnership with Waste Management.
  • Paid Advertising on MCSO Web Site

What’s New:

Purchased four hybrid vehicles: Ford Escapes


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is

both State and Federally Accredited:

  • Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA)
  • Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies
  • (CALEA)
  • Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission (FCAC)