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Fun with Commas:. The Rules for the “Polite Punctuation”. BRAIN PICK!. Before we begin, title a new section in your notebook, “Comma Brain Pick” and list all the times you know a sentence (or any writing) needs a comma! Think letters….they have many Think SASSY . COMMA PRACTICE.

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fun with commas

Fun with Commas:

The Rules for the “Polite Punctuation”

brain pick
  • Before we begin, title a new section in your notebook, “Comma Brain Pick” and list all the times you know a sentence (or any writing) needs a comma!
    • Think letters….they have many
    • Think SASSY
comma practice
  • The packet you received, and SHOULD KEEP, has all the rules and examples!!
  • As we go through them, you will come up with your OWN example.
    • Title a section in your notebook “Comma Practice” and write the rule and # and then your EXAMPLE!
rule one commas and dates
Rule One: Commas and Dates
  • month day, year
    • December 25, 2005
  • weekday, month day, year
    • Sunday, December 25, 2005
  • Month day, year, (in a sentence)
    • On December 25, 2005, Santa came.
rule two commas and cities
Rule Two: Commas and Cities

* city, state

*Glendale, Arizona

*city, country

*Sydney, Australia

*street address, city, state zip code

*21150 North Arrowhead Loop, Glendale, AZ 85308

rule three commas and introductions
Rule Three: Commas and Introductions

*Use to separate the intro word from the sentence


Yes, I love writing.

No, I do not mind homework.

Ouch, that hurt!

Crack, the baseball flew into the air!

This includes interjections and onomatopoeia too!

rule four commas and all interrupters
Rule Four: Commas and All Interrupters

* Be POLITE…use commas to add information


*I finished my homework, barely,

before it was collected.

*Boxers, I believe, are the best breed of dog.

*I like to write, however, I prefer to choose my own


WARNING: Although both use commas, it is only an appositive if the information informs more about the NOUN (rule 13)

rule five commas and salutations closings
Rule Five: Commas and Salutations & Closings

*Begin and end your friendly letter politely!

*Comma after a salutation

Dear Ms. Neveux,

*Comma after the closing


With love,

Your friend,

rule six commas and lists series
Rule Six: Commas and Lists/ Series

*Offset the items in a list with commas

*I need a pencil, paper, and an

eraser to write.

*Off set multiple phrases with a comma (balanced sentence)

*Ms. Neveux walked into the room, smiled at the class, and instinctively began to teach.

rule seven commas and speaking
Rule Seven: Commas and Speaking

*Separate the person being spoken to from the words with a comma.


*Adam, did you finish your paper?

*I need money, Mom!

*Did you, Michael, find the hidden message?

independent practice
Independent Practice!
  • Quietly, work on page 579
rule eight commas and adjectives
Rule Eight: Commas and Adjectives

*Separate two or more adjectives with a comma

EXCEPTION: colors and numbers

*Ambitious, dedicated students excel in school.

*The woman wore an exquisite, lavish bracelet.

*Many jumbo orange pumpkins are bought in the Fall.

rule nine commas and complex sentences
Rule Nine: Commas and Complex Sentences

*To clarify, a writer must put a comma between a dependent and independent clause when the dependent comes first. We consider

These COMPLEX sentences many times.

CORRECT: When the sun came out, the birds sang.

INCORRECT: When the sun came out the birds sang.

rule ten commas and quotes
Rule Ten: Commas and Quotes

*Separate what is said, dialogue, from who said it and how (speech tag)with a comma or commas!

* “Quote,” Speech tag

“Snow peas are good with mustard,” laughed Amy.

*Speech tag, “Quote”

Gretchen bellowed, “They’re coming!”

* “Quote,” Speech tag, “Quote”

“Her dog,” sobbed Alice, “ran away.”

rule eleven commas and inverted names
Rule Eleven: Commas and Inverted Names

*When a name is inverted, it will follow the structure:

Last Name, First Name

  • Neveux, Emily
  • Bush, George
  • Werder, Rebecca
rule twelve commas and compound sentences
Rule Twelve: Commas and Compound Sentences

* Compound Sentence:Two or more simple sentences, subject and predicate, joined with a comma and conjunction.

, and ,or ,but

*I wanted the pink one, but the store had sold out.

*She came late to school, and the office gave her detention for it!

*The girls will finish the project, or the teacher will have to give them a zero.

rule thirteen commas and appositives
Rule Thirteen: Commas and Appositives

*Just like any interrupter, use commas to add information about a noun.

Ms. Neveux, my teacher, loves to write.

Cacti, unusual and distinctive plants, are very common in Arizona.

independent practice1
Independent Practice!
  • Quietly, work on page 583