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Unit 1

Unit 1. MUSIC. Taiko. Tango. Didgeridoo. Morris dancing. note. clef. keyboards. Flute. bagpipe. score. bow. saxo. accordion. horn. violin. gong. drummer. baton. guitarist. strings. Bassist. guitar. singer. conductor. tambourine. band. key. sylophone. piano.

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Unit 1

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  1. Unit 1 MUSIC Taiko Tango Didgeridoo Morris dancing

  2. note clef keyboards Flute bagpipe score bow saxo accordion horn violin gong drummer baton guitarist strings Bassist guitar singer conductor tambourine band

  3. key sylophone piano Tuningfork cello drumsticks drum trumpet Music stand harp tuba trombone

  4. Types of instruments

  5. Instruments R_____ Cl____________ P_______ R________ H______ M ____ S________ J________ L_____ M _____ R&B C__________ F__________ H _____-h____ R_________ O_________ G_________ ... T Y P E S o F m U S I c STRING WIND PERCUSSION BRASS Guitar Violin Cello Harp Mandolin Flute Oboe bagpipe Keyboards Gong Triangle … Trumpet Saxo Tuba Horn Trombone musicians Rock Classical Pop Rap Heavy metal Soul Jazz Latin R&B Country Folk Hip-hop Reggae Opera Gospel dance Guitar___ Pian____ Cell____ Violin____ Drumm___ Sing__ / solo___ Flut____ Trumpet____ Conduct___ Compos___ Audience Musicians ... Guitarist Pianist Cellist Violinist Drummer Singer/soloist Flutist Trumpeter Conductor Composer

  6. More music verbs C______ g_____ / b___ h _________ O_______ f_____ A number one h _____ L__________ r____/a______/s_____ B__________ s______ / backstage L__________ P_____ L ______ t__ T___ U_ / D ___ C________ D________ S _____ C _____ Release a single ... play Listen to Turn up/ down Compose/ write Download Sing Clap Concert/conductor Group/band Headphones Orchestra Fan Hit Lyrics Record/album/single Baton Stage loudspeakers adjectives L _____ / recorded He is very musical A catchy song Live

  7. TYPES Concert group / band headphones Orchestra fans a number one h__ Loudspeaker record/album /single the charts Baton stage / backstage the top forty Lyrics cassette/ MP3 player Rythm / beat a CD player NOUNS Rap Classical Pop Rock Heavy metal Soul Jazz Latin music R&B Counrty Folk Hip-hop Reggae Opera Gospel Dance Chill-out PEOPLE Guitar___ Pian____ Cell____ Violin____ Drumm___ Sing__ / solo___ Flut____ Trumpet____ Conduct___ Compos___ Audience Musicians ... MUSIC INSTRUMENTS VERBS ADJECTIVES Play Listen to Turn up / down Compose Download Sing Clap Release a single ... Live / recorded He´s very musical A catchy tune Repetitive relaxing

  8. Classify the next words connected with MUSIC Conductor ClapCheer Baton The charts HeadphonesBrassGospelChill-out Folk SoulGigBackstageCatchyDownloadRelease country TouringString Score BowTambourineClefMouthorgan Live performance Soloist Key DrumsticksWrite Cello Rythm beat Types of music/instruments people actions objects others Conductor soloist Clap Cheer Download Release Write Touring Live performance Baton Headphones Strings Score Bow Tambourine Mouthorgan Key Drumsticks cello Brass Gospel Chill-out Folk Soul country The charts Gig Backstage Catchy Clef Rhythm beat

  9. Listen and fill in the gaps • BREATHE • We´re an ________ band based in the ______ ________ of Dale, ________ ___________. There 4 of _____ in the band: • _________ Fred Williams ( __ ) and David Williams ( ___ ), James Mint ( ____ ) and Martin Kane ( ____ ). We all Live in the _______ but we _______________________________. • Fred´s is the lead ________ and David is the ____________. • James ________________ guitar and Martin is the _______. • We _____ concerts and perform at _________________. • _____________________________________ ? • _____________________________________ ? • _____________________________________ ? • _____________________________________ ? • _____________________________________ ? • Indie • Small village • Near Manchester • Us • Brothers /16/14/14/15 • Village • Don´t go to the same school • Guitarist/Vocalist • Plays the bass/ Drummer • Do/ Local events • 1. Who writes your songs? • 2. What are your musical influences? • 3. Where do you practise? • there aren ´t any neighbours • 4. When is your next gig? • 5. How can I buy the Breathe CD?

  10. __. Here __. At the Summer Fair __. Drummer __. Comes out in … __. Us in the band __. Indie pop/rock band __. local events __. Because there aren´t any neighbours __. To the same school __. Lead guitarist __. Gig __. In the same village __. Concerts __. Cover versions for … 14 • It´s an • They live • There are 4 of • They don ´t go • Fred is the • Martin is the • They do • And perform at • They also play • They play in the garage • When is the next • We are playing • The CD • Order it 12 6 13 3 1 8 10 4 5 11 2 7 9

  11. Listen and fill in the gaps • BREATHE • We´re an ________ band based in the ______ ________ of Dale, ________ ___________. There 4 of _____ in the band: • _________ Fred Williams ( __ ) and David Williams ( ___ ), James Mint ( ____ ) and Martin Kane ( ____ ). We all Live in the _______ but we _______________________________. • Fred´s is the lead ________ and David is the ____________. • James ________________ guitar and Martin is the _______. • We _____ concerts and perform at _________________. • _____________________________________ ? • _____________________________________ ? • _____________________________________ ? • _____________________________________ ? • _____________________________________ ? Indie Small village Near Manchester Us Brothers 16/14/14/15 Village Don´tgotothesameschool Guitarist Vocalist Playsthebass Drummer Do Local events 1. Whowritesyoursongs? Fred, butwealsoplaycoverversionsfromotherbands 2. What are your musical influences? WeloveIndiesbandslike Oasis butwealsolike jazz and American bands. 3. Where do youpractise? WepractiseónJames´sfarmin thegaragebecausethere aren ´t anyneighbours 4. Whenisyournextgig? We´replaying at attheSummerFairon 16th June 5. How can I buytheBreathe CD? Ourfirst CD comes out in November. Orderithere.

  12. Grammar 1: PRESENT SIMPLE • study • study • studies • study • go • go • goes • go • Am • Are • Is • are • listen • listen • listens • listen • finish • finish • finishes • finish Don ´t listen Don ´t listen Doesn ´t listen Don ´t listen Don ´t study Don ´t study Doesn ´t study Don ´t study Am not Aren´t Isn ´t Aren ´t Don ´t go Don ´t go Doesn ´t go Don ´t go Don ´t finish Don ´t finish Doesn ´t finish Don ´t finish ? Am I …? Are you …? Is he …? Are you …? Do I listen…? Do you listen? Does he listen? Do you listen? Do I study…? Do youstudy? Does he study? Do youstudy? WHAT/WHICH What am I …? WHERE Where are you? How When Who Why Whose

  13. Grammar: Present Simple • Listens • Go • Sing • Starts • Finish • like • - • -Mybestfrienddoesn ´t listen to reggae music • -I don ´t goto rock concertswithmyclassmates • -Myparents don ´t sing in a choir • -Ourmusicclassdoesn ´t start at 8:30 • -Wedpn ´t finishschool at 5 o´clock • -I don ´t like punk music

  14. Grammar: Present Simple sings Does teaches studies listens finishes Do Does Do Do Does does

  15. Grammar: Present Simple Do Does Do Do Does does

  16. Grammar: Present Simple Do theyreceive Don ´t win Make Become Doesn´tplay Lives Likes Do youknow Who Why What Where when

  17. Listen to the TV show and fill in the gaps -P: _____________ to this week´s Music A-Z. Today´s _______________ are Nick and Jane from Manchester. Hello!. Now you know the ______ . You´ve got two minutes to answer as any questions as possible from A-Z. _______________________? -N : _____ / J: ____ -A: OK, Here goes. This is an American ____ singer and her CDs include “Unplugged” and “As I am”_______________ ?. -B: What ________________ ?. ____________ -C: This American pop ________________________ ________________. ____________ ? -D: Which ____________________________ __________ ? . ________ -E: Which _________ original name is Marshal Bruce Mathers? -F: ____________________________________ ?. -G: ____________________________________? -H. This Disney film is about a school musical. W________ ? -I: ______________ are U2 and Westlife ______ ? -J: In Which month is the Glastonbury Music Festival? -K: This popular singer is originally from Australia. ________? -L: Minutes to midnight is their _____ ____ . What´s the name of the band?. J: ______________ -M: this British pop star is famous for the song “Grace Kelly”. What´s _________ ?. (BUZZER). __________ !That´s great. That´s 5 points for Nick and 4 for Jane. A _____ of applause for …. -Welcome/ Contestants -Rules /Are youready? -Yep/yes / Soul -What´shername?- Alicia Keys -NationalityisRobbie Williams British -Starsometimessings in English and sometimes in Spanish. Whoisshe? -Town has gotthesamename as a Spanish rock band? – Dover -Rapper´s -Whoisthefemalevocalist in the Black-Eyed Peas? -Whatinstrument has got 6 strings? -Whatitsname? -Which country/ from? -What´shername? -Last CD -I don ´t know -What´shisname? -Time´s up / Round

  18. .Strange 2. bored/ing 3.loud 4. slow 5. sad 6.terrible 7. annoyed/ing 8. talkative 4 1 • ) Lively/exciting b) quiet c) cheerful d) great e) fast f) nice g) traditional 6 g) 2 c) a) 8 7 3 f) e) 5 b)

  19. traditional slow bored strange talkative terrible cheerful excited Annoyed/angry loud quiet nice sad fast

  20. The kilt Scotland A piper playing A bagpipe

  21. Music in Britain • -twice a week • -composes • Hates singing • Performs • Orchestra • Wales • Choirs • Welsh • Folk • biggest -Bagpipes -Scottish Pipers -Wear -Kilt -Special hat -Obligatory -Are 14 -optional

  22. Expressions of Frequency Frequency Adverbs Never - Once a week month twice a week month 3 times a week/year … - Everyday / week / month - OnSaturdays / Mondays Hardlyever • 0% 100% Sometimes Often Usually Always a) At theend of thesentence Position Position Beforetheverb Paloma neverdoesthehomework Paloma doesthehomeworkonce a year b) Aftertheverbto Be/don ´t/doesn ´t -Palomaisalwayshappy -Shedoesn ´t usuallyspeaks English

  23. We never compose • 2.I always perform • 3. We often learn • 4. We sometimes go to • 5. We usually play • 6. We hardly ever play • Our English classes are usually interesting • We hardly ever speak Spanish • Our teacher is never late • We sometimes listen to English songs • I always do my homework • We often have tests

  24. - ING LOVE, LIKE, DON ´T MIND … LOVE • Me encanta viajar • I love travelling LIKE DON´T MIND DON ´T LIKE HATE / CAN ´T STAND

  25. Secretary´s vocabulary: I can´tfindthebook No encuentro el libro ¿Abro la puerta? Shall I open thedoor? ¿Cuándo mandaste estos deberes? Whendidyoumarkthishomework? ¿Qué hay que hacer aquí? Whatshall I do here? ¿Lo escribimos? Shall I writeitdown? ¿ Qué significa ----? What´sthemeaning of --? No tengo el cuaderno I haven ´t gotthe notebook ¿Bajo la pantalla? Shall I roll downthescreen? Pide una hoja Borrow a sheet of paper ¿Cara o cruz? Head orTails? ¿Puedo coger el cuaderno? Can I getmy notebook?

  26. Secretary´s vocabulary (2): Shall I wipeouttheboard? ¿Borro la pizarra? ¿Falta alguien? Is anybody missing? Lo sé I know Lo siento. Llego tarde.¿Puedo entrar? I´msorry. I´m late. Can I come in? Hice este en vez de el otro I didthisinstead of thatone Los de 2º A vienen ahora They are coming I didn´t do the homework No hice lo deberes I haven´t got the sheets of paper no tengo la hojas There´s no room No me cabe / no hay sitio He terminado I have finished

  27. review Writing: A Music _ _ _ _ _ _

  28. Unit 1 - Vocabulary • Cheerful • talkative/ quiet • Bagpipe • Pipers • kilt -Are youready? -Female -Strings -Time´s up -Round of applause • Choir • Perform • Wales • Folk • review -Bass guitar -vocals -Neighbours -Order -contestants

  29. Dialogue: Likes and dislikes • S: hola Zoe, ¿Qué te parece esta canción? • Steve: hey, Zoe. What do you think of this song? • S: Es la nueva canción de mi grupo • Steve: It´s my band´s new song • S: En serio, ¿Qué te parece? • Steve: Seriuosly, though. What do you think? • S: ¿Y qué te parece esta? • Steve: Hmm. And what about this one? • S: Esta sí que me gusta • Steve: I really like this one • Z: ¿De qué va? • Zoe: What is it? • Z: Bueno, prefiero los Killers • Zoe: Well, I prefer the Killers • Z: La guitarra está bien pero los coros no son nada del otro mundo • Zoe :Er, the guitar is Ok, but the vocals aren ´t great • Z: No está mal, supongo • Zoe: It´s not bad, I suppose. • Z: iAgg!, apágala- ya no la soporto • Zoe: Aagh! Turn it off- I can ´t stand it any more

  30. _____Don´t stop the music____It's getting lateI'm making my way over to my favourite placeI gotta get my body movingShake the stress awayI wasn't looking for nobody when you looked my wayPossible candidate, yeahWho knewThat you'd be up in here looking like you doYou're making staying over here, impossibleBaby, I must say your aura is incredibleIf you don't have to go, don'tDo you know what you started?I just came here to partyBut now we're rocking on the dance floor, actin' naughtyYour hands around my waistJust let the music playWe're hand in hand, chest to chest and now we're face to face • I wanna take you awayLet's escape into the music, DJ let it playI just can't refuse itLike the way you do thisKeep on rockin' to itPlease don't stop the, please don't stop the musicBaby are you ready cause it's getting closeDon't you feel the passion ready to explode?What goes on between us no-one has to knowThis is a private show

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