7 causes of the cival war
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7 Causes of the Cival War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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7 Causes of the Cival War. Micaela Harris Ms. Ragin 4 th Period South Carolina History. John C. Calhoun and The Nullification Crisis of South Carolina. John C. Calhoun. When did this happen?: 1828 Where did this event take place?: South Carolina

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7 causes of the cival war

7 Causes of the Cival War

Micaela Harris

Ms. Ragin 4th Period

South Carolina History

John c calhoun and the nullification crisis of south carolina
John C. Calhoun and The Nullification Crisis of South Carolina

John C. Calhoun

  • When did this happen?: 1828

  • Where did this event take place?: South Carolina

  • Who is involved?: John C. Calhoun, Citizens of South Carolina, the Congress of South Carolina, Henry Clay, and American buyers

  • What is this event about?: The South was upset because congress passed a tariff that the south felt only gave advantage to the north. Calhoun suggested an answer that would benefit both the north and the south. His suggestion was “nullification.” Nullification states “the federal government only existed to the will of the states. Therefor law unconstitutional and detrimental to its sovereign interests, it would have the right to ‘nullify’ that law within its borders.

  • What caused this event to happen?: High tariffs on imports

  • Why is this a cause of the Civil War? : The South had to give money to the North when they barely had money themselves

  • Sources:



Missouri compromise
Missouri Compromise Carolina

Henry Clay

  • When: March 3, 1820

  • Where: Missouri

  • Who: Henry Clay, Western Territories, Denmark Vesey, and African Americans

  • Cause: There was a balance between the amount of slave states and free states. A decision needed to be made stating whether Missouri and Maine became free states or slave states

  • What About: Henry Clay was to decide on an agreement stating which states would become slave states or not, and who gets what. He decides on the Missouri compromise. The Missouri Compromise says that Missouri is to be confirmed as a slave state. To keep it even Maine would become a free state. Slavery had to be illegal from all the new states in the Louisiana Purchase that was above the southern boundary of Missouri.

  • Why is this a cause of the Civil War?: The Missouri Compromise caused a lot of tension between the north and the south. This was a huge problem that added to the causes of the civil war.

  • Source: http://www.ushistory.org/us/23c.asp

The compromise of 1850
The Compromise of 1850 Carolina

  • When: September 1850

  • Where: California, Washington D.C., Texas, New Mexico, Utah

  • Who: John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and the U.S. Congress

  • What is this event about? Clay tried multiple times to get his Compromise voted for. It didn't receive a majority. When he retired due to sickness Stephan Douglas took his place and worked restlessly. His Compromise admitted california as a free state, gave Utah and New Mexico no slavery, said that the slave trade is restricted and that slave holding is allowed in Washington D.C., said that New Mexico wins the boundary over Texas and Texas gains 10 million dollars, and stated that the South gets fugitive slave law.

  • Cause: The debate on whether states should continue to be slave states or not

  • Why is this a cause of the Cival War?: The South was not satisfied

  • Source: http://www.ushistory.org/us/30d.asp

Compromise of 1850

Kansas nebraska act
Kansas-Nebraska Act Carolina

  • When did this happen?: May 1854

  • Where did this event take place?: Kansas and Nebraska

  • Who is involved?: Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois, Kansas, and Nebraska

  • What about: Things between the North and the South were not going to well. Nebraska was not yet confirmed as a territory. Southern Congress wanted to permit it as a slave state but it was above the 36⁰ 30’ parallel. The Kansas-Nebraska act use popular sovereignty in order for them to settle their differences. The results were that popular sovereignty was allowed over the 36⁰ 30’ parallel.

  • What caused this event to happen?: The feud between the North and South debating on who will gain Nebraska

  • http://georgiainfo.galileo.usg.edu/gastudiesimages/Kansas-Nebraska%20Act%201.htm

  • http://www.ushistory.org/us/31a.asp

Map of the Kansas-Nebraska Act

Dred scott supreme court decision
Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision Carolina

  • When did this happen?: 1857

  • Where did the event take place?: Minnesota

  • Who is involved? Dred Scott, John Emerson, Supreme Court, and Abraham Lincoln

  • What is the event about? Dred Scott, a African-American slave, wanted to sue his slave owner for his freedom. He stated that he live in a free state (Missouri) for a certain amount of time. 14 years later the supreme court found out about it. The court said that African Americans were not a part of those who mad the constitution, and that any ban on slavery violated the 5th amendment.

  • What caused the event to happen?: Dred Scott’s not being released from slavery when he should have.

  • Why is this a cause of the Civil War? It meant that congress did not have control over slavery on federal levels which made them furious.

  • Source: http://www.ushistory.org/us/32a.asp

Dred Scott

Abolitionist movement
Abolitionist Movement Carolina

  • When: Early 1830’s

  • Where: The United States of America

  • Who: Harriet Tubman, John Brown, William Lloyd Garrison, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Grimke Sisters, and Sojourner Truth

  • Cause: Slavery

  • What about: Abolitionist were people who tried to help more slaves to freedom. Some started out free. Some are escaped slaves themselves such as Harriet Tubman. The Abolitionist movement began in the early 1830’s.

  • Why is this a cause of the Civil War?: The south was losing slaves that they could not gain/get back

  • Source: http://www.slideshare.net/samjarecki/famous-abolitionists

  • http://www.ukbiblestudents.co.uk/servants/tubman.htm

Harriet Tubman

Election of 1860
Election of 1860 Carolina

  • When did this happen?: May 1860

  • Where did this event take place?: Chicago, Illinois

  • Who is involved?: Abraham Lincoln, the Republicans, Democrats, and John Bell ( of Tennessee)

  • What is this event about?: The point of the Election of 1860 was to select the next president. The South felt that Stephan Douglas had the best chance at winning against the “Black Republicans.” The republicans ended up choosing Abraham Lincoln. Others nominated John Bell. A group of Southern Democrats nominated John C. Breckenridge. Abraham Lincoln won 40% of the vote between him and 3 others.

  • What caused the event? The end of the previous presidents term in the office

  • Why is this a cause of the Civil War? At the time most of the South disliked Abraham Lincoln.

  • http://www.ushistory.org/us/32d.asp

Map of the Election of 1860