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Software Utilities

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Software Utilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Software Utilities. Tanzania. F-secure setup. To proceed onto the next stage of the install please Agree to the terms and conditions and select next. F-secure setup. Please select a file save location by pressing Browse or keep the standard one given. Please click next to proceed.

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Presentation Transcript

F-secure setup

To proceed onto the next stage of the install please Agree to the terms and conditions and select next.


F-secure setup

Please select a file save location by pressing Browse or keep the standard one given. Please click next to proceed.


F-secure setup

This is where you have to wait for the computer to extract the files from the CD and run/save them on the system.


F-secure Anti-virus

The tab selected shows results from the scan and highlight any files that may cause a problem in the system

The tab selected gives you the option of being able to project your computer as you go along.


F-secure Anti-virus

The tab selected enables you to manually scan the system by reducing it to specific folders/ files etc.

The tab selected shows you when updates are available and alerts you in set numbers of time or days etc.


Schedule tasks

This is one of two ways to access the schedule wizard by following the steps in the example.

Open the start menu.

Click accessories.

Click system tools.

And finally click schedule task.


Schedule tasks

This mode allows you to set a date of when you would like to schedule a task for the computer or home use.

This mode allows you choose when or how often to schedule the scan for them future


Schedule tasks

This schedule mode allows you to specifically choose a day that you want the system to run or alert you

This is the finish of the schedule wizard which will start the schedule.


Schedule tasks

This is the other option you can take to get the schedule task wizard.

Open the start menu and click Control panel on the right hand side buttons.


Formatting floppy disks

This is the progress window that shows how long you have to wait before you can continue with your floppy disk

This is the formatting wizard that enables you to help make your formatting easier by giving steps

This warning message should appear warning you that data will be lost due to formatting


File setup

Go to your Document area and right click your mouse. Scroll down to NEW and select folder.


File setup

Re-name the selected file in blue to any thing or relevance to your task in hand.

Click off the target folder and it will save your folder name.


File setup

Once you have made your folder you may add files into it like in the picture example.

Make a new folder inside the folder you have just made. This will able you to keep you area tidy making it easier by separating relevant work.


File setup

The copy and paste feature allows you to move and place files and folding in different locations. Copying the target will not move the file but the cut feature will remove itself from one place and paste itself to another


File setup

Inside your empty folder you have just created right click the mouse and press paste. This will show you the file inside the folder that what was once empty.


File setup

This is an example of a file that I copied from my documents into my new folder located in a different place on my hard drive.

The more files you put in the harder it is to find what you are looking for. I recommend you keep it tidy so you don’t have the Hassel of looking for it.


File setup

If you have no need for a document no more you are able to delete it so you don’t take up needed space on your hard drive.

This is because it can affect the performance of a machine by slowing it down.

Right click on your mouse and press delete.

This will bring up an alert message making sure you want to delete it. By click yes you agree to the statement which then sends your work to the recycle bin. Don’t panic work can be restored from the bin.


File setup

If you feel a specific folder is taking to much space up on your hard disk do not delete work that you may think you no longer need just to make space. You can compress a folder down that take up less space.

Right click on the folder and press send to compressed (zipped) folder.


File setup

The compress file is to the right of the existing file which will show a different file size because it has been compressed.


File setup

The compressed file has reduced the amount of memory take up to just 4KB.

The file size of this folder is 20KB



After installing the F-secure programme the effect the software will have on the computer system will be is a virus scan checking you files for corrupted files.

Schedule task

After setting up the scheduled task the software will automatically run and alert you that it is performing the task you ask it to do.

Formatting floppy disks

After formatting a floppy disk the computer will let you no by showing you an empty storage device and will say you have successfully completed the format etc.

File setup

When setting up your files and folders etc the computer will always give you an end result message to either say it has completed or there was an error. For example when copying and pasting files to folders there will be a percentage bar climbing towards 100% and then sends a message to say it has finished.

File compression

When compressing folders the computer system tells you the end result of what the final size the folder will. This is so you know how much your saving and if its worth doing it.


thank you

i hope i have given you enough information to increase your knowledge of computer systems

Please contact me if there is any other information you need and I will get back to you asap.