iqer role of the validating hei n.
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IQER: Role of the validating HEI PowerPoint Presentation
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IQER: Role of the validating HEI

IQER: Role of the validating HEI

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IQER: Role of the validating HEI

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  1. IQER: Role of the validating HEI Trish Barker Quality Support Manager

  2. Overarching aims of IQER • Support colleges in evaluating and improving their management of their higher education, for the benefit of students, and within the context of their agreements with awarding bodies • Foster good working relationships between colleges and their awarding bodies, for the benefit of students • Enable HEFCE to discharge its statutory responsibility for ensuring that provision is made for assessing the quality of education provided by the institution its funds • Provide public information

  3. Why do we need to be involved? • As identified in the Code of Practice, the HEI retains responsibility for the academic standards of all awards granted in its name and for ensuring that the quality of learning opportunities offered through collaborative arrangements are adequate to enable students to achieve the academic standards required for their awards • HEI is identified in the IQER reports • IQER reports will be used as a source of evidence for the audit of the HEIs collaborative provision

  4. Why do we need to be involved? Cont’d • Institutional Audit reports will inform the number of development engagements that colleges have • Judgements, conclusions, recommendations and action plans arising from IQER are not addressed to the awarding body; however, they may have implications for their relationships with partner colleges

  5. How can we be involved? • This will be discussed individually with each partner college – as specified in the IQER Handbook • The level of support and involvement will be based on existing partnership arrangements

  6. How can we be involved? Cont’d • We anticipate attending the briefing referred to in the Handbook • SED – would like to be able to comment on contents before submission to the QAA

  7. How can we be involved? Cont’d • Would like to be involved in all formal events and meetings with the QAA at the partner institution Also: If you would like us to be involved in events at the colleges whilst preparing for IQER, this can be discussed

  8. Communication • For communication purposes the IQER contact at the University is myself, Trish Barker,, 0151 231 3228 • Working with colleagues in my own team, QUS, CPT, LDU and the relevant Faculties

  9. Communication • We can help with: • Staff development requests • Writing the SED • Ensuring you have all relevant documentation from the University

  10. Any questions?