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Backpack Chair

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Backpack Chair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Backpack Chair
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  1. Backpack Chair Ava M. 8 years old Mississippi, USA

  2. Step 1 – Think It! When you go camping you bring supplies in a pack, and it gets too heavy. You want to sit down, but you can’t. So I’m going to invent a Backpack chair. The Backpack chair is a backpack with a chair built in. If you have a heavy pack, you can pull out the chair and sit.

  3. Step 2- Explore It! The Chair Pak is a comfortable light weight back pack with padded backpack straps. It also has a cold cooler for beverages. When you unfold it, there’s a comfortable chair. It has four zippers and a water bottle holder on the side. It’s versatile for many out door adventures

  4. Step 2- Explore It The Backpack Quad Chair is versatile, light weight, and it’s convenient for any outdoor adventure. It is a chair that can fold up onto your back with no storage room.

  5. Step 2- Explore It The Hype Beast is a wing chair back pack. It has a convertible design which comes in handy for long hikes in the mountains. You have to take the backpack off to sit in the chair.

  6. Documentation of Sources “Chair Pak – The Backpack Chair.” . 2/18/2014. “Backpack Quad Chair – Lime.” . 3/11/2014. “Hype beast” . 3\11\14.

  7. Step 3 – Sketch It!

  8. Step 4- Create It! First, I gather the supplies: backpack, chair, straps, snap buckles, cloth, scissors, needle, and thread.

  9. Step 4- Create It! • Then I started to sew the cloth onto the chair.

  10. This is an up close picture of me sewing the cloth onto the chair.

  11. Step 4-Create it! • Next, the cloth and the straps were sewn to the backpack. • The buckles were added to the straps.

  12. Step 5- Try It! It was difficult to unfold the chair with it on my back because my arms are too short. It was also hard to unsnap the straps that hold the chair in place while it is folded. The chair hit the back of my legs when I walked. The chair is comfortable, but a person is not able to lean back in the chair.

  13. Step 6-Tweak It! I did not make any changes to the Backpack chair after testing it.

  14. Step 7-Sell It!