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WESTAR Staff Reports PowerPoint Presentation
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WESTAR Staff Reports

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WESTAR Staff Reports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WESTAR Staff Reports
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  1. WESTAR Staff Reports 2013 Spring Business Meeting San Francisco, California

  2. WESTAR Training Program Jeff Gabler

  3. Training Program Summary of FY2013 Activities: 26-27 Courses Will Be Offered 47-54 Training Days 500 Students Trained 1100 Student Training Days

  4. Training Program Summary of FY2013 Activities: Chair APTI-Learn Review Committee: Reviewing the System Identifying and Prioritizing Enhancements & Maintenance Issues Actively Participated in Development of APTI-Learn Participate on LMS Subcommittees including: LMS Communications Subcommittee Transition to E-Learning Subcommittee

  5. Training Program Summary of FY2013 Activities: Active Participant on NACAA’s National Training Strategy Project: Vision: to develop and enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities needed by state, local and federal air quality professional to accomplish organizational objectives and support the national clean air mission. & Related Subcommittees, including; Curriculum Development Administration Communication Needs Assessment Course Development & Updates

  6. WESTAR Technical Program Bob Lebens

  7. Committee Support Planning Regional Haze Work Group Exceptional Events Tracking Technical Sources Other Wildfire Coordination

  8. Other support Wildfire/ozone exceptional events workshop IMPROVE budget Woodheater NSPS

  9. Future Activities Ongoing Committee Support Regional Haze Work Group Ozone/Wildfire exceptional events Biomass Work Group Woodheater NSPS

  10. WESTAR Contract Services Don Arkell

  11. Contract Services Part-time, hourly, as needed Projects: Identify state program priorities – Improve understanding of related WRAP projects WRAP Board of Directors(state member) re-up Request from WRAP Board of Directors to move WRAP technical support projects from WGA to WESTAR Supplemental staff support for regional planning, regional haze tracking as assigned

  12. WESTAR Website Update Dan Johnson