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Academic Media Videoconference Services

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Academic Media Videoconference Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic Media Videoconference Services. Logistical Challenges of Teaching via Videoconference. Donald Dover Videoconference Operations Manager. AMS Mission: To provide the same quality of instruction and services to all students, regardless of their location. Teaching at a Distance.

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academic media videoconference services

Academic Media Videoconference Services

Logistical Challenges of Teaching via Videoconference

Donald Dover

Videoconference Operations Manager

teaching at a distance
AMS Mission:

To provide the same quality of instruction and services to all students, regardless of their location

Teaching at a Distance
in practice
Returning assignments

Administering quizzes

Giving access to materials

Offering opportunities for activities

In Practice:
supplying course texts

Course packets

Reserved materials from the library

Library holdings

Supplying Course Texts
distributing documents and other course materials
From student’s hand to the instructor’s—the Classroom Operator

From the instructor’s hands to the student’s —the Courier system

Distributing Documents and other Course Materials
alternatives to physical delivery

WebCT or BlackBoard

Mailman (new listserv)

More information: “Integrating Other Technologies”

Alternatives to Physical Delivery
legal and ams policy restrictions
Can I fax a document to a site and have copies made there?

Who makes and pays for copies?

What if I want to play a video?

Does educational “fair use” apply?

Legal and AMS Policy Restrictions
review the academic media services instructor s handbook
(509) 335-6519

Review table of contents

Use the Instructor’s checklist ( Appendix M)

Travel to and teach from other sites

Review The Academic Media Services Instructor’s Handbook
in sum plan ahead
Spontaneity vs. planning

To overcome distance, overcome time

In sum: Plan Ahead


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  • Charmaine Wellington
  • Sheree Collins