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CJK NGN Test-bed Configuration

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CJK NGN Test-bed Configuration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CJK NGN Test-bed Configuration. 200 8 . 2 .20 Test-bed Ad-hoc Group Norihiro FUKUMOTO , Hideaki YAMADA KDDI (KDDI R&D Labs.). Study Phases on the CJK Test-bed. Phase I: 2006 3 rd /4 th Quarter (Completed) Network Connectivity Scenario 2 and 4 only (2 CS and 2 domains)

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Presentation Transcript

CJK NGN Test-bed Configuration

2008. 2.20

Test-bed Ad-hoc Group

Norihiro FUKUMOTO, Hideaki YAMADA


study phases on the cjk test bed
Study Phases on the CJK Test-bed
  • Phase I: 2006 3rd/4th Quarter (Completed)
    • Network Connectivity
    • Scenario 2 and 4 only (2 CS and 2 domains)
    • Status Report during 8th CJK NGN Meeting (January 2007)
  • Phase II: 2007 1st/2nd Quarter(In Progress)
    • Scenario 1 and 3, (simpler version of 2 and 4, single domain)
    • Status Report at the 11th CJK NGN Meeting (February 2008)
  • Phase III: 2007 3rd/4th ~ 2008 1st/2nd Quarter
    • Scenarios 5 ~ 7
    • Performance Evaluation of RTP/RTCP-based passive measurement

(led by TTC)

    • Initial RACF Interoperability testing (led by TTA)
    • Status report will be provided at the 11th CJK NGN Meeting in 2008.2
  • Phase IV: 2008 3rd ~ 2009 2nd Quarter (Proposal)
    • Scenario IPTV Interoperability testing
    • Performance Evaluation of IPTV services based on RTP/RTCP-based passive measurement
    • Continued RACF Interoperability testing
    • Testing of RACF and RTP/RTCP-based MPM Interactions

We are here

test scenarios
Test Scenarios
  • Scenario 1: Single Call Server within a single NGN Network Domain without PSTN
  • Scenario 2: Call Servers across multiple IP Network Domains without PSTN
  • Scenario 3: Single Call Server within a single NGN Network Domain with PSTN
  • Scenario 4: Call Servers across multiple NGN Network Domains with PSTN
  • Scenario 5: Call Servers across multiple NGN Network Domains with PSTN & Value Added Services
  • Scenario 6: Performance Evaluation with RTP/RTCP-based Measurement extension
  • Scenario 7: Call Servers across multiple NGN Network Domains with PSTN, Value Added Services and RACF Involvement (to be confirmed at the 11th CJK Meeting)

Initial target

scenario 6 a part of 7 proposal
Scenario 6 (& a part of 7) (Proposal)

Target Services

Voice/Audio stream (IP telephony)

Basic SIP based signaling

IMS based signaling

Video stream (e.g. IPTV)

unicast based sending

multicast based sending

no signaling

Basic SIP based signaling

IMS (+RTSP) based signaling

Entities Under Test

RTP translator based evaluation

Cooperation with RACF (MPM application)


RACF (MPM application)



2008 1Q~2Q

2008 3Q~4Q

2009 1Q~2Q

ready for tests

to be prepared

rtcp based performance evaluation tests
RTCP based Performance Evaluation Tests
  • Firstly, go forward with RTCP based performance evaluation tests described in Y.mpm Appendix II
  • RTCP covers major metrics

RTCP XR VoIP Metrics

RTCP XR Statistics Summary Metrics

RTCP XR Video Metrics

supported report blocks of rtcp
Supported Report Blocks of RTCP
  • RTCP SR/RR (Sender/Receiver Report)
    • Defined in the IETF RFC 3550
    • Sender/receiver report, for basic transmission and reception statistics
  • RTCP XR (eXtended Report)
    • Defined in the IETF RFC 3611
    • Extended reporting format to convey information that supplements the statistics that are contained in the report blocks used in RTCP SR/RR
    • In particular, the VoIP metrics report block is specified for voice applications
  • RTCP XR Video Metrics
    • Defined in the IETF Draft
    • Extensions to the RTCP XR to support the monitoring of video over IP for IPTV and videoconferencing endpoint reporting
  • RTCP HR (High Resolution)
    • Defined in the IETF Draft
    • Extensions to the RTCP XR to support Voice over IP (VoIP) monitoring for services that require higher resolution or more detailed metrics


Extend statistics and VoIP metrics


Support higher resolution for Voice over IP

Support Video over IP

RTCP XR Video Metrics


test items
Test items
  • item 0: Performance evaluation on CPEs
    • CPEs evaluate performances and send them end-to-end
    • CPEs should support sending/receiving RTCP packets
  • item 1: Performance evaluation using single MPM
    • A MPM is enabled between CPEs
    • A MPM evaluate performances of the RTP stream
    • CPEs should also support receiving RTCP packets from MPMs
  • item 2: Performance evaluation using multi MPMs
    • Two (or more) MPMs are enabled between CPEs
    • MPMs send/append evaluated performances
    • CPEs should also support receiving multiplexed RTCP packets from MPMs
an implementation of mpm
An implementation of MPM
  • RTP translator including MPM
    • RTP translator includes the MPM and transport function (L3 switch)
    • PME-FE in MPM monitors RTP/RTCP packets to execute performance measurement
    • PMP-FE processes the performance analysis and aggregation
    • PMR-FE reports the measurement data to other MPMs via Mi reference point implemented as additional RTCP
next steps
Next Steps
  • Preparation for RACF interoperability testing and Phase IV testing(IPTV, RACF and MPM testing)
    • Test-case specification
    • System setup
    • Testing scenarios
  • Budget support for the additional testing by each SDO
  • Finding collaboration opportunities with other related Testing Programs (e.g., BcN test-bed, KDDItest-bed)
  • Miscellaneous configurations for performance evaluation of RTP/RTCP-based passive measurement
    • Codecs
      • VoIP: G.711u-Law, G.729A
      • Video/Audio: H.264 MPEG-4 AVC + MPEG-2 AAC
    • RTP payload format
      • Video and audio streams are sent over different RTP sessions