McCormick School District SACS CASI Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

presented by kelly coxe mary greene thomasson n.
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McCormick School District SACS CASI Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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McCormick School District SACS CASI Overview

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McCormick School District SACS CASI Overview
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McCormick School District SACS CASI Overview

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  1. Presented by: Kelly Coxe & Mary Greene Thomasson McCormick School DistrictSACS CASI Overview

  2. SACS CASI • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement

  3. SACS CASI District Accreditation • Provides the district with a comprehensive framework for continually improving student achievement. • Supports a powerful systems approach to improving student performanceresults and organizational effectiveness over time. • Recognizes that increasing student achievement is a result of how well all the parts of the education system-the district, school, and classroom-work together to meet the needs of students.

  4. A Basic Premise of SACS CASI • "The capacity of any organization to improve is directly related to its ability to recognize, acknowledge, and act on its strengths and limitations.” • The District Accreditation process provides a vehicle for • assisting school systems to effectively identify their strengths and areas needing improvement; • providing external experienced professionals who, through a structured onsite visit • assess the capacity of the system to meet the criteria for accreditation • commend worthy accomplishments, and • recommend strategies that hold the promise of important systemic improvements. Dr. Mark Elgart, President/CEO AdvancED

  5. Earning and Maintaining District Accreditation To earn and maintain District Accreditation from SACS CASI, school systems must: 1) Meet the AdvancED Accreditation Standards for Quality School Systems and ensure that their schools meet the AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools 2) Engage in continuous improvement 3) Demonstrate quality assurance through external review

  6. AdvancED Accreditation Standards for QualitySchool Systems • The standards require that the district and its schools… • have a clear vision and purpose; • have effective and responsive leadership; • have a rigorous curriculum taught through sound, research-based methods; • collect, report, and use performance results; • provide adequate resources and support for its educational programs; and • value and communicate with their stakeholders.

  7. Engagement in Continuous Improvement • To demonstrate continuous improvement, the district and its schools must… • implement an improvement plan based on student performance and school/community data, and • document growth in student performance and organizational effectiveness.

  8. Demonstration of Quality Assurance through External Review • Districts must be evaluated by a team of professionals from outside the district on a periodic basis. • The team serves to • engage the district staff in a healthy, professional dialogue about district improvement efforts; • validates that the district meets the standards for accreditation; and • provides feedback and makes recommendations concerning future efforts to improve student performance and organizational effectiveness.

  9. AdvancED Accreditation Standards • There are 7 Standards • The Standards are comprehensive statements of quality practices and conditions that research and best practice indicate are necessary for schools to achieve quality performance and organizational effectiveness.

  10. The Seven Standards Standard 1: Vision and Purpose The system establishes and communicates a shared purpose and direction for improving the performance of students and the effectiveness of the system.

  11. The Seven Standards Standard 2: Governance and Leadership The system provides governance and leadership that promote student performance and system effectiveness.

  12. The Seven Standards Standard 3: Teaching and Learning The system provides research-based curriculum and instructional methods that facilitate achievement for all students.

  13. The Seven Standards Standard 4: Documenting and Using Results The system enacts a comprehensive assessment system that monitors and documents performance and uses these results to improve student performance and school effectiveness.

  14. The Seven Standards Standard 5: Resources and Support Systems The system has the resources and services necessary to support its vision and purpose and to ensure achievement for all students.

  15. The Seven Standards Standard 6: Stakeholder Communications and Relationships The system fosters effective communications and relationships with and among its stakeholders.

  16. The Seven Standards Standard 7: Commitment to Continuous Improvement The system establishes, implements, and monitors a continuous process of improvement that focuses on student performance.

  17. District Accreditation Advisory Committee The District Accreditation Advisory Committee consists of the Executive Leadership Team Members. Dr. Earlean Smiley, Superintendent Mamie Banks Jackie Brown Dewey Carey Kelly Coxe Luella Crosby Rebecca Fuller John Greene Geraldine Morris Roni Scott Mary Greene Thomasson

  18. Additional Committees • Additional Committees will be needed and your assistance will be required as we strive to obtain District Accreditation.

  19. Additional Information For further information of the SACS CASI District Accreditation process visit: Or Contact Kelly Coxe or Mary Greene Thomasson 852-2435