leaf structure and photosynthesis l.
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Leaf Structure and Photosynthesis

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Leaf Structure and Photosynthesis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leaf Structure and Photosynthesis. Standard Grade Biology. Photosynthesis. Green plants (producers) can use light energy to make their own food This process is called photosynthesis

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leaf structure and photosynthesis

Leaf Structure and Photosynthesis

Standard Grade Biology

  • Green plants (producers) can use light energy to make their own food
  • This process is called photosynthesis
  • Green plants are green because they contain a chemical called chlorophyll. This chemical is used to trap light energy.
Chlorophyll is contained in the chloroplastsof plant cells
  • Light energy is used to change carbon dioxideand water into starch and oxygen
  • The word equation for photosynthesis is

carbon + water starch + oxygen


Light energy


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