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igubal spherical bearings

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igubal spherical bearings

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  1. igus igubal spherical bearings

  2. igubal® self-aligning maintenance-free spherical bearings made of high-performance polymers igubal® is a system of self-aligning bearing elements completely made of plastic. With the igubal® type series, a complete system of self-aligning bearing elements are available for the design engineer: Rod end bearings, clevis joints, flange bearings, spherical bearings and pillow block bearings. Self-aligning bearings are easy to mount, suit all angular variations and in many cases have already been able to replace special housings. The igubal® user utilizes all advantages of the employed high performance plastics. They have excellent vibration dampening properties, and are technically applicable in dry operation. They are insensitive to dirt, can operate in liquids and even in chemicals and are completely resistant to corrosion. Bearing elements of the igubal® type series are very light, save installation space by their dimensions and save your costs twice: first in procurement and second in operation by the saving of maintenance and installation costs.

  3. igubal bearing types • Rod end bearings • Flange bearings • Clevis joints • Ball and socket joint • Pillow block bearings • Spherical bushes and double joint linkage • Igubal spherical thrust bearings • Spherical balls

  4. Rod end bearings igubal® rod end bearings can also be used without any problems in a tough environment. The bearings are corrosion-resistant in moist or wet areas and are resistant to weak acids and alkalis. The application temperatures range from -30 to +80 °C. Noteworthy is the insensitivity to dirt and dust. In case of misuse or crash of the system, igubal® products CL DT can be found quickly through their detectable materials. Even the smallest fractions are thus detected using commercially available metal detection systems http://www.igus.co.uk/wpck/default.aspx?pagenr=2446

  5. Clevis joints Most important features: • Very low weight • High tensile forces • Combinable with rod end bearings of the dimensional series E • Vibration dampening • Noise dampening • Available for left-hand and right-hand threads • igubal® clevis joints are solid polymer made of igumid G according to DIN 71752, which can be combined with the rod end bearings of the dimensional series E as counter piece. They consist of clevis joint, pin and circlip, or alternatively with spring loaded pin. http://www.igus.co.uk/wpck/default.aspx?pagenr=2508

  6. Flange bearings Features igubal® flange bearings were developed for the bearing of shaft ends or shaft bushings. Like all igubal® products, it consists of a housing made of igumid G and a spherical ball in iglidur® W300. igubal® flange bearings correspond to the dimensional series E and are offered with 2 or 4 mounting holes. Application area As the igubal® flange bearings are also suitable for dry operation, they are particularly considered for applications in which the installation site is difficult, in humid or wet environment, or with special demands on hygiene. Thus the igubal® flange bearings are used for instance in wash-brush controls, in facade sunscreen systems, in materials handling systems and in bakery equipment. http://www.igus.co.uk/wpck/default.aspx?pagenr=2504

  7. Ball and socket joint • Cost-efficient connection • Housing with ball pins • Lightweight • Maintenance-free solution • Ball pins in plastic or metal http://www.igus.co.uk/wpck/default.aspx?Pagename=igubal_Low_cost_Winkelgelenk&C=GB&L=en

  8. Pillow block bearings igubal® pillow block bearings are very easy-to-mount bearing elements which compensate for errors and prevent misalignments. • Maintenance-free, self lubricating • High stiffening • High fatigue strength in varying loads • Compensation for alignment errors • Compensation of edge loads • Corrosion-resistant • Chemical resistant • High dampening qualities • Suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements • Very low weight • High radial loads • Usable in media • Space saving • Easy to fit • Life time predictable • Maintenance- and lubrication-free http://www.igus.co.uk/wpck/default.aspx?pagenr=2507

  9. Spherical bushes and double joint linkage The application of spherical bearings is as a rule linked with high bearing weights, difficult installation and high costs. Most need maintenance on a long term, and the bearings are corrosion-resistant only in special versions. Often the roller or plain bearings are excessively stressed by edge load and prematurely give out, or the bearing must be extensively readjusted, counter bored or converted in order to compensate for misalignments. http://www.igus.co.uk/wpck/default.aspx?PageNr=2503

  10. igubal spherical thrust bearings The self-aligning spherical igubal ® thrust bearings are very easy-to-mount units, which help to compensate for errors and prevent misalignments. The thrust bearing housing pad is made of the impact-resistant, stiff, thermoplastic composite material igumid G. The standard thrust bearing washer is made of iglidur® W300. This combination provides particularly good gliding and wear properties in relative movements. http://www.igus.co.uk/wpck/default.aspx?pagenr=2499

  11. Spherical balls Every iglidur® material possesses a series of special properties which account for its suitability for certain applications and requirements. Currently we offer you spherical balls made of iglidur® materials W300 (standard), J, J4, R, UW and X. Special properties: • Maintenance-free dry operation • Corrosion resistant • High compressive strength • High elasticity • Very low weight • Various materials http://www.igus.co.uk/wpck/default.aspx?pagenr=2502