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MPS Technologies

MPS Technologies

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MPS Technologies

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  1. MPS Technologies Liberating information delivery ScholarlyStats: ICOLC Presentation28th March2006David Sommer, MPS Technologies, Commercial DirectorBob Schufreider, MPS Technologies, US Sales Manager

  2. Consolidated Reports Dashboard Reports Collection and Consolidation taken care of Liberating Information Delivery

  3. Delivery to the portal Neutralisation Processing, Consolidation, Dashboard Generation Collection The Process Permanent access to your reports through portal for customers MPS Processing Liberating Information Delivery

  4. Project COUNTER "The core mission of COUNTER has always been to make usage statistics comparable and useful. COUNTER does not endorse individual products, but we welcome initiatives like ScholarlyStats from MPS Technologies that help us meet this goal by making usage statistics more usable and accessible to libraries." Peter Shepherd, COUNTER Project Director - Liberating Information Delivery

  5. i. Easy access to your statistics Liberating Information Delivery

  6. ii. Easy access to your statistics Liberating Information Delivery

  7. iii. Easy access to your statistics Liberating Information Delivery

  8. Liberating Information Delivery

  9. ScholarlyStats Consolidated Reports Consolidated Journal Report 1 Full-text article requests by Journal Title, Platform and Month Consolidated Database Report 1 Searches and Sessions by Month and Database Consolidated Database Report 2 Turnaways by Month and Service Consolidated Database Report 3 Searches and Sessions by Month and Service Currently 29 Platforms Including: ACS Publications Blackwell Synergy Elsevier Science BioOne Highwire Press IngentaConnect EBSCOhost Meta Press Nature Publishing Group Proquest Scitation … Liberating Information Delivery

  10. Kicking off analysis Dashboard Reports • Total Number of Journals • Total Use for each Platform • Average Use by Platform • Long Tail - 80:20 usage • Top 10 Journals by Platform • Top 50 journals across Platforms • Low Usage Journals • Zero Use Journals Sample Report: Total journal use by Platform Sample Report: Average journal use by Platform Liberating Information Delivery

  11. Integrate with other systems The ScholarlyStats portal Liberating Information Delivery

  12. Future Developments Working with our customers and beta testers we have created a development plan to enhance the value of ScholarlyStats for users • V1.2 April • Graphical reports supplementing the tabular data • New Report Format: .xls • New platforms: IEEE, Thomson Gale, Scopus • Launch an Electronic Resources page • New Dashboard Reports: 80:20 usage, Top 50 journals; Low use (excluding zeros) • V1.3 June • Cleaning up ISSN numbers in vendor usage reports • SUSHI compliancy • New Report Format: .xml Liberating Information Delivery

  13. Pricing Tier 1 – up to 9 platforms Liberating Information Delivery

  14. Pricing Tier 2 – up to 24 platforms Liberating Information Delivery

  15. Key License Terms • Tried to keep the license simple, just seven pages, using standard terms • Individual license to be completed with each library and MPS for ScholarlyStats • 12 month license,can be terminated within 30 working days notice for material breach of terms and conditions by either party • Commitment to security and confidentiality of usage data • Agreement with library to collect usage data from their platforms • Usage data belongs to the library and can only be delivered to the library, no other party • Upon termination there is a period in which you can still access your ScholarlyStats account and download your reports. Upon request we will also burn customer reports onto a CD-Rom Liberating Information Delivery

  16. All your usage data in one place Liberating Information Delivery

  17. a clearer view of your usage statistics! Bob Schufreider Direct Dial - +1 (617) 475 9249 Cell - +1 857 891 3670 Liberating Information Delivery

  18. MPS Technologies Liberating information delivery Thank You!