sharepoint worst practices setting the stage for disaster n.
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SharePoint Worst Practices: Setting the stage for disaster … PowerPoint Presentation
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SharePoint Worst Practices: Setting the stage for disaster …

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SharePoint Worst Practices: Setting the stage for disaster … - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SharePoint Worst Practices: Setting the stage for disaster …. Dan Usher 17 September 2009. Agenda. Introductions Scenario at Hand Bad Practices and Pain Points Proper Approaches Conclusions. Who We Are …. Dan Usher Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introductions
  • Scenario at Hand
  • Bad Practices and Pain Points
  • Proper Approaches
  • Conclusions
who we are
Who We Are…
  • Dan Usher
    • Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
    • SharePoint Infrastructure Engineer and Architect
    • MCP, MCTS, Security+
  • Who are you?
what s this talk about
What's this talk about?
  • SharePoint in the Wild
    • SharePoint as a Collaboration and Development platform…
    • Considerations for Frameworks and Governance
    • What to avoid and what definitely doesn’t work
    • Full Steam Ahead… Turning the ship around…
  • It’s 8 AM on Wednesday morning and SharePoint seems to be a mess…
  • Users can’t authenticate to the system…
  • New software patches were pushed over the weekend through SUS…
  • The development team pushed new software updates out onto the production servers from their dev laptop virtual machines…
  • The Infrastructure team changed the switch port settings…
  • DNS server IP addresses were changed…

All this happened on one day?!?!

aye carumba
Aye Carumba!


sharepoint how d we get here
SharePoint - How'd we get here?
  • Did we have a plan in place?
    • Anything for Development Guidelines?
    • Anything for Architecture?
    • Anything for Implementation?
    • How about change management?
  • Did you have a vision or business case for the use of SharePoint in place?
  • Did you have a visioning group work to define needed capabilities and solutions?
what have we done o
What have we done? :-o
  • Lack of Governance surrounding several key areas:
    • Development Guidelines
    • Infrastructure Processes
    • Architecting for the future
    • Deployment to the user community
    • Change Control and Configuration Management
lack of development guidelines
Lack of Development Guidelines
  • Disposing of Objects improperly
  • Features, what’s a feature?
  • Solutions, let’s just deploy it all scattered
    • Assembly Deployment (GAC vs. bin)
    • CAS
  • Source Control Policy
  • Test Driven Development
    • Nunit
    • TypeMock
return value null
Return value = null
  • Zero documentation or implementation guides
  • We don’t need no stinkin’ source control
  • Missing QA / Test / Staging
    • Deploying Code directly to production
  • Realizing the difference between site definitions, templates and master pages…
infrastructure processes
Infrastructure Processes?
  • Unscheduled Maintenance Time
  • Deploying code without testing in a staging environment
  • Disaster Recovery
where s central admin
Where’s Central Admin?
  • Not knowing your tool sets and how to use them…
    • Stsadm
    • Powershell
    • SP Admin Toolkit
    • PSConfig
    • SQL Analyzer & Maintenance Plans
  • Patching Approach…
    • Is there one?
turning the ship around
Turning the ship around…
  • Approach
  • Planning
  • Governance
  • Documentation
  • Execution
the approach
The Approach
  • What’s the problemwe’re trying to solve?
  • Define the Vision
  • Project Milestones
  • Define Business Rules, Processes, and Requirements
cleared for approach
Cleared for Approach
  • Trusted Sources on approaches
    • Ben Curry - @curryben
    • Bill English - @minnesotabill
    • Todd Bleeker - @toddbleeker
    • Joel Oleson - @joeloleson
    • Andrew Connell - @andrewconnell
    • Eric Shupps @ericshupps
    • Rob Foster @lespaulrob
  • #SamePageAlliance on Twitter
    • RuvenGotz - @ruveng
    • Paul Culmsee - @paulculmsee
    • Andrew Woodward - @andrewwoody
    • Dux Sy - @meetdux
  • Start off with the governance checklist…
  • Use the sample project plans…
  • Firm up your stake holders and work to define solutions that meet their needs…
  • Hire a SharePoint consultant to assist…
architecting for the future
Architecting for the future…
  • Vision…
  • Use cases…
  • Planning the enterprise taxonomy and logical architecture…

Source :

defining the framework
Defining the Framework
  • Remaining rigidly flexible for change…
  • Planning for Data Partitions and Software Boundaries…
  • Disaster Recovery - both big and small
  • Defining governance and use of the system.
    • Site Quotas
    • MySites
    • Site Creation Process
    • User Permissions
    • SharePoint Designer
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Business Rules and Policies
  • Software Development Guidelines
  • Infrastructure Implementation and Maintenance Processes
  • Architecture
  • System Usability and User Acceptance
  • Change Management
  • Training
  • Develop Use Cases to test against
    • Regression Testing Plan – Test all cases you create
    • QA
  • Use the architecture planning documentation examples available from Microsoft -
more documentation
More Documentation
  • SharePoint Online development guide -
  • SharePoint App Dev Guidance -
  • Implementation Guides
  • Communications
    • Training
    • Onboarding
    • User Documentation
  • Making sure that stakeholders, users, designers and developers are going in the same direction
    • Visioning Team
    • Business Requirements and Solutions Development
    • Change Control Board
  • Project Plan & Milestones
defining a framework for success
Defining a Framework for Success
  • Figure out what the system will be doing before deployment… cast a vision and stick to it!
  • Ensure process and governance are developed and used not only for Developers and Designers, but for the end user.
  • Keep the user base informed, don’t expect them to go in the web part gallery on a regular basis - explain what’s new!
and that s a wrap
And that’s a wrap…
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