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Energy chains

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Energy chains
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Energy chains

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  1. Energy ChainsStandard

  2. Designed to guide and protect Energy Chains® and Energy Chain Systems® are like the umbilical cords of modern machines. They reduce downtimes and increase the service lives of cables and hoses. Plastic Energy Chains® have been developed, produced and tested by igus® since 1971. The igus® product range includes over 80,000 innovative products from stock and from "batch size one". From the smallest Micro FLIZZ® chain to the world's biggest* polymer E-Chain®. Our know-how is continuously advanced, also in collaboration with our customers, and then introduced into serial production. Energy Chains® - Universal use • Various types of motion. • Carry sensitive bus, data and fibre optic cables, as well as energy forms such as electricity, gas, air and liquids. • In case of very high dynamic stressing capacity and tough demands on service life. • Smooth operation in a full range of environments and climates. • Space-saving installation. • High accelerations are fielded. • Simple assembly of the modular system on site, as well as quick retrofit of cables.

  3. Energy chain types • Easy chain E1 • E2 micro, mini • E2 medium, E2/000 • 3D motion and robots • Zipper • E4.1, E4/4, E4/00, E4/light • E2 tubes, RX tubes • E3, E6

  4. Easy chain E1- very easy to fill - simply push in cables EasyChains® are available in two versions. In the "E" version the cable is simply laid from the outside, and in the "Z" version from the inside. The shortened installation time is one of the main features of the Easy Chain® chains. Their elastic and rugged material igumid NB offers even more reasons for application: Optimum elasticity, UL94-V2 Classification and excellent suitability for clean rooms. Their one-piece design makes EasyChain® especially attractive in price. Due to the lower rigidity of the material, the EasyChain® is not suitable for applications with very high load.

  5. E2 micro and mini E2 micro e-chains® are very small, one-piece and two-piece (B07/B09) e-chains® with a low weight and therefore ideal for highly dynamic applications. E2 micro E-Chains® are stable and available in many versions. igus® also offers numerous accessories and mounting options. "UPGrades" of the snap-open versions are available for many types; they are interchangeable among themselves and can thus be used as, among others, spare parts pack for new installation options. E2 mini is E-Chain® in one or two pieces ideal for highly dynamic applications. igus® also offers numerous accessories and mounting options. UPGrades of snap-open versions are available for many types. They are interchangeable among each other and can also be used as spare parts.

  6. E2 medium, E2/000Quick to open The Series E2/000 is the fourth generation igus® in this size. All our experience went into this series: easy and versatile installation combined with ruggedness - high stability combined with low-noise operation, long service life for cables and manifold mounting options. The version is standardized for all E2/000 models. Mechanical engineers all over the world rely upon this range.

  7. 3D motion and robots Triflex R – specially made for robotic applications triflex® R (R for "round") is the third generation 3-axis energy chains® from igus®. The multi-axis energy supply system triflex® R has been specially developed for the sophisticated 6-axis robotic applications in harsh industrial environments. Some of the important design features are: Fibre rod option for the partial reinforcement of the triflex® R, approximately +/- 10° .Torsion per chain link, high tensile strength through ball-and-socket joint. More than 100 components have been made available meanwhile in the triflex® R product range, so that all requirements can be covered from large welding robots up to the small pallet robots. triflex® R has received the iF design award.

  8. 3D motion and roboticsTriflex –for 2D and 3D movements- closed The Triflex® series has been developed to safely guide cables during a 3D movement. In this case, the flexibility of a hose is combined with the stability of an E-Chain® with a fixed, defined radius. This unique modular range enables very complex movements. As example: Combination of chain links moving in single, double and triple axes in an E-Chain®.

  9. 3D motion and roboticsTwisterBand – rotary movements TwisterBand: Compact, modular, economical 1. Base plate with strain relief2. twister band segment3. Available in 4 sizes4. Partially available with interior separation5. Limited length compensation possible6. Snap-open with film-hinge, or opens with the "Easy" principle"7. Base-plate with strain reliefRotary movements in minimum space - 20 times on its own axis using the very compact igus® twister band, low-wear and low-maintenance rotating motions can be implemented in confined spaces, while also reliably guiding energy, data and media.

  10. Zipper E-chain Lightning fast opening and closing with Zipper E-Chain® und E-Tubes - Zipper E-Chain® satisfy by their practicability and performance. The "zip fastening" function shortens the installation time. The small pitch, the rugged elastic zipper band and the heavy duty links amaze in high accelerations. The Zipper series is one of the most popular igus® E-Chain® series in the sophisticated industrial sectors.

  11. E4.1 E4/4 E4/00 E4/lightStandard energy chains The E4.1 system combines all the benefits of its three predecessors and is the best igus® e-chain® in the product range. The E4.1 series are more stable with the same or smaller dimensions than their predecessors. Almost all accessory components and mounting dimensions are identical. With the igus® E4.1 system, the service life of your application can be increased still more and thereby lower costs.

  12. RX tubes- extremely chip-proof The trouble-shooter for energy supply systems in the chip area - available in 4 sizes. Chips and dirt can affect the service life of cables and hoses significantly. With the RX system, igus® offers an extremely tight plastic e-tube that is nonetheless very easy to open. • Snap-open in the outer radius • A smooth, curved outer contour prevents chips from sticking • Injection-moulded "sealing lips" all around • No holes, cracks, undercuts • Series RX40 is IP40 tested (TÜV Saarland) • Interior separation and guide trough available • Covered pin/hole connection and stops • "RBR" version with bending radius on both sides available

  13. E2 tubes- chip protectionvery silent operation After igus introduced the first snap-open (two-piece) E-Tubes in the mid 80s, many additional parts and innovations have been added to the product range. E-Tubes are usable in areas with hot chips, dirt and dust generated in wood processing, steel works, pulp factories, textiles, agriculture, coal-fired plants and in many other unfavourable environmental conditions. Go for the cost efficient, alternative Series R for higher speeds.

  14. E6 energy chains Rugged, low-noise, low-vibration, suitable for clean rooms The E6 series offers numerous advantages in addition to long life cycles. Thus they are distinguished by an extremely low noise, low vibration operation, and they are for this reason well suited for low-vibration drive concept of the linear motor. It minimizes the polygon effect which can occur during rolling of energy supply mechanisms. The extremely low noise development has been certified by the TÜV Immissionsschutz und Energiesysteme GmbH inspection body. The large product range enables the selection of the optimum chain size in each case - the designer can also choose from a large range of possibilities in the interior separation. The same applies to the mounting brackets.

  15. E3 energy chains Small, low-noise, low-vibration, suitable for clean rooms The cycle times are always shorter in the automation, whereas the requirements in noise reduction, service life, vibration dampening are always higher. For this wide area of small E-Chain®, igus® now introduces the E3 system product range that completely caters to these requirements: • Extremely low noise operation (max. 38 dB(A)). • The resilient element replaces pins and bores as fastener • Modular chain made of three elements • Cost-efficient crossbar and separator "on the band" • Quicker and easier access to cables by the zipper system • Good stability through stable, interlocked links • Easy to shorten or lengthen • Ideal for flat cables • Accessories: Separators, integrated strain reliefs, mounting brackets

  16. T3 energy chainhighly flexible, low-vibration profile chain T3 System combines low-noise operation, low sound level, simple installation and cost effectiveness. The side plates that can be plugged into each other replace the conventional pin/hole connection and prevent relative movements between the joints. For this reason, an almost complete freedom from wear is attained (clean room). The geometry of the T profile ensures that almost no polygon effect is generated during the filling of the E-Chain®. The T band operates very harmoniously and round, and has extremely low vibration and noise In order to reduce the manufacturing and assembly costs, the T-profile is mounted not individually, but - similar to the igus® E3 System - in a length of 8 chain links. Due to its low weight the igus® T-Band is suitable for applications with rather low fill weights and short strokes, combined with high accelerations and speeds.