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  1. Mars Life on

  2. Your task is to design a space station based on Mars You will need to have space for between 2500 and 5000 people to live, research and eventually colonise the planet. There are several mathematical areas that you will need to consider.....

  3. Maths in Colony..........

  4. The constraints There must be a minimum of 8 domes on the planet’s surface, all connected to a central “Control” dome. Each portion of your station must have three connecting corridors in case one section is destroyed or malfunctions.

  5. Dome in the arctic circle with solar panelling for energy. You only have 40,000 panels of shielding for the exposed areas of the domes. These solar panels also provide the colony’s energy requirements, so it is important to have as many of these as possible. The panels have a surface area of 10 m², no part of a dome can be left uncovered due to the harmful rays from the sun.

  6. Because it is a living colony, there are minimum requirements for the spaces you have. One colonist requires a living area of 10 m² and 2,500 m³ of air to live a normal healthy lifestyle. 8m² of vegetation is sufficient to feed and provide oxygen for one person.

  7. As it will be visible from space, Space United Kingdom (S.U.K) wants the colony to be totally symmetrical, either rotationally or mirrored

  8. Firstly, you need to complete the sheet concerning the areas and volumes contained in the different sized domes....

  9. When you have decided on the size of population you want, you can calculate the areas and volume you need to provide… AS A MINIMUM for the living quarters And for the food and recreation domes

  10. Finally, you need to maximise the surface area of your remaining domes so the colony gets the maximum power output from the solar panel shielding. Surface Area Remaining Surface area of possible domes Minimum Shield Wastage

  11. Think about the lovely patterns Aliens have left for US in crop circles…..

  12. When you design your symmetry your colony.

  13. What will your colony look like? This is an artist’s impression of a colony on Mars

  14. 3500 People 3 colonist domes (small) 37625 panels 2 agriculture domes (medium) 1 storage dome 2 research domes (medium) Assessment is through a poster detailing your decisions as usual