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Stephen Harper By:Evie

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Stephen Harper By:Evie - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stephen Harper By:Evie . Introduction. Stephen Harper was born on April 30 th 1959. He is a hard worker and loves to spend time with his family. He is married to Laureen Teskey. And has 2 kids Benjamin and Rachel Harper. Who is this person? .

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Stephen Harper was born on April 30th 1959. He is a hard worker and loves to spend time with his family. He is married to Laureen Teskey. And has 2 kids Benjamin and Rachel Harper. Who is this person?


Well….. Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada. And today you are going to learn more information about Stephen Harper!


Full name and nationality

Stephen Harper’s full name is Stephen Joeseph Harper. He is the child of Margaret Johnston Harper, and Joseph Harris Harper. Stephen Harper was born and raised in Toronto Canada. He was born on April 30th 1959. And today he is 53 years old.


Personality Traits

-Loves to work

-Loves to read

-Loves to be with his family

-Loves be the Prime Minister

Special Abilities

-Great worker

-Great Prime Minister

-Really smart

-Great reader


Stephen Harper’s family background

Siblings: Robert Harper and Grant Harper

Spouse: Laureen Teskey

Kids: Benjamin (16) and Rachel (13) Harper


Some of Stephen Harper’s most Important Life Events are:

Stephen Harper’s party won a Minority Government in the 2006 Federal Election.

Stephen Harper was married to Laureen Teskey in 1993.

Stephen Harper was Sworn in as Canada’s 22th Prime Minister on February 6,2006

Stephen Harper had 2 kids in 1996 and 1999 named Benjamin and Rachel Harper

accomplishments and awards
Accomplishments And Awards

One of Stephen Harper’s big accomplishment in his life is when he got elected in January 2002

One award he has gotten is when he got an award on a Korean war Veteran, It was a diamond Jubilee award.

turn of events and claim to fame
Turn Of Events and claim to Fame

He became the Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the conservative party after the 2006 Federal Election. His party formed a Minority Government after the 2006 Federal Election.


Stephen Harper’s Government has reduced the Tax Burdon on the businesses. In transition who may need special help to upgrade their skills.


He announced the contributions of the Korean community to Canadian society.


Thank You for watching my Power Point presentation! As you can see Stephen Harper has an interesting life! Hope you enjoyed!