jean michel basquiat the force of the streets n.
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Jean-Michel Basquiat The Force of the Streets PowerPoint Presentation
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Jean-Michel Basquiat The Force of the Streets

Jean-Michel Basquiat The Force of the Streets

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Jean-Michel Basquiat The Force of the Streets

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  1. Jean-Michel BasquiatThe Force of the Streets Claudia Duica

  2. American artist in the late 1970s and 1980s • Important icon for the Neo-Expressionist painting • Noticed by the art world also due to his unusual style and admirable attitude • An astonishing solitaire in the history of painting

  3. Childhood and Youth • Born on December 22nd 1960 • Spoke English, French, Spanish fluently • Gray’s Anatomy was a major theme in his art projects • Started his career as a graffiti artist at 16

  4. SAMO • Pseudonym with which Jean-Michel Basquiat signed his graffiti • Attacked the speciousness of materialist society • Jean-Michel Basquiat ended the SAMO project in 1982 after his first large group exhibition

  5. Stardom • Took the art world by surprise in the “Times Square Show” • Was propelled in the forefront of the Neo-Expressionist movement • Intense subjectivity and aggressively raw handling of materials • Formed an unusual bond with Andy Warhol which lead to collaborations

  6. Skull(among Basquiat’s best-known works, due to its obvious aura of terror) “Believe it or not, I can actually draw.” Jean-Michel Basquiat

  7. “I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know why anybody needs a critic to find out what art is.” Unconventional Bold, daring Unable to balance fame and fortune with his personal demons Permanently homeless and penniless Believed that “Most young kings get their head cut off” Confident The person

  8. The 1980’s Explosive Art Scene • Buying art became chic and an object of investment • The market was controlled by the media-starved art dealer, who determined the direction of contemporary art • The defining works of a career ended up in the private living rooms of collectors, who demanded prices no museums could bear

  9. In 1984 Basquiat rents a ranch in Maui February 1987 Andy Warhol dies, Basquiat’s grief being inconsolable Surrenders any remaining control over his life and career in 1988 Six days before leaving for Africa, on August 22nd 1988 Jean-Michel is found dead in his studio Eroica I, a chaotic work with the words “Man Dies” in the background The Final Years

  10. It has been said of Basquiat that he “embodies the myth of a modern Icarus who rose too quickly and burnt himself in the heat of the sun” Riding with Death