the trail of gold n.
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THE Trail Of Gold

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THE Trail Of Gold. By: Zane Lantzman, Mike Lawrence, Marc Wagner. Gold rushes.

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the trail of gold

THE Trail Of Gold

By: Zane Lantzman, Mike Lawrence, Marc Wagner

gold rushes

Gold rushes

It was out in the newspaper when James Marshall was looking and the found two gold nuggets. Some of the people got shot on their way to san Francisco. Idaho has many different types of minerals and it was gold that brought the first white settlers to the state. The Colorado gold rush was considered to be the longest gold rush in history. There was this thing called gold fever and people got because they were rushing to California.


The Trail Comes Down With…

During the time of The Oregon Trail, travelers faced many diseases on the trail. Emigrants suffered from measles, scurvy, smallpox, mumps, unknown elements mountain fever (Mountain fever is now believed to be caused by ticks), and worst of all, cholera. Cholera epidemics raged along the Trail in the late 1840’s and early 1850’s.

the oregon trail is dangerous

The Oregon trail is dangerous

Oregon Fever was the reason why Pioneers, Native Americans and Immigrants moved to Oregon. Oregon Fever started in 1842 when news reporters started writing about Oregon’s healthy crops and rich soil. Everyone wanted to go there because they wanted to make a better lives of themselves.



Minerals - A substance obtained by mining, as ore.

Nuggets - A lump of Native Gold.

Oregon Fever - The main reason of why people wanted to move to Oregon.

Pioneers - A person who is among those who first enter or settle a region.

Emigrants - A person who emigrates, as from his or her native country or region.

Epidemic - A rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something.