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Baroque Art PowerPoint Presentation
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Baroque Art

Baroque Art

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Baroque Art

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  1. Abigail Modlin Project One Baroque Art

  2. This will be done in a computer lab. It is highly encouraged to take the slide home and study on their own. This will give them the opportunity to do further research. Learning Environment

  3. Students will be able to recognize art periods. Able to identify the artists. Able to identify the art work. Able to Identify correct years, within 20 yrs accuracy. Able to compare and contrast any given art. The Objectives

  4. This project is for High School Art Students who are taking Art History. The Students should generally be in 11th-12th grade. They should be able to study on their own time. Target Audience

  5. H. 1.3 – Advanced: Analyze how forms and icons have been borrowed and modified through the ages. Proficient: Identify iconography in an artist’s work or a body of work and analyze the meaning. Indiana Academic Standards

  6. To start the session, please click the icon. this will start you off by explaining how and why the Baroque period started. Then you will move on to the Artists. Baroque Art Period Start

  7. The style of Baroque art originally started in Italy and moved to France, Germany, Netherlands, and finally to Spain. The 16th century

  8. Baroque art highly influenced theater, literature, music, fashion, and dance in that era. What Was Influenced

  9. This is a clip from the opera. This is a good example of Baroque dance, music, and clothing. Once you have finished the clip, then exit out of youtube and continue on with the slide. A short video clip

  10. baroque comes from the Portuguese noun, ”barroco”. Which means pearl. Also it is known to mean elaborate. What does Baroque mean?

  11. Baroque started due to 3 factors. The Council of Trent. This is a Catholic movement that started in order to promote the Catholic religion over the Lutheran religion. Also, artist wanted to break away from the traditional Renaissance ways. Last is the Scientific discoveries and explorations led by Calpernicus. how did it all start?

  12. When the Protestant Reformation Started is when the Council Of Trent took place. This is also know as the counter reformation. This is when Catholic Churches became more elaborate, more Baroque. When churches were grand and beautiful it pulled people into the Catholic faith. St. Peters The Protestant Reformation

  13. The Baroque style eventually was adapted by the Protestants. This brought out some of the most well known Baroque painter, Rubens. As time moves on

  14. Some of the most common painting styles that we use even today, came from the Baroque era. High volumes of color Very dynamic space Chiaroscuro, figures blend to background Paintings full of energy and contrast baroque Techniques

  15. For information on these artist, click on the star Gian Lorenzo Bernini Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio Francesco Borromini Italian baroque artists

  16. 1598-1680 From Napales He was a painter, sculptor, and architect Bernini

  17. ~1626 Bernini’s baldacchino

  18. This church is one of the finest example of baroque architecture. It is a Jesuit church completed in 1661. Bernini’s Sant’ Andrea

  19. Active from 1571-1610 Italian Painter He was very competitive. Once, he got so mad during a tennis match that he killed his opponent. Caravaggio

  20. “The Calling of St. Mathew” ~ 1600 He was very good at creating dramatic light. Caravaggio’s paintings

  21. Caravaggio continued • “David and Goliath” • 1598 • The head of Goliath is a self portrait of Caravaggio. • “The Conversion of St. Paul” • 1601

  22. 1599-1667 Rome Work under Maderna who helped remodel St. Peters. Later he joined Bernini. Borromini

  23. Built in 1634-1637 Very curvy and modern for his time. Elaborate yet modest, very active. San Carlo

  24. Built in the years 1642-1650 In Rome Unusual design, convex and concave walls make the church very elastic. St. ivo

  25. Click on the star to go back to the selection list. Click on the cloud to go on to the time line if you are finished. End of Italian Artists

  26. These are just dates and artist put in order. Just click on the date to travel back and forth though time it see who and what came first. 1571 1598 1599 1601 1626 1637 1650 Done? Click here Applications

  27. Michelangelo Mersi Caravaggio was an active painter in Italy. Where he later grows into a nation wide famous painter of his time. 1571 - 1610

  28. Gian Lorenzo Bernini is born in Napales. It is here that he starts out his career and becomes famous for his amazing sculptures and architecture. 1598 - 1680

  29. Francesco Borromini is born in Rome and becomes a great artist known for his dynamic architecture. 1599-1667

  30. Caravaggio paints the famous “Conversion of Saul” “The Crucifixion of St. Peter” 1601

  31. Bernini completes the wonderful alter piece , the “Baldacchino” in St. Peters Cathedral in Rome. Underneath the alter piece there are some relics of St. Peter. 1626

  32. Borromini completes the beautiful San Carlo. 1637

  33. Borromini moves on to complete the Church of St. Ivo. 1650

  34. To go back to the beginning of the time line, click on the back arrow. To move on, click the forward arrow. End of Time line

  35. It’s time for a short quiz This Concludes Italian Baroque art Start

  36. A. Bernini B. Caravaggio C. Borromini Match the artist to the picture Bernini Caravaggio Borromini Bernini Caravaggio C. Borromini

  37. Sorry, but this is not the correct self portrait. Please click the back button to try again. Incorrect

  38. Great! Now you can move on to the next question. By pressing the forwards button. If you are complete with all three portraits, then click on the sun to move on. Correct!

  39. Which one is done by Bernini?

  40. This is the “Baldacchino” done by Bernini. Click to arrow to move forward. Correct!

  41. Sorry, but this is “San Carlo” this church was built by Borromini. Click the button to try again. Incorrect

  42. Who Made what? Caravaggio Borromini Bernini Caravaggio Borromini Bernini Caravaggio Borromini Bernini

  43. Alright! You got it, now click on the arrow to move on. If you are done with the three questions, then click on the star. Correct!

  44. Sorry, this is the wrong artist. Try again by clicking on the back arrow. Incorrect

  45. All done! Now you know some more information about the Italian Baroque Period. I hope that you enjoyed the brief tour. If you want to start over again then click on the drama masks. Bravo!

  46. Information from "Gardeners art through the Ages-12th edition Volume 2" written by Fred S. Klieiner and Christian J. Mamiya Work Citation