the crucible vocabulary n.
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The Crucible Vocabulary

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The Crucible Vocabulary. Apparitions- noun. Unexpected appearance Syn. ghost Ant. mortals The apparitions or ghostly figures that appeared in the haunted house scared me to death. Augur- verb. To predict (some future event) Syn. foretell

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Presentation Transcript
apparitions noun
Apparitions- noun
  • Unexpected appearance
  • Syn. ghost
  • Ant. mortals
  • The apparitions or ghostly figuresthat appeared in the haunted house scared me to death.
augur verb
Augur- verb
  • To predict (some future event)
  • Syn. foretell
  • Supposedly, Miss Cleo has the ability to augur the future.
callous adjective
Callous- adjective
  • Emotionally hardened; unfeeling; unsympathetic
  • Syn. insensitive
  • Ant. understanding; sensitive
  • The callous individual didn’t appear to have any sympathy whatsoever, and he was always bullying the other kids at school.
conjure verb
Conjure- verb
  • To call or bring into existence by or as if by magic
  • Syn. summon; invoke
  • Ant. exorcise
  • People who conjure spirits often are able to contact the dead.
contempt noun
Contempt- noun
  • Strong disrespect; evaluation as worthless or mean
  • Syn. disdain; scorn
  • Ant. respect; honor; admiration
  • Many people think of Hitler with contempt because they view him as a horrible man who committed terrible acts.
corroborating verb
Corroborating- verb
  • To make certain; confirm
  • Syn. verify; support; validate
  • Ant. refute
  • He corroborated my account of the accident by providing details that matched my information.
covenanted verb
Covenanted- verb
  • To enter into an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified
  • Syn. agreed
  • Ant. disagreed
  • The rulers of each nation covenanted to end the war, and they signed an official document to make it legal.
crucible noun
Crucible- noun
  • A severe, searching test or trial
  • Syn. Test
  • Rebecca Nurse faced a crucible of her faith when she was accused of witchcraft; she had to decide if she would stay true to her beliefs or give a false confession.
defamation noun
Defamation- noun
  • False or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another as by slander or libel
  • Syn. falsehood
  • Ant. truth
  • She sued the magazine for defamation of character because the writer of the article falsely said that she was in rehab for drug addiction.
deposition noun
Deposition- noun
  • The giving of testimony under oath
  • Syn. affidavit
  • Ant. nullification
  • In his court deposition, Joe told the truth about his involvement in the robbery.
diametrically adv
Diametrically- adv.
  • Directly opposite
  • Syn. contrarily
  • Ant. similarly; identically
  • Sample sentence: Some Democrats are diametrically opposed to the ideas of the Republicans because their ideas are completely opposite.