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Welcome to Open House!. Our Goals. To give your child the academic and social skills they need to progress to fifth grade. To provide a supportive, challenging, and fun classroom environment. To help your child make new friends and discover new interests. Class Subjects.

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Welcome to open house

WelcometoOpen House!

Our goals
Our Goals

  • To give your child the academic and social skills they need to progress to fifth grade.

  • To provide a supportive, challenging, and fun classroom environment.

  • To help your child make new friends and discover new interests.

Class subjects
Class Subjects

  • Mrs. Heckathorn’s Class

    • Math

    • Science

  • Mrs. Barber’s Class

    • Reading/Language Arts

    • Social Studies


  • Planners are VERY important. Please initial DAILY so that we may continue communication.

  • Homework will be written in planners.

  • Students are to create their own weekly goal.

  • Conduct will also be marked daily.


  • Your students are currently learning how to read and write numerals including decimals, interpreting bar graphs, and outcomes. Throughout the remainder of the year, your students will learn about subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, patterns and relationships. Problem solving will be addressed regularly.

  • Please practice multiplication flash cards with your child every night.


  • Your child will be able to practice their math facts on: www.reflexmath.com

  • STAAR testing April 22nd .


Your child will learn about:

  • Laboratory Procedures

  • Properties of Matter

  • Energy, Forces, & Motion

  • Earth: Land & Forces

  • Earth Materials & Resources

  • Earth & Space

  • Life: Plants and Animals


  • Your child has access to:


    www.explorelearning.com (Gizmos) (Math)

    These two websites will be essential this year in Science. Your child’s username and password can be found in their planner.


  • We will be focusing on cognititivestrategies, comprehension, vocabulary, and comparing across texts.

  • Children should read 20 min. daily to improve fluency &comprehension. Record 100 minutes per week on reading log.

  • STAAR will require a deeper understanding of what students are reading. Test date is April 23rd.


  • We will be writing in our Writer’s Notebooks frequently.

  • We will be focusing on narrative (memory) and expository writing (topic/belief with support).

  • Revising and editing are also key, so study spelling to help establish spelling patterns!

  • Students will take the STAAR Writing test April 1st & 2nd.


  • They will be given a new set of spelling words every Monday. The words will be in their planner and on my website.

  • Need to do 2 activities/week from activity menu for homework in spelling spiral.

  • Spelling homework is due on Fridays. 100 reading min. due Mondays.

Social studies
Social Studies

  • Your child will learn about:

    • Regions & Native Texans

    • Colonization & Texas Independence

    • Texas Republic, Statehood & Civil War

    • Reconstruction-21st century


  • Our curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS.

  • The TEKS can be found at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/.

Music and p e
Music and P.E.

  • Orange group attends Music on Tues. and Thurs. and attends P.E. Mon., Wed., Fri.

  • Heckathorn’s homeroom is split into 3 color groups so days vary.

Library art
Library & Art

  • Both classes have library every other Monday. Please encourage your child to keep their books in a safe place and bring them to school on library day.

  • Art will be two weeks on, one week off on Thursday mornings.

Classroom community
Classroom Community

  • Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other.

  • When class rules are not followed, students will receive a conduct mark. An explanation of the codes is in the planner. Codes will be marked in the planner daily. Please check for conduct marks and initial.

  • Tuesday folders go home Tuesdays (usually). We will indicate the number of conduct marks and note concerns about grades.


  • Homework will be assigned on Mondays and

    will be due on Fridays.

  • Your child is responsible for copying down their homework assignment in their planner and having a parent or responsible adult sign the planner every night.

  • Students are expected to practice their math facts and read for at least 20 minutes every night. This may not be in their planner.


  • School starts at 8:15 A.M.

  • If your child is not in the classroom by the time announcements end, they need to get a tardy slip from the front office before coming to class.

Grading Guidelines

  • All subjects are 50% major grades and 50% minor grades.

  • Major grades can include tests, projects, notebooks, and labs.

  • Minor grades can include daily work, quizzes, and participation grades.

  • No more than 10% of the total grade will come from homework.

What can i work on at home
What can I work on at home?

  • We get this question a lot! So here are some suggestions:

    • Math facts, math facts, math facts! The sooner they are second-nature, the better.

What can i work on at home1
What can I work on at home?

  • Ask your child lots of questions about what they read. Read together and discuss. For hesitant readers, hook them by starting to read it to them! Bluebonnet Award winners are a great choice. Advanced readers may try Lonestar books.

  • Have your student tell you stories about memories. Ask for more descriptions and details. Help them fill in the blanks in their memories with your own vivid descriptions.

  • Explain thinking. “What makes you say that?”

Contact information
Contact Information

  • Mrs. Barber

  • Mrs. Heckathorn

    • [email protected]

      Main office number 832-375-7600. Leave messages with the office for a speedier reply. Voicemail is not checked often.

Classroom needs

Headphones or ear buds!


Glue sticks

Dry erase markers

Classroom needs: