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Dr A.C.Dhariwal 24.09.2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr A.C.Dhariwal 24.09.2014

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Adverse Events of MDA Drugs Meetings of the Programme Managers of LF and STH. Dr A.C.Dhariwal 24.09.2014. Are there any adverse events from the MDA Drugs?.

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Adverse Events of MDA Drugs

Meetings of the Programme Managers of LF and STH

Dr A.C.Dhariwal


are there any adverse events from the mda drugs
Are there any adverse events from the MDA Drugs?
  • Persons harbouringmicrofilariae in their blood, may experience some mild averse events like bodyache, vomiting, heachache and dizziness or fever, sometimes rash and itchiness may occur.
  • These side effects usually subside within a day. If any symptoms persist, go to health centre for immediate treatment.
  • Supervised administration recommended
  • Inform about possible adverse events
  • Source: MDA Guidelines
why adverse events important
Why Adverse Events Important ?
  • Adverse events occur, though not high in prevalence.
  • Affect mass psychology in consuming the drug.
  • For successful continuation of the elimination programme, important measures to be taken should be:
  • Minimising occurrence and severity of the adverse events if possible by modifying the drug or host factor;
  • Making the common men understand that the adverse event which might be experienced will be well tolerated and be well controlled and the benefit that the community gets is much greater than the discomfort it gives.
common dec specific adverse events
Common DEC specific adverse events
  • Adverse reactions having predominant initiation within first three hours
    • reeling of head (65%),
    • nausea (60%),
    • vomiting (52%),
    • fatigue (54%) and
    • abdominal pain (41%).
  • But urticarial rash, ADL, Limb edema and scrotal inflammatory response usually had late onset beyond 6-24 hours in majority of cases.
why do adverse events occur
Why do adverse events occur ?
  • The study reported that 37% of the persons who reported adverse events do not have filarial infection in them and systematic abnormalities like anaemia, malnutrition, acid peptic disease, etc. are present in different proportion in the affected population.
  • So well documentation of the adverse events in controlled studies emphasizing on the existing systemic pathophysiology of the host (i.e. human being) to find out correlation or association with the occurrence of different adverse reactions is essential, so as to take preventive measures to minimise them.
what needs to be done
What needs to be done?
  • Before MDA
    • Inform community, including private practitioners
    • Prepare staff
    • Keep necessary supplies
    • Drug quality assurance
  • After MDA
    • Information collection & response