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  1. LIFE Click to advance slides

  2. In life, there are moments when you miss someone so much that you would only fulfill your dreams by holding that person tight in your arms. 生命中,有時候你太思念某人以至於只滿存著夢幻能緊擁他入懷中。

  3. When a door of the happiness is closed, another opens, but us,we continue to look at the closed door and we do not attachimportance to that which we havejust opened. 當快樂之門關閉時,另一扇開啟,但是我們,往往繼續緊盯著那關閉的門而忽視那已開啟的。

  4. Do not trust appearances; they are often false. Do not interest yourself in the wealth; it will disappear. 不要信賴外表;那常會出錯。 不要想著財富;它會消失。

  5. Seek somebody who communicates with you in laughters, becauseone laughter could turn a sad day intoa joyfulday. 找尋能與你分享歡樂的人,因為一個歡笑能使悲傷的一天轉為快樂。

  6. Dream whatever you desire to dream. Go wherever you wish. Seek whatever you desire. Because life is unique by how you shape it. 夢想你想要的夢。去你想去的地方。尋找你所要的。 因為生命是唯一看你如何去型塑它。

  7. The lucky ones inevitably do not have best of the best. 幸運兒絕不是最好的。

  8. They seek simply the best of what they see on their journey 他們僅能在他們的旅途中尋覓最好的。

  9. The most beautiful future will always depend on the need Forforgetting the past. 最美好的未來常定奪於必需忘掉過去。

  10. You will not be able to go from the pastin life as long as you will not have overcome the errors of thepast and all that hurt you. 只要你不能克服過去的錯誤和傷害你將走不出過去的陰影。

  11. Live the life in full, and always smile in spite of difficult times. 滿意地過活,既使在艱困的時候還總帶著微笑。

  12. Send this Message to those who count on you. 傳送這信息給那些依賴你的人。

  13. ... As I did. …就像我所做的。

  14. To those who mark your life... 給那些明示你生命的人…

  15. ... To those who made you laugh when you really needed somebody... …給那些正當你極需人支撐時能帶 給你歡樂的人…

  16. To those who show you Encouragement when you are down. 給那些正當你沮喪時能帶給勇氣的人。

  17. 給你的朋友… to your friends...

  18. To those who just passed by you… 給你身邊的人…

  19. To those wholook upto you for encouragement. 給那些祈望你給予鼓勵的人。 To thosewho needyou at their side. 給那些需要你支持的人。

  20. Never loose the opportunity to give sunshine to the day of a person who needs a few encouraging words. 當一個人這天需要些鼓舞的話絕不放掉這機會給予陽光

  21. Life does not amount in breathings, but to the moments which cut you the breath. 生命不是氣息的總數,而是斷氣的 瞬間。

  22. Life is beautiful!!! 生命是美麗的!!!

  23. Specially with a friend like you. 特別是和一位像你這樣的朋友。

  24. May every moment of your life be filled with joy. 願你生命的每一時刻都滿懷愉悅。

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