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Accessing support for your studies

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Accessing support for your studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Accessing support for your studies. May 28 th 2014. What AccessAbility can do for you:. • We provide advice, guidance and signposting to other services • We can set up an individual learning plan (ILP) for you with requests for reasonable adjustments, such as extra time for exams.

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What AccessAbility can do for you:

•We provide advice, guidance and signposting to other services

• We can set up an individual learning plan (ILP) for you with requests for reasonable adjustments, such as extra time for exams.

• We can answer queries about the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) and assist you with applying.

• Study Needs Assessments can be provided by the Access Centre.


What AccessAbility can do for you:

  • • We provide note takers, scribes, lab assistants, library support, orientators, buddies and study skills tutors.
  • • We carry out screenings for specific learning difficulties.
  • We can arrange an Educational Psychologists assessment.
  • • We liaise with Colleges and teaching staff, on your behalf, to put in place institutional support.
  • • We provide AccessAbility contacts within the colleges

Things to consider:

  • • Have you completed the prospective student questionnaires and returned them to AccessAbility?
  • • Do you have up to date medical evidence?
  • • Have you sent copies of medical evidence to AccessAbility?
  • Do you require information about Disabled Student Allowances?
  • • Have you applied or will you be applying for Disabled Student Allowances?

Things to consider:

  • If you have applied for DSA have you had a Study Needs Assessment?
  • Do you have any accommodation requirements?
  • Do you have any Health and Safety considerations?, e.g. would you be able to evacuate safely in the case of an emergency?

First Steps

• To access support at Exeter University, you must first register with AccessAbility

• To register, you will need to make an appointment to see an adviser in Freshers’ Week after you have enrolled.

• During the meeting, the adviser can answer any queries you have and provide you with further information regarding support. They will set up an individual learning plan (ILP) based on the recommendations in your medical, disability or specific learning difficulty evidence. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the Disabled Student Allowances (DSA).


Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

•The Individual learning plan is based on the recommendations in your medical, disability or specific learning difficulty evidence. However, we can only create an ILP if you have provided the relevant documentation.

• On the ILP the adviser will request reasonable adjustments for you, such as extra time for exams.

• The individual Colleges and the exams office receive this information electronically and this helps to ensure that support is put in place in a timely way.



Whether you have a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, a long-term medical condition, a physical disability or mental health considerations, you will need to provide us with evidence, for instance, a letter from your GP with a diagnosis of your condition, or a post-16 diagnostic assessment from an educational psychologist or a suitably qualified specialist teacher.

You can either forward this to us prior to you beginning your studies, or bring it to your meeting with the adviser.


Disabled Student Allowances (DSA)

•The DSA is a government, NHS or Research Council funded grant to cover the cost of equipment, additional support, such as note-takers or study skills, and any additional expensesyou may incur as a result of your disability.

• To receive DSA you will need to apply to the relevant funding body, such as Student Finance England, forwarding your medical evidence.

• If you are successful in your application, they will authorise you to attend a Study Needs Assessment (also known as an Assessment of Needs) or SNA.


Needs Assessment (SNA)

•The Study Needs Assessment is a meeting with a specialist assessor who can draw up a set of recommendations for you, based on your medical evidence or educational psychologist assessment.

• The assessor will identify possible solutions to assist you in your studies. This may include equipment, such as a laptop with assistive software, study skills support etc.

• The assessor will then create a report which will be forwarded to the funding body for approval.


One to One support

  • One valuable aspect that DSA funding provides is one-to-one support. One-to-one support can include:-
  • • Study skills sessions to help you to understand your specific learning difficulties and how they affect your studies. The study skills tutor will also introduce you to techniques and strategies that will improve your ability to study more effectively and independently.
  • • Fatigue and time management mentoring
  • • Mental health mentoring
  • Aspergers Mentoring
  • .

Contact us

AccessAbility is based in The Forum on Streatham Campus. We also offer appointments at the St. Luke’s campus.

Our email address is

Contact us by telephone on 01392 723880