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D-Link Business Solutions

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D-Link Business Solutions
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D-Link Business Solutions

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  1. D-Link Business Solutions Scop Dealer’s Meeting Andrei Partenie – D-Link Romania Corporate Solutions Manager September 2008

  2. Agenda • Company Introduction • D-Link’s approach to the Business Market • D-Link’s Business Technologies & Solutions • Architecture • Security Technologies • LAN Technologies • Business Wireless Technologies • Summary

  3. Who we are & what we do • True Designer and Manufacturer for Over 20 Years • Company revenues in excess of $1 Billion • 127 sales offices and 10 distribution centres covering 100+ countries • D-Link has over 2000 employees worldwide • True designer, developer and manufacturer of network products • Focused on Expanding to New and Emerging Markets • The D-Link Advantage • Product portfolio with over 1000 products for Enterprise, SMB and SOHO • Channel friendly distribution model • Evolving channel programs to match changing markets • Lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment for products • Worldwide #1 market share in SME connectivity* • Worldwide #1 market share in Unmanaged Gigabit ports shipped • Worldwide #1 market share in Unmanaged 10/100 ports shipped

  4. 1. Fusing global vision with local insights Our strength is utilising our global technology platforms in a framework where we leverage fast, local development capabilities & local support infrastructure We offer differentiation from large US networking vendors in that we offer differentiation & support at a local level, yet still being able to captialise on the efficiencies of a global manufacturing base 2. Intuitive Technology Strong technology & featureset, well engineered products that meet market needs For the SME, products are easy to set up, use, and maintain but with strong, class-leading feature depth if required 3. Obvious Business Sense Price/Performance ratio of D-Link’s product is second to none 4. Green First to market with “green” products in networking space at no price premium Real value : translates to savings in heat/power & space as well as helping the environment Real-World Networking approach

  5. Our Business Solutions E2ES Secure Network Architecture • Chassis Switching • Xstack Switching • L2/3 Managed switches • Smart switches • Unmanaged switches • NetDefend firewalls • UTM firewalls • IP VPN portfolio • IP Surveillance • Networked Storage • Wireless-N, -G, -B, -A • Business Wireless Solutions • Unified Switching • Access points & Antennae Switching Security Wireless Technology Growth AreasIP Communications, IP Surveillance, Storage D-View Network Management Platform

  6. Real-World Networking Business Solutions

  7. Security

  8. NetDefend IPS/UTM Firewall Family ICSA Labs Enhanced Certified “Firewall Corporate” Security Products Integrated Firewall/VPN Appliance Multiple User-Configurable Ethernet/Gigabit Interfaces Outstanding Performance Unified Threat Management: Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) Anti-Virus (AV) Protection Anti-SPAM Web Content Filtering (WCF) Bandwidth Management Fault Tolerance ZoneDefense Unrestricted User Support Gateway Security

  9. D-Link’s Integrated Security Architecture Enterprise Network • Joint Security • Gateway Security • Endpoint Security

  10. Worms EAP Status User Name Password Token Host Integrity Rule Host Integrity Rule Status Status Anti-Virus On Anti-Virus On Anti-Virus Updated Anti-Virus Updated Personal Firewall On Personal Firewall On Service Pack Updated Service Pack Updated Patch Updated Patch Updated ZoneDefense: an Integrated Approach to Security 802.1x Enforcement If Malicious Attack occurs ! Wireless System Health Server Guest Guest Access Scenario : Guests are assigned restrictive access right to the network Remediation Scenario: The client gets patch/virus pattern etc, To correct its health status Compliant Scenario: Before connection, you should have username/password or token. After login, the system will check the compliance policy. If compliant, you are allowed to connect to the network Non-Compliant Scenario: If client’s patch is not updated, it just can go to remediation server, health server and network policy Server Microsoft Network Policy Server Client DHCP Enforcer Server On-Demand Policy Manager Firewall informs xStack switch to block malicious attacker’s IP traffic Router xStack Switch NetDefend Radius Remediation NetDefend DHCP Kiosk Applications Mobile User Hackers Telecommuter UNPROTECTED WAN Partner Integrated Client-to-Gateway Protection that Ensures Secure Network Thieves

  11. Microsoft NAP Evaluation security compliance before connection permitted Quarantine and remediation for non-compliant user Identity-based Network Admission Control (NAC) ZoneDefense Any malicious traffic detected by firewall can trigger xStack switches to block the threat & its dissemination in real time. ZoneDefense technology enables firewalls and xStack switches to work together as a single network security system. (Firewalls control traffic inspection, whilst xStack switch performs wirespeed filtering at port level). D-Link’s Integrated Security Architecture Joint Security

  12. UTM Services Firewall VPN IPS WebContent Filtering Anti-Virus Application Control • Integrated with industry leaders to deliver UTM services • Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) in conjunction with Endeavor • Anti-Virus (AV) Protection in conjunction with Kaspersky • Web Content Filtering (WCF) in conjunction with ContentKeeper • Available as a software update service/package from D-Link

  13. UTM Key Benefits • High throughput, high performance with true Hardware Acceleration and stream-based scanning • Industry-leading IPS signature database (8000+) capability. • No file size and connection limitation for Anti-Virus scanning, allowing files over 10MB to be scanned for hidden viruses & dramatically increasing throughput/reducing delays • Best of breed approach to Antivirus, WCF and IPS using industry-leading vendors; • Triggering ZoneDefense by IPS and Anti-Virus* protect against virus or network worm threats in real-time. * Support in future release

  14. Switching

  15. D-Link key value proposition • Strong range of Small, Medium & Enterprise Products • Unmanaged Switches: market leader worldwide • SMART (Web-managed) Switches • Stackable Switching (Virtual stacking through SIM or physical stack technologies) • Enterprise/Metro-grade Chassis Switches • PoE, non-PoE and Hybrid variants to suit all business needs • FE, GigE & 10GigE variants provide wide range of technologies & options across market • Impressive Price/Performance Ratio • Market leader in unmanaged Ethernet switch ports worldwide • Deep featureset capability comparable to any leading market vendor • Inbuilt security architecture • Used in combination with D-Link Firewalls to offer seamless integrated security • Green Technology : first to market • Green Ethernet provides real cost saving benefits to LAN infrastructures

  16. Business Switching Product Categories Unmanaged Switches: • Provide layer 2 plug-and-play connectivity for home and small businesses. • Ideal for small networks that require no management, configuration or maintenance DES-1016D Managed Switches: • Allow administrators to monitor traffic across the network, introduce redundancy and control access with deep feature-sets. • Found in networks with numerous users and applications, where performance, security and reliability must be maximized • Stackable technologies allows smaller-configuration units to be “stacked”, operating as if they were a single, larger unit DES-3526 Smart (Web-managed) Switches: • Offering a mid-way alternative, a smart switch offers many of the benefits of a managed switch but without the complexity • Configuration is simplified via a web browser, combining ease of use of unmanaged switches whilst introducing advanced management features. • Ideal for users who need basic management features DES-1228

  17. The “Green” Approach & Commitment > Our “Green” approach is first to market and can save on average over 44% of power costs • Power Supplies Energy-Star compliant, switches move to fanless design • If there is no cable link or link partners turn idle, Green Ethernet will put port in a “sleep mode”, reducing power used for that port • Green Ethernet detects Ethernet cable length and adjusts power usage to save power. (Switches typically configured for 100m cable length) “Green Ethernet is a new technology that is receiving significant interest from those companies that are consciously looking at ways to reduce energy consumption and ultimately their carbon footprint. D-Link has stolen a lead on its core competitors, by being the first to market with this technology and importantly offering it to market with no price premium.” Lloyd Everard, Director of Infrastructure, the SAS Group

  18. D-Link Web-Smart Switches • Versatile switches with intuitive management features • Strong featureset comparable to Enterprise Switches • Enhanced and intuitive web interface for management • Ideal for small/medium business

  19. xStack: Premium Business Products Enabled by SIM technology that allows 32 switches to be managed by one single IP address.* Reduced network management resources: Reduced network infrastructure costs: Enabled by reduction in modules & expensive interconnect cables as well as flexible stacking switches. Pro-active network security: By integrating with D-Link’s firewalls, the managed switches can effectively block any malicious host when detected, enabling network uptime whilst avoiding the spread of viruses. Increased network reliability & redundancy: Enabled by fail proof ring and star stacking topology and redundancy protocols. Future-proof scalability: By implementing Layer3 Gigabit switches that can support Ethernet to the desktop but can be upgraded to Gigabit if required. Increased bandwidth & speed: By avoiding bottle necks within the network and ensuring cost effective 10 Gigabit connections. Flexibility : Enabled by PoE** technology and flexible uplinks. Life-time support All xStack products come with life-time warranty. Optional business support and service offerings are offered by your local D-Link office. * SIM- Single IP Management allowing up to 32 devices to be managed via one IP address,

  20. Moving up the enterprise chain • 2008 Product Introduction: – DES-8000 series • Strong chassis switching architecture targetted at high-end Enterprise and Metro Ethernet player • 4/6/10 slots • Single/Dual CPU Engine • Max: 384 GE or 128 10GE ports • 3Tbps Switching capacity • Inherit all DES-6500 L2/L3 features • BGPv4*, IPv6 dynamic routing* • Advanced Service Engines for MPLS*, WLAN*, Firewall/NAT* • AC/DC PWR, PoE support • Availability H2/2008

  21. Product Portfolio Highlights

  22. Summary • D-Link has one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio offerings for SME and Enterprise LAN • Currently we ship over 65M Ethernet ports worldwide, second to only Cisco • We are worldwide market leaders in non-managed LAN switching (Instat) • Strong portfolio covering today & tomorrow’s switching needs • Gigabit Ethernet and 10GE solutions, PoE, integrated security • From Metro/Enterprise chassis switches down to Unmanaged products • Innovation coupled with performance: Real-World Networking • Leadership & first to market in Green Ethernet technology • Integrated security features and architecture • Strong featureset comparable to any other switch vendor in today’s market • Convincing price/performance ratio

  23. Business Wireless

  24. Business Wireless – Market Overview WLAN spending is forecast to more than double by 2010 as businesses invest heavily in wireless infrastructure (Gartner) Key drivers are user & application mobility, user consolidation (improving the user:network ratio), improved awareness at consumer level and enhancing security of the network In some key verticals, additional technology applications are driving the need for wireless technologies e.g. Retail/Warehousing: RFID & wireless tracking technologies Voice-over–WLAN technologies at Enterprise & SME Wireless-N standard ratification will improve productivity and throughput of current wireless networking infrastructures: Gartner forecasts around half of all business wireless will be Wireless-N standard by 2011.

  25. D-Link Key Value Proposition Unified Switching in the business One single device can manage both wired & wireless access traffic – Unified Switch = Wireless controller + LAN switch Centralized management for wireless AP & client, including security policy & RF parameters Enable seamless wireless roaming without the need of changing IP & user re-authentication: necessary in particular for voice applications Compared to previous generation wireless solutions (mobile controller), Unified Switching platforms offer a strong depth of features to complete wired switching functions & enough physical connections to be in the edge position

  26. Deploying into existing networks • In large WLAN deployments with many Access Points, it makes sense to centralize AP management in order to gain efficiency. This has traditionally been achieved by integrating a dedicated appliance into the core of the network. • In this “overlay” deployment, traffic is tunnelled to the switch for centralized data forwarding “decisions”. • This has the advantage of not disturbing any existing LAN switching infrastructure.

  27. Optimising with Unified Switching • A more recent approach is to fully integrate and control the wireless elements at the edge of the network, creating a unified wired and wireless access system. • The solution consists of one traditional layer 2+ switch enhanced with the capabilities of a Wireless Appliance and “thin” Access Points entirely controlled from the switch. • This has the advantage of scalability and with “peer” switches distributing the WLAN Switching capability, roaming areas can be significantly extended.

  28. Unified Switching Value Proposition Flexible Deployment Support Tunnelled and Non-Tunnelled mode Wireless traffic can be tunnelled back to the switch or be forwarded locally at the AP. Additional costs savings can be established by reducing necessity for additional ethernet LAN switches at the edge Strong Feature & Administration Support Single point of administration & policy management Rogue Access Point Prevention & Access Point Load Balancing Fast L2/L3 roaming across subnets (ideal for VoWLAN support) Wireless-11N support Automatic Power/Channel adjustment (to minimise interference) Centralized Access Point profile dispatch Access Point Self-Healing & Fail-over

  29. DWS-3024 & DWS-3024L Layer2+ Gigabit Wireless Switch with PoE support Full Layer2+ feature set Link Aggregation / Port mirroring / Broadcast storm control 802.1Q VLAN tagging ACL Based on: Switch Port, MAC/IP Address, 802.1p Priority Queues, VLAN, Ethertype, DSCP, TCP/UDP port Quality of Service 802.1p Priority Queues (up to 8 queues per port) CoS Based on: Switch Port, VLAN, DSCP, TCP/UDP Port, ToS, Destination/Source MAC address & IP address 24 10/100/1000Mbps ports with PoE 4 combo SFP slots Supports up to 48 wireless Access Points (24 APs supported on DWS-3024L) Optional external redundant power supply Switch fabric: 48Gbps Wireless Security WPA/WPA2 Personal/Enterprise Encryption: TKIP, AES-CCMP, EAP-TLS, TTLS, PEAP-GTC, PEAP-MS-CHAPv2, EAP-FAST

  30. D-Link Access Point Benefits D-Link Access Points are ideal for hotspot deployment or for connecting existing networks between buildings. Security Mobility and Flexibility Fully-featured security with support for WPA2 (802.11i), WPA, WEP, AES, TKIP, 802.1X, Wireless Partition, rogue AP detection, HTTPS, SSH. With support for multiple operation modes (Access Point, Access Point with WDS, WDS), the APs can adapt to your environment. AP manager Roaming Central management features with bundled software. Built-in SNMP support (v3). Allows you to seamlessly move between access points without losing the connection. Power over Ethernet All D-Link's wireless APs have PoE support for flexible and cost-effective installations (PoE base unit included). Multiple SSID and VLAN Allows you to segment your wireless network.

  31. Access Points Offerings Range of products for all sizes of business “Fat” AP – Traditional standaloneAP Each AP is independently managed Limited ability to handle roaming “Thin” AP – Managed AP Only works in conjunction with a wireless controller Centrally managed so it can provide scalable roaming capability & low management overhead Unified AP – Dual mode solution Can work in both standalone and managed mode Provides upgrade /deployment flexibility Unified AP support: DWL-8500AP R2.0, DWL-3500AP R2.1

  32. DWL-3500AP /DWL- 8500AP – ‘Thin’ Indoor APs DWL-3500AP 802.11g Wireless Switch Access Point DWL-8500AP 802.11a/g Dual-Band Wireless Switch Access Point • 802.11a/g operation • Detachable dualband 5Ghz/2.4Ghz antennas • 802.11g operation • Detachable 5dBi 2.4Ghz antennas Common features • Exclusive use with DWS-3024 • One 10/100Mbps Ethernet port with 802.3af PoE • Plenum-rated metal chassis • Possibility to secure the device with the included locking bracket and a padlock or wire locking system • No local data store: settings are applied from the wireless switch • RF Auto-tuning and scanning • Virtualised APs / Multiple SSID / BSSID support • Wireless QoS • Wireless Multi Media (WMM) • SpectraLink SVP

  33. Unified AP • Placeholder slide • Slide will be inserted once new unified AP delivery times are confirmed

  34. Summary • D-Link's wireless solutions are purely designed to meet the B2B needs for a powerful, secure and scalable wireless environment • D-Link's wireless solutions enable mobility, security and application availability whilst running at a high-efficiency rate and low operational costs • The D-Link's range offers both pure AP solutions and WLAN switch solutions • D-Link’s Power over Ethernet switch & AP portfolio enables flexible and cost-effective installations • D-Link’s broad range of external antennas to maximise the potential of the solution

  35. Summary

  36. Conclusion • Reasons to think D-Link for your Business Solution • 20 years of successful development and marketing of networking solutions • Excellent end-to-end knowledge of networking, offering the widest portfolio in the market • In-house R&D and manufacturing guarantee the latest technologies and functionalities are incorporated into our products • D-Link’s way of doing business mirrors our solutions: flexible, straightforward and accessible • D-Link’s focus on satisfaction combined with our high service and support offering delivers high-performance business solutions • D-Link has made building networks its business and has grown to a $1billion company

  37. Thank YouAndrei Partenieapartenie@dlink.co.uk