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Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

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Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engineering 10. HomeWork Assignment: Engineering Degree Course-Planning. Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer Assignment.

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Engineering 10

HomeWork Assignment:Engineering DegreeCourse-Planning

Bruce Mayer, PE

Licensed Electrical & Mechanical

  • Design for YOURSELF a Course-By-Course, and Term-by-Term Plan to Obtain a BaccalaureateEngineering Degree from a Transfer University
  • To Include (examples follow)
    • Your Choice of Engineering Discipline
    • Year and Semester/Quarter
    • Institution = Chabot + Transfer-University
    • Course: Title, Number, Unit Value
assignment format
Assignment Format
  • Use the Planning Templates found on ENGR10 WebPage in File:
    • ENGR10_4Year-Degree_Plan_Template_1402.xls
success story robert moore
Success Story  Robert Moore

Earned BSME from UCBerkeley in May2011

ucb mech engrng curriculum
UCB MechEngrngCurriculum

All can be completed at Chabot College

uc berkeley schedule
UC Berkeley Schedule

GPA after summer 2010: 3.6

fsae at uc berkeley
FSAE at UC Berkeley
  • Student run group, from design to racing
    • Get hands on experience building a race car
    • Compete against other universities
mr moore fsae at uc berkeley
Mr. Moore: FSAE at UC Berkeley
  • Student run group, from design to racing
    • Get hands on experience building a race car
    • Compete against other universities (e.g. CP-SLO)
example bsme from
Example  BSME from
  • Goal = Baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering from UC Davis (UCD)
  • Assume
    • Took Lots of Math, Science, and English at Arroyo High School
      • i.e., I’m Well Prepared for MTH1 & ENGL1A
    • Parents GENEROUSLY Allow me to Live at Home for While At Chabot
      • No Living Expenses for First Two Years
      • Work ALL Summers to pay for UCDavis
bsme year1 at chabot
BSME  Year1 at Chabot
  • Notes & Comments on Year-1
    • ENGR10 Not Required by UCDavis
    • General Ed = COMM1, ENGL1A
    • Unit Load is Quite High in Both Terms
      • Need Approval From Chabot Counseling to take more than 18 Units
bsme year2 at chabot
BSME  Year2 at Chabot
  • Notes & Comments on Year-2
    • General Ed = ECON1, ENGL7
    • Unit Load is Quite High in Both Terms
    • Both Terms were Intense, but Acceptance by UCD made it worth all the effort
bsme year3 at ucd
BSME  Year3 at UCD
  • Notes & Comments on Year-3
    • Expect Much More Intense & Competitive Atmosphere at UCDavis
    • Quarter-Terms “took some getting used to”
    • “Lower Division” Courses PHYS9D & EME50 were not Available at Chabot (happens occassionally)
    • General Ed = STS120; the Magic & Science Class
bsme year4 at ucd
BSME  Year4 at UCD
  • Notes & Comments on Year-4
    • HardCore and Cool Engineering-Intensive Year
    • Major Advantage of a POPULAR Discipline at a LARGE School →WIDE Selection of Potential Electives
    • Interview for Engineering Position with Several Companies in Winter & Spring Terms
fast track summary
“Fast Track” Summary
  • Notes & Comments
    • An Engineering Degree from a World-Class University in Four-Years requires a 100% Commitment to Academics
ucd advice to cc transfers
UCD Advice to CC Transfers

Transfer students. To be eligible for transfer into the College of Engineering you must have at least ninety transferable quarter units (sixty semester units) from another institution. To be a competitive applicant, you must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.100.

Highest priority for transfer admission is given to California community college transfer applicants who have completed two transferable English composition courses and all of the required lower division engineering coursework offered at the community college they attended.

We give lower priority for admission to community college applicants who are missing one or two of the required lower division courses. Community college applicants will be denied admission if they are missing three or more of the required lower-division courses.

potential issues
Potential Issues
  • A Student’s Plan MUST meet the Transfer-University DEGREE REQUIRMENTS for the Major chosen
  • Caveat (i.e., Beware)
    • PreReqs often result in “brush up” Courses that Do Not Ultimately Count toward the Baccalaureate degree
      • This Happened to the Instructor
        • Started Math at Algebra II, Not Calculus
potential issues cont 1
Potential Issues cont.1
  • Caveat (i.e., Beware) cont.
    • Some LOWER Division Courses May NOT be offered by Chabot (e.g., EME 50) so Plan on Taking Them at the University
      • This Happened to the Instructor
        • Circuit Engineering NOT offered at my Comm College
    • If you have to WORK Part-Time to support yourself, PACE your Course Offerings to allow for time on the Job
      • This Happened to the Instructor
        • Worked at a SuperMarket All Thru the Higher Ed
potential issues cont 2
Potential Issues cont.2
  • Caveat (i.e., Beware) cont
    • Working-Student Pacing
      • Assume that Transfer occurs at the FALL Term
        • Most University Engineering Schools do NOT accept MID-YEAR Transfers
      • Most Transfer Universities have PROGRESS REQUIREMENTS; assume UP TO
        • 8 Semesters (4 years) at Chabot
        • 5-Semesters or 7-Quarters at the University
          • At UCD the Progress Requirement is 13 units per Quarter
          • At UCBerkeley the Progress Requirement is 12 Units Per Semester
potential issues cont 3
Potential Issues cont.3
  • Caveat (i.e., Beware) cont
    • Beware of PreReQ CHAINS and BottleNecks
      • Some Courses may Have PreReqs THREE, or More, Levels Deep
      • A Single Course could be a PreReq to MANY More courses
        • e.g.; A Chabot transfer student reported that a “GateKeeper” Dynamics course was required for almost ALL upper-division ME Coures at UCSB (offered ONLY Summer & Spring)
    • VERY CAREFULLY Check all PreReqs
chabot prereq bottleneck
Chabot PreReq “BottleNeck”
  • MTH-1 (Calculus-1) is a PreReq for These Engineering-Required Courses
  • MTH-2
  • MTH-3
  • MTH-4
  • MTH-6
  • PHYS-4A
  • PHYS-4B
  • PHYS-4C
  • PHYS-5
  • ENGR-25
  • ENGR-36
  • ENGR-43
  • ENGR-45

ENGR10 (2)

Intro to Engineering


CHEM1A (5)

College Chemistry I

(Fall, Spring)

MTH1 (5)

Calculus I

(Fall, Spring)

ENGR22 (3)

Engineering Graphics

(Fall, Spring)

ENGR11 (2)

Engineering Design


ENGR25 (3)

Computer Methods

(Fall, Spring)

MTH2 (5)

Calculus II

(Fall, Spring)

PHYS4A (5)

General Physics I

(Fall, Spring)

ENGR36 (3)

Engineer Mechanics


MTH6 (3)

Linear Algebra

(Fall, Spring)

MTH3 (5)

MultiVar Calculus

(Fall, Spring)

PHYS4B (5)

General Physics II

(Fall, Spring)

ENGR43 (4)

Electrical Ckts & Devs


ENGR45 (3)

Engineering Matls


PHYS4C (5)

General Physics III

(Fall, Spring)

MTH4 (3)

Differential Eqms

(Fall, Spring)

articulation vs transferability
Articulation vs Transferability
  • Articulated courses Transfer DIRECTLY and ONE-to-ONE against Courses REQUIRED for the BS-Engineering Degree
    • e.g; Chabot ENGR45 counts as UCLA MatSci104 or SFSU ENGR200, etc.
  • “Transferable” courses apply GENERALLY to the 60 units needed for transfer; they are NON-Required Electives
    • e.g; Chabot GEOG-1 transfers to UC/CSU but does NOT apply to BS-Engineering Degrees
beware igetc
Beware IGETC
  • Following IGETC for GE almost always results in Engineering Students Taking TOO MANY GE Courses
    • IGETC almost always WORKS, but almost always OverDoesGE for Engineers

CALL the Xfer University ENGINEERING Operation About GE


ExCel Template

on WebPage

  • Chabot College
    • Counseling Group
    • Course Catalog & Schedule
  • = student-transfer information system
    • The BEST Place to Start
  • University Engineering-School Web Sites
    • Spend a LOT of time here
case2 bsme from ucd
Case2 – BSME from UCD
  • Goal = Baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering from UC Davis (UCD)
  • Assume
    • Didn’t Know What I wanted to Do While at Castro Valley High School
      • i.e., Not Quite Ready for MATH1 & ENGL1A
    • Want to Be On My Own at 19
      • Get an Apartment with a RoomMate
        • Must Work 24 hrs/week on Average While at Chabot
        • Get Loans and work 16 hrs/week While at UCD
bsme year1 at chabot1
BSME – Year1 at Chabot
  • Notes & Comments
    • Take ENGR10 to Discover What Engineering is all About – Had some Really Cool Guest Speakers
    • Start Slowly to get Used to College Routine
    • “Brush Up” Courses Shown in Green
      • 18 Units Worth
bsme year2 at chabot1
BSME – Year2 at Chabot
  • Notes & Comments
    • Discover that Calculus is Pretty Cool
    • Sp2 Term is TOUGH while Working 24 hrs/wk
    • Doing Calculus on the Computer in ENGR25 was Way-Interesting
bsme year3 at chabot
BSME – Year3 at Chabot
  • Notes & Comments
    • Both Terms TOUGH while Working 24 hrs/wk
    • Hands-On Labs in ENGR43 are Way-Interesting
    • Field Trips in ENGR45 were Quite Cool
bsme year4 at ucd1
BSME – Year4 at UCD
  • Notes & Comments
    • Expect Much More Intense & Competitive Atmosphere
    • PHYS9D & EME50 Not Currently Offered at Chabot
    • Spring Qtr was TOUGH while working 16 hrs/wk
bsme year5 at ucd
BSME – Year5 at UCD
  • Notes & Comments
    • Professors are Working on REALLY Cool Research Projects; Attend a few Seminars
      • e.g., H2 Fuel Cell Motorcycle by Chabot student Rosas
    • Got to take fun electives such as Mechatronics
    • 16 Units in Spring are BARELY Manageable While Working 16 hrs/wk
bsme year6 at ucdavis
BSME – Year6 at UCDavis
  • Notes & Comments
    • Progress-Requirements Allow ONE additional Term for Transfer Students
    • A few Months Short of 24th Birthday, Finally Earn the BSME
    • Interview on Campus, Take Job with AeroJetin Sacramento
working track summary
“Working Track” Summary
  • Notes & Comments
    • It was Long (about 5½ years), and Tough (80 hrs/wk) during school-term, But it was Worth it
    • Designing Composite-Material Pressure Vessels at AeroJet is Interesting & Challenging
      • Summers in Sacramento aren’t quite as nice as those in Union City
sacramento vs unioncity
Sacramento vsUnionCity

75 °F

Union City

92 °F



Engineering 10

Appendix:BS Industrial EngrSan Jose State

Bruce Mayer, PE

Licensed Electrical & Mechanical

bsie chabot
BSIE – Chabot
  • Notes & Comments
    • The Spring Terms are HEAVILY Loaded
    • SJSU requires PE and American Institutions
bsi s e san jose state
BSI(S)E – San Jose State
  • Notes & Comments
    • CmpE30 Not currently offered at Chabot
    • The Dance Class was fun ☺
sjsu ise fasttrack
SJSU ISE FastTrack
  • Notes & Comments
    • SJSU Has a Good Industrial & Systems (ISE) Engineering Program
    • Average 16¾ Units per Semester Term
    • Take a Position with Lockheed-Martin as an Operations Development Engineer