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College of Education

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College of Education. Fall Meeting 2009. Welcome New Faculty & Staff. Academic Departments Career and Technology Education Educational Foundations and Literacy Educational Leadership and Human Development Elementary and Early Childhood Education Clinical Services and Certification.

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college of education

College of Education

Fall Meeting 2009

welcome new faculty staff
Welcome New Faculty & Staff
  • Academic Departments
    • Career and Technology Education
    • Educational Foundations and Literacy
    • Educational Leadership and Human Development
    • Elementary and Early Childhood Education
  • Clinical Services and Certification
welcome new faculty staff1
Welcome New Faculty & Staff
  • Alliance for Innovation and Research in Education (AIRE)
    • Central Regional Professional Development Center
    • Midwest Center for Charter Schools and Urban Education
    • Midwest Clinic for Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Missouri Center for Career Education
    • Workshop on Wheels
review coe goals from 2008 2009
Review CoE Goals from 2008-2009
  • Accreditation
    • Successful NCATE/DESE review was Job #1!
  • Curriculum revisions:
    • Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT)
      • 4-yr plans completed
    • Foundations, field experience, & Ed Psych courses in the Professional Education block
  • Unit Assessment
    • Nicole Nickens – Coordinator of TWS Assessment
    • Teacher Work Sample (TWS) beginning Fall 2009
      • Training in the fall for U-sup’s, D-sup’s, and students
      • Teacher Work Sample Day – Friday April 23, 2010
coe goals 2008 2009 cont
CoE Goals 2008-2009 (cont.)
  • Field experiences
    • Documentation and coordination of all field experiences
    • U-sup and D-sup training required for successful transition
    • Plan for PDS expansion to secondary
    • Faculty involvement – especially with student teaching
  • Aggressively expand programs in KC market
    • New student population
    • Urban experience for current students
coe goals 2008 2009 cont1
CoE Goals 2008-2009 (cont.)
  • Alliance for Innovation & Research in Education (AIRE)
    • Grant writer hired
    • Opportunity for faculty involvement in the field (action research and other projects)
    • Seek partners interested in improving education
  • Incubator lab
    • Odin Jurkowski committee chair
    • Partnership with Center for Teaching & Learning
    • Spring 2009 launch
  • Continue to build relationships across the PEF
    • Implemented through each goal listed above
coe priorities for 2009 2010
CoE Priorities for 2009-2010
  • Celebrate our successes!
    • NCATE/DESE accreditation
      • Implement recommendations
    • Progress on Task Force recommendations
      • Developing coherence
      • Field experiences
      • Curriculum revisions
      • Educational Technology Innovation Incubator Lab
coe priorities for 2009 2010 cont
CoE Priorities for 2009-2010 (cont.)
  • Assessment System refinements: its not rocket science, it just requires diligence! (Job #1 this year)
    • UCM 5-year internal review Fall semester for all UG majors/minors
    • Establish an assessment calendar.
    • All CoE Undergraduate and Graduate Programs part of assessment system.
    • Data collection each semester at program level, reported annually.
    • Course syllabi collected and reviewed each semester at the program level.
    • Program/curriculum revisions driven by data review and best practices.
    • Undergraduate: Teacher Work Sample (TWS).
      • Training Fall semester for PEF faculty and students
      • Launched Spring semester 2010
      • Teacher Work Sample Day – Friday April 23, 2010
coe priorities for 2009 2010 cont1
CoE Priorities for 2009-2010 (cont.)
  • Departmental faculty / Center collaboration
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Great potential for transforming the preparation of educational professionals.
    • Task Force to explore joint appointments.
    • Professional Learning Community activity.
      • Preparing Teachers for a Changing World: What Teachers Should Be Able to Do. Darling-Hammond & Bransford,2005.
    • It used to be “From Theory to Practice.”
    • Now, its “Blend Theory and Practice.”
coe priorities for 2009 2010 cont2
CoE Priorities for 2009-2010 (cont.)
  • Expand the number of partner districts in Professional Development School (PDS).
    • Kingsville and Grain Valley added for 2009-2010
  • CoE Kansas City Initiative for Collaborative Partnerships.
    • Dr. Paul James, Coordinator
College of EducationAlliance for Innovation and Research in EducationKansas City Initiative for Collaborative Partnerships
  • Purposes:
    • To become KC’s “University of Choice” for educational programs.
    • To increase the number of students in UCM’sCoE programs.
      • Specifically, to recruit Kansas City students who have not typically attended UCM’s Warrensburg campus.
    • To establish meaningful, working partnerships with urban and suburban school districts.
    • To expand the number of partner districts in PDS.
    • To increase the number of quality field experience and internship sites for CoE programs in urban and suburban settings.
    • To better serve non-traditional and low-income students in the KC region.
    • To enhance the image of UCM College of Education with various stakeholders in the Kansas City region.
kansas city initiative cont
Kansas City Initiative (cont.)
  • Increase student enrollment in:
    • Graduate COE programs offered at CSC, school sites, and/or online.
      • Recruit public and private school personnel for COE graduate degrees.
      • Recruit specifically from UCM Charter Schools.
    • Undergraduate COE programs offered at CSC and/or online.
      • Recruit high school students for AAT/UCM education degrees.
      • Recruit specifically from UCM Charter Schools.
kansas city initiative cont1
Kansas City Initiative (cont.)
  • Promote and enhance the UCM-CoEimage with KC area school districts.
    • Support implementation/enhancement/expansion of Professional Development Schools partnerships with KC area schools.
    • Support implementation/enhancement/expansion of field experiences in KC area schools.
    • Promote collaborative joint CoE faculty, student and center staff professional development with school district professional development programs.
    • Provide research and professional development opportunities for CoE faculty.
kansas city initiative cont2
Kansas City Initiative (cont.)
  • Develop active partnerships with Kansas City community colleges (MCC, JCCC, and KCCC).
  • Promote and enhance the UCM-COE image with public stakeholders.
    • Participate in collaboration, formal and informal meetings necessary to promote and expand the College of Education (i.e., Chamber of Commerce, civic groups as appropriate, corporations, and foundations)
kansas city initiative cont3
Kansas City Initiative (cont.)
  • Secure resources to support the KC Initiative and the College of Education.
    • Identify and secure funding necessary to continuously maintain and grow the College of Education KC Initiative.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with Kansas City metropolitan funding agencies including corporate foundations.
kansas city initiative cont4
Kansas City Initiative (cont.)
  • A primary goal of the KC Initiative is to provide an opportunity for the intersection of our teaching, service and research.
  • Long term goal:

Establish a College of Education building – complete with classrooms, laboratories and residential facilities – in Kansas City

let s have a great year

Let’s Have A Great Year!

Remember, we’re here for our students!