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Citrix MPS 3.0 Licensing. Douglas A. Brown President Agenda. Introduction to Citrix Licensing About FlexLm licensing Components of a license server Daemons & Ports License File Tools. What is FLEXlm Licensing.

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Citrix mps 3 0 licensing

Citrix MPS 3.0Licensing

Douglas A. Brown



  • Introduction to Citrix Licensing

    • About FlexLm licensing

    • Components of a license server

    • Daemons & Ports

  • License File

  • Tools

What is flexlm licensing
What is FLEXlm Licensing

  • A license manager that manages floating software licenses

  • An SDK licensed from MacroVision and integrated into Presentation Server

  • Includes the following components:

    • The License Server

    • Libraries embedded in MPS

    • Command Line Utilities

What is a license server
What is a License Server

  • Four Components:

    • License Manager Daemon (LMGRD.exe)

    • Vendor Daemon (CITRIX.exe)

    • License file

    • Utilities

New features of mps licensing
New Features of MPS Licensing

  • Enterprise, Advanced and Standard edition will replace product codes and XPs. XPa and XPe

  • Product edition changes on the Presentation Server will require a reboot to inform all the components of the new license status

Software requirements
Software Requirements

  • Operating Systems

    • License server is only support on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers

    • Unix Platforms will not be support until the next release of MFU

  • MPS 3.0 and Conferencing Manager 3.0 are the only Citrix products that support the new licensing model.

Software prerequisites
Software Prerequisites

  • Prerequisites:

    • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 or later

    • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4.1_02 or later

    • Visual Studios J# .NET Version 1.1 or later

    • ASP.NET (A Windows component)

    • Setup will automatically install any software prerequisites

      • Only is using Autorun installation

Impact on hardware
Impact on Hardware

  • CPU usage will increase with:

    • Single treaded application so no need for multiple CPUs

    • Large amounts of check in/outs (hundreds as second)

    • Many products exchanging heartbeat messages with the license server

  • Hard Drive space will be affected:

    • Depending on the size of the report log, more activity bigger the log

  • Network:

    • Transactions use less than 1KB of bandwidth

    • Memory usage increases:

    • Depending on size of license file, options file, and concurrent users

Mps initial grace period
MPS Initial Grace Period

  • 96 hours

  • If you run over this date then:

    • 1 administator can connect

    • 2 users can connect

  • Hotfix available to extend this limit to 60 days

License file
License File

  • Should be two *.lic files located in “Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles”

    • Citrix_startup.lic

    • ????.lic (licensing file downloaded from

  • License File Contains

    • Hostname of license server

    • Vendor daemon name

    • At least one line of INCREMENT or FEATURE data

  • Particular changes to the license file may corrupt the digital signature

    • Can change license port

    • Can’t change hostname or anything else

Citrix startup lic

  • Installed by default

  • Dummy license file that services the following purposes:

    • Keeps the heartbeat alive between the MPS server and the license server

    • Show what MPS servers are connected to the license server

    • Has out of the box grace period information

Lic license for mycitrix com
????.lic (License for

  • Obtained from

  • MPS acquires connection license from this file when users connect

  • One license per client

  • License released after all client connections to all MPS servers are closed

  • Name of the file does not matter

How does it work
How Does it Work?

  • MPS licensing policy resides in the wsxica.dll which is loaded by termsrv.exe

  • Wsxica communicates with the license server for license check in/out

  • License check in/out occurs during log in/out

  • License server and MPS exchange a heartbeat message every 120 second

  • Citrix licensing is enforced on RDP connections

License sharing across servers
License Sharing Across Servers

  • There can be more than one license server

  • MPS server makes requests to the license server for each unique client connection

  • All client connections from the same client id share a single product license

License manager daemon lmgrd
License Manager Daemon (LMGRD)

  • Handles the initial contact with the MetaFrame Access Suite product

  • Starts the Citrix vendor daemon and passes connections to it

  • Uses default TCP port 27000

    • The default port can be changed by modifying the license file on the license server (CTX103008)

Citrix vendor daemon
Citrix Vendor Daemon

  • Process is called Citrix.exe

  • Job is to grant, deny, and keep track of licenses for Access Suite products

  • Writes to report log and the debug log

  • Default TCP port is chosen by the operating system when LS is rebooted or the CitrixLicensing service is restarted

    • Sites with firewalls that require a static IP Port can specify a hard coded port through CTX103356

Date based versioning
Date Based Versioning

  • Increment or Permanent Licensing

    • SA date: “version” of license. 1 year from time the license file was created

    • Burn Date: Date product released

  • If SA date is earlier the Burn date product will not function

License management console
License Management Console

  • Is optional but cannot be installed on a separate server from the license server

  • Functions:

    • Allows creation of reports logs the detail past license usage

    • Assign user permissions and roles for access to the LMC

    • Display license inventory, current usage, set the thresholds for warnings and alerts

Tools verify check out data
ToolsVerify Check out Data:

  • Lmstat –a to verify checkout data:

  • Shows the data the license server has recorded for each connection.

  • Also shows:

    • The product that the user has check out a license for

    • The client machine that check out the license

    • The checkout data

    • The version of the license

    • License Server name and port

    • Date license was checked out

More command line tools
More Command Line Tools

  • Lmdiag –c “path to the license file”

    • Helps diagnose whether license can be checked out

  • Lmreread – c “path to the license file”

    • Reloads the license file in the memory without restarting the service”

  • LmhostID –hostname

    • Displays the host name of the license server

More command line tools1
More Command Line Tools

  • Netstat –a on the License server

    • Shows if the correct ports are listening (LMGRD)

    • Shows all MPS server connected to a license Server

License error messages
License Error Messages

  • You can receive error messages for licensing in the following places:

    • Event Log of the MPS Server

    • Pop-up messages on the license server

    • Pop-up messages on the client device

  • Verify license is installed and services are running

  • Restart IIS

  • Restart all services

  • Verify hostname to license file host name


  • When a port is changed in the license file all future license files will need to be modified to reflect the port number

  • User connecting to MPS server of different editions will take multiple license one for each edition

  • If clock on MPS or LS is modified 24 hours back licensing will not function and server will need to be rebuilt