hazus use for emergency management l.
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HAZUS Use for Emergency Management

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HAZUS Use for Emergency Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HAZUS Use for Emergency Management . By Jamie Mitchem, Ph.D. and Thomas R. Mueller, Ph.D., GISP . California University of Pennsylvania. Department of Earth Science B.A. in Geography: GIS and Emergency Management concentration

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hazus use for emergency management

HAZUS Use for Emergency Management

By Jamie Mitchem, Ph.D. and

Thomas R. Mueller, Ph.D., GISP

california university of pennsylvania
California University of Pennsylvania
  • Department of Earth Science
  • B.A. in Geography: GIS and Emergency Management concentration
  • Unique combination of geospatial technologies with emergency management issues
  • Introduction to Geography
  • Impacts and Sustainability of Tourism
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • GIS 2
  • Climatology
  • Natural Hazards
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Vulnerability Assessment
  • Developing the Master Plan
hazus mh
  • What is HAZUS? 
    • Software is titled HAZUS- MH or "Hazards U.S.– Multi-Hazard”
    • Standardized, nationally applicable, loss estimation methodology that uses PC-based geographic information system (GIS) software (ARCMap 9.X). 
    • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) software program for estimating potential losses from disasters. 
hazus mh5
  • National Data - Census, Building, Infrastructure
  • Science – Engineering, Economics, Geology, Hydrology, Meteorology, GIS
  • Models:
    • Earthquake
    • Flood
    • Wind (Hurricane)
  • What is the 3 Rivers HAZUS Users

Group (3RiversHUG)?  

    • Forum for southwestern Pennsylvania public, private, non-profit and academic organizations that use HAZUS software and related technologies to develop public policy and programs for building disaster-resistant communities.
  • 3RiversHUG Objectives:
    • To advance opportunities for training in the use of HAZUS-MH software and technology,
    • To be a resource for hazard mitigation information and data,
    • To encourage and assist local governments in the establishment of hazard mitigation protocols,
    • To be a conduit for communication among public, private and third-sector (not-for-profit) institutions for hazard mitigation efforts and best management practices.
3rivershug activities
3RiversHUG - Activities
  • Monthly meetings of Steering Committee
  • Conference Calls with national group
  • Web page on www.hazus.org
  • Listserv
  • Washington County HAZUS flood model for presentation to Flood Taskforce
  • Training
  • Student projects, internships
  • Student chapter of 3RiversHUG
hazus student project

HAZUS Student Project

HAZUS default schools database for Washington County, PA

Updated and added fields (number of stories, in floodplain?, shelter capacity, kitchen?, back-up power/generator)

Location data not good, updated with GPS

Provided to 911 Coordinator

Similar projects with other counties

hazus limitations
HAZUS Limitations
  • Better DEM (lidar) = better results
  • Aggregate data (out of box) = NOT site specific results (may be more or fewer buildings in floodplain if buildings are not evenly dispersed)
  • Missing/incorrect data
  • Model limitations
  • Human factor
  • Computation
  • http://www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/hazus/index.shtm
    • Order HAZUS-MH (free)
    • Using HAZUS-MH ->Mitigation and recovery Planning -> MD and PA State Flood Studies
    • FAQs
    • Training
  • http://www.hazus.org
    • Success Stories
    • Conference Calls
    • User Groups

mitchem@cup.edu or