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  2. Blood • Tickets for the Homecoming Information Session will be given out at next week’s Homecoming Liaison Meeting • We will provide tickets for 75% of your chapter/organization; however, you only need 70% in attendance • The deadline for online registry is September 21st at 11:59 pm • Hard copies of your sign up sheets are due at next weeks Homecoming Liaison Meeting • Donors • Volunteers

  3. Blood • Donor Sign Ups: • If you are in a Campus Organization and a Greek Chapter, sign up to donate with you Greek Chapter • Campus Organizations- Please send in a list of your members that are also in Greek Chapters •

  4. Campus Decorations • Final Designs are due today! • Script and final site selections are due September 29th! • Timeline for this week: • Begin working on characters • Have your final design done

  5. Campus Relations • Residence Halls: • MIZ-BBQ entry forms, found in the Rulebook MUST be turned in at or before the Liaison meeting next week, Sept. 22 • Your pre-made bulletin boards are ready! You can find them in your mailbox in the R.A.P office. If you did not receive one, but ordered one come see us after the meeting • Extras are available

  6. Campus Relations • Residence Halls: • Participation sign-up sheets sent via e-mails MUST be turned in to a Campus Relations committee member TODAY • Extras are available if you would like to grab one and fill it out before you leave • Even if you are pairing with other Halls in your area, we need a participation form from each individual Hall

  7. Campus Relations • Organizations: • We are still offering our presentation if you are looking to show your Organizations different ways you can be involved in our Homecoming traditions. Please e-mail us at to schedule a time and date • Your participation sheets must be turned in to a Campus Relations committee member before you leave today. • Extras are available • Please come see us after the meeting if you have not received a Rulebook

  8. Campus Relations • Organizations, Residence Halls, and Greek Groupings: • If anyone has not chosen a celebration theme, please come see us after the meeting to do so! • Any Res Hall, Greek Grouping, or Organization participating in Decorate the District, please make sure that at least 1 of your Liaison’s is present after the meeting for your Decorate the District Business selection. • Designated establishments must be contacted by Thursday, Sept. 29 to ensure they are ready for decorating on Thursday, Oct. 13 • Proof of contact contract must be turned in at the Liaison meeting on Thursday, Sept. 29

  9. Campus Relations Decorate the District: Participating Businesses: Addison’s Shiloh Alpine Shop Starbucks Bengal’s Bar and Grill Shakespeares Bingham’s ACME Blue Note Tiger Hotel Boone Tavern Bambino’s Britches Field House Campus Bar and Grill Main Squeeze El Rancho Quinton’s Harpo’sYogoLuv Heidelberg Teller’s Ingredient Which Wich? International Café Chipotle Jimmy John’s Fieldhouse JoJoe’s Pizza Flying Cow Kaldi’sPanera Noodles Domino’s Picklemann’s Red Mango

  10. Merchandise • Checks and Order Forms are due to us today. Please hand them in to us in the back of the room after the meeting. • September 22nd : Campus Organization order forms due at liaison meeting. • Checks should be made out to Mizzou Alumni Association with MERCHANDISE in the Memo line.

  11. Merchandise • Sunday, September 25th merchandise will be distributed to Greek groupings and Campus Organizations. Assigned times are on the following slide. • Monday, September 26th merchandise will be distributed to Residential Halls from 1-3 pm. Times will not be assigned so as not to conflict with your class schedule. Come anytime between 1-3 pm. • On both dates, merchandise will be picked up at the Reynolds Alumni Center.

  12. Parade ‪ • Parking on Conley • Entry forms due September 23rd • Detailed sketches due September 29th • Day of Parade is October 15th

  13. Public Relations • Banner: • Sign up for a banner location at the end of our meeting tonight. • Banners are to be displayed by 5 pm on October 3rd • Banners will be judged at 5 pm on October 4th • Banners must be taken down by 6pm on October 16th

  14. Service Tiger Food Fight • September 30th • Student Center • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. • Residence Halls will need to transport food from their bin to the Student Center. • Residence Halls and Campus Organizations can drop off food anytime.

  15. Service Tiger Taming Hunger • September 29th and 30th • October 2nd, 7th, 8th, and 9th • Greek Grouping assignments • Residence Halls and Campus Organizations sign-ups after the meeting.

  16. Service Centennial Service Day • October 1st • Reynolds Alumni Center • Registration forms e-mailed to liaisons • Due at liaison meeting next week (9/22) • Individuals can register at

  17. Talent • This is your last opportunity to turn in IBA and National Anthem entry forms. • Last night was song selection and Blocking and Cue-to-Cue sign up. • Blocking and Cue-to-Cue will be September 24th at Jesse. • We do not have a director’s meeting next week.

  18. Traditions • All applicants have signed up for a 1st Round Interview • Interviews will take place this coming Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday • 2nd Round Interview signups will be in 123 Reynolds Alumni Center by Wednesday, September 21

  19. Questions?