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Guide to Strategic Management Case Analysis

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Guide to Strategic Management Case Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Guide to Strategic Management Case Analysis. Pearce Textbook: Part Three (G-1) After Page 392. Case Assignments. Groups 1, 2 & 3: IBM Global Services Computer Services Industry Case #38 Groups 4 & 5: JP Morgan Chase The Credit Card Industry Case #40 Relevant Chapters: 3, 5 & 6

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guide to strategic management case analysis

Guide to Strategic Management Case Analysis

Pearce Textbook: Part Three (G-1)

After Page 392

case assignments
Case Assignments
  • Groups 1, 2 & 3: IBM Global Services
    • Computer Services Industry
    • Case #38
  • Groups 4 & 5: JP Morgan Chase
    • The Credit Card Industry
    • Case #40
  • Relevant Chapters: 3, 5 & 6
  • Due Date: Thursday, Dec 16
the case method
The Case Method
  • Gives you the opportunity to assume the role of a key decision maker in a business organization
  • Allows you to develop your analytical skills
  • Helps you to understand the interrelationships of various functional areas of business
  • Enables you to develop valuable skills in time management, group problem solving, creativity and organization
preparing for case discussion
Preparing For Case Discussion
  • Allow adequate time for case preparation
  • Read each case twice
  • Focus on the key strategic issue in each case
  • Do not overlook exhibits
  • Adopt the appropriate time frame
  • Draw on all of your knowledge of business
using the internet in case research
Using The Internet In Case Research
  • Company Websites
  • U.S. Government Websites
    • SEC’s Edgar Database
  • Search Engines
    • Yahoo
  • Investment Research Sites
    • Hoover’s Online
  • Online Data Sources
    • Bloomberg Financial
    • BusinessWeek Online
written assignments
Written Assignments
  • Analyze
  • Use headings or labels
  • Discuss alternatives
  • Use topic sentences
  • Be specific in your recommendations
  • Do not overlook implementation
  • Specifically state your assumptions
oral presentations
Oral Presentations
  • Use your own words
    • As a guide, use an outline with bullet points
  • Rehearse your presentation
  • Use visual aids
  • Be prepared to handle questions
working as a team member
Working As A Team Member
  • Try to have an equitable division of labor
  • Communicate with other team members
  • Work as a team
  • Plan and structure team meetings
  • Let your instructor know if you have a non-participant
  • Ensure final product is integrated and consistent, with no duplications.
writing a case report
Writing a Case Report
  • Define the central problem:
    • Distinguish between problems and symptoms of a fundamental problem
  • In medicine, if a patient who has fever, this is a symptom, infection is the problem
  • Business examples of symptoms are declining sales, declining market share or defections from your sales force
  • A problem may not really be a problem but is simply an area of opportunity
writing a case report cont
Writing a Case Report (Cont)
  • Formulate the alternatives to resolve the problem
  • Analyze the alternatives
    • This is a key part of the case report
    • Emphasis is on the word, “analyze”
  • Recommend a solution
  • Specify a plan of action
    • How will you implement your solution
  • Prepare contingency plans
common errors to avoid
Common Errors To Avoid
  • Simply repeating & rehashing data
  • Concluding there is inadequate data
  • Failing to deal adequately with numbers
  • Failing to pursue analysis to a logical conclusion
  • Failing to adequately organize your report
common errors to avoid cont
Common Errors To Avoid (cont)
  • Failure to be decisive
  • Excessive grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Failure to read report over after it is printed
  • Other things to avoid
    • Presenting a massive catalog of problems or alternatives
    • Using slang and repeating slogans
    • Using colloquialism or informal language

Ch. 3: Five Forces Driving Industry

Competition (Michael Porter)



Threat of new entrants

Bargaining power

of suppliers

Bargaining power

of buyers

Industry Competitors



Rivalry Among

Existing Firms

Threat of substitute

products or services


ch 5 ex 5 7 the value chain
Ch. 5, Ex. 5-7: The Value Chain

General Administration

Human Resource Management


Support Activities

Research, Technology, and Systems Development


Inbound Logistics


Outbound Logistics

Marketing and Sales



Primary Activities