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BOCK BEER. History and Styles. What is Bock?. A Strong lager of Germanic origin. Styles include: Traditional , Maibock , Doppelbock , and Eisbock. History of Bock. Einbeck in Lower Saxony Communal brewing 14 th century Move to Munich Ein bock The goat. History of Bock.

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bock beer

History and Styles

what is bock
What is Bock?

A Strong lager of Germanic origin.

Styles include: Traditional , Maibock , Doppelbock, and Eisbock

history of bock
History of Bock

Einbeck in Lower Saxony

Communal brewing 14th century

Move to Munich

Ein bock

The goat

history of bock1
History of Bock

Special occasions

Monks of Bavaria


traditional bock
Traditional Bock

Strong malty with toasty overtones

No Diacetyl, very low esters

Light copper color to garnet-red

Munich & Vienna malts

Toasty and Caramel flavors

Long boil to increase melanoidins

ABV 6.3 – 7.0 %


Strong malt aroma with light spice

No Diacetyl

Deep gold in color

Toasty malt plus pepper spice notes

Some hops in the finish

Medium bodied, high CO2, balance

Also known as “Helles” or “Pale”

Served in May

ABV 6.3 – 7.4%


Very strong malt, caramel & toast

Some fruity esters

No roasted or burned flavors

Dark brown in color with ruby highlights, great clarity and head retention.

Very rich malty flavor with chocolate and dark fruits

Sweet & full bodied

“liquid bread”

ABV 7.0 – 10%


Rich intense malt, no hop aroma, many fruity esters.

Dark brown to black with “legs”

Big, full, sweet, caramelized malt flavor and dried fruit taste.


Extended lagering times

Kulmbach made

Strongest beers in the world

ABV 8.0 – 41%