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2011-12 Preliminary Budget Superintendent’s Recommendation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2011-12 Preliminary Budget Superintendent’s Recommendation. February 10, 2011. Presentation Agenda. Budget Overview Superintendent Kowba Assumptions Budget Process Recommended Budget Ron Little, CFO Assumptions Impacts Special Issue Areas Phil Stover, Dep. Supt.

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Presentation Transcript

2011-12 Preliminary Budget

Superintendent’s Recommendation

February 10, 2011

Presentation Agenda

  • Budget Overview Superintendent Kowba

    • Assumptions

    • Budget Process

  • Recommended Budget Ron Little, CFO

    • Assumptions

    • Impacts

  • Special Issue Areas Phil Stover, Dep. Supt.

  • Alternative Budget Ron Little

    • Restoration items

  • Summary Superintendent Kowba

Recommended board actions
Recommended Board Actions

  • Approve Superintendent’s Recommended Preliminary 2011-12 Budget

  • Approve Recommended Alternative Budget with Restorations

  • Direct HR Department to Proceed with Preparation of Staff Reduction (PKS) Resolution

    • Finalization of staff reduction numbers

    • Board approval on February 22

  • Direct Finance Department to Proceed with Completion of Second Interim Report for Submittal March 15 to SDCOE

    • Board approval on March 8

Historical district reductions
Historical District Reductions

Total Budget Deficits over 5 years

Our Approach to a Balanced Budget

  • Maintain Our Priority on the Classroom

  • Realign Diminishing Resources

  • Engage School Communities in Decision Making

  • Take A Multi-Year Approach

Key fiscal goals
Key Fiscal Goals

Immediate Goals

Meet March 15 Statutory Deadlines for Staffing and Second Interim Submission

Achieve Positive Fiscal Certification

Meet SDCOE Requirements

Overall Goals

Balance the 2011-12 Budget

June 30 Budget Adoption

2011 12 recommended budget ron little cfo

2011-12 Recommended Budget

Ron Little, CFO

Key fiscal requirements
Key Fiscal Requirements

  • San Diego County Office of Education

    Middle of the Road Budget Assumptions:

    • $350/ ADA of Reductions 2011-12

    • List of Specific Budget Solutions for 2011-12 to balance budget

    • Evidence of Implementation of Solutions

    • March 15 Certificated Notice Deadline

    • Description of Budget Solutions from 2012-13

    • Maintain Legally Required Reserve Levels for all three years of Multi Year Projections

Long term considerations
Long Term Considerations

  • A Sound Fiscal Footing for the District Will Require Multi-Year View

    • Need for Strategic Solutions to Balance Budgets

    • Exponential Power of Decisive Action

  • Long Term Solutions Needed for:

    • Closing the deficit gap in 2012-13

    • Ongoing GF Structural Deficit

    • Sustaining a Positive Cash Flow vis-a-vis deferrals

    • Restructure of PPO and Routine Maintenance

Budget factors contributing to 2011 12 deficit
Budget Factors Contributing to 2011-12 Deficit

  • Continued & Increasing State Funding Reductions

  • Rising Costs

    • Salaries & Benefits

    • Operations

  • Loss of Federal Stimulus Funding (ARRA)



  • Flat Federal Funding of Categoricals

    • Title I

    • Title II

2010 11 budget snapshot general fund
2010-11 Budget Snapshot:General Fund

$480.5 Million Restricted Funds

$ 264 Million Special Education

$ 43 Million Title I

$ 22 Million EIA

$688.6 Million Unrestricted Funds

$562.4 Million at School Sites

$ 52.5 Million Central Office

$ 42.6 Million Fixed Costs

$ 31.1 Million in Reserves

$ $ $

2010 11 total general fund budget
2010-11 Total General Fund Budget

$1.14 Billion

  • $993 Million in Salaries & Benefits

    • 87% of Total GF Budget

    • 91% of GF Unrestricted Budget

  • $52.5 Million Central Office Admin

    • 8% of GF Unrestricted Budget

Budget development process
Budget Development Process

Path to a Balanced 2011-12 Budget

Take Projected Deficit Off the Top

Identify Minimal Central Office Service Levels

Provide Base Allocation to Schools

Localize Decision Making – Transparent & Inclusive

Site Based Budgeting (SBB)

“X” Factor Discretionary

Community Meetings

School Site Council (SSC) Input

Recommended 2011 12 budget preserves basic school needs
Recommended 2011-12 Budget:Preserves Basic School Needs

Superintendent’s Budget Recommendation:Preserves $512 Million of Educational Programs and Site Support (unrestricted funds)

  • Key Programs Preserved in Recommended Budget:

    • A-G Curriculum

    • Full-Day Kindergarten

    • Information Technology Support

    • Police & Safety Services

    • Centralized Nursing

    • Athletics

    • Discretionary Site Funding (“X” Factor)

      • Counseling

      • GATE

      • VAPA Teachers

2011 12 budget more central office reductions
2011-12 Budget: More Central Office Reductions

Unrestricted Resources

Business Services Cut 39%

District Relations Division Cut 32%

Finance Services Cut 13%

Information Technology Services Cut 10%

Academics Cut 9%

Central Office represents only 8% of GF Unrestricted

This is in Addition to 18% of Central Office Cuts and 619 FTE Reductions since 2007/08

2011-12 Budget:

School and Program Reductions

  • Significant Reductions/ Eliminations:

    • Increased Class Sizes (K-3)

    • Suspension of Magnet School Supplemental Allocations

    • Arts & Music Program Reductions

    • Special Education Reductions

    • Suspension of OCILE

    • Reduced Central Office Services

    • Eliminate Non-Critical Vacancies

2011 12 budget solutions summary
2011-12 Budget Solutions Summary

2011 12 budget solutions summary1
2011-12 Budget Solutions Summary

Operationalizing budget solutions
Operationalizing Budget Solutions

  • Recommended Budget Is Based on a Set of Assumptions

    • Variances could occur

    • Zero-Sum Game

  • Options for Possible Shortfalls in Deficit Solutions

    • Second Interim Adjustments

    • Use of Reserves for Economic Uncertainties

    • Increase in Deficit Projection for 2012/13

    • Explore Other Budget Solutions

Preliminary estimates of staffing impacts
Preliminary Estimates of Staffing Impacts

General Fund Unrestricted

Estimated FTE Reductions

Site discretionary fund staffing results x factor fte purchases preliminary estimates
Site Discretionary Fund Staffing Results“X” Factor FTE Purchases (preliminary estimates)

Overview of special budget issues phil stover deputy superintendent business

Overview of Special Budget Issues

Phil Stover, Deputy Superintendent Business

2011 12 transportation reduction impact
2011-12 Transportation Reduction Impact

  • Impact of Reductions equal 20% of Transportation $39.2M Budget:

    • Magnet & VEEP Reduction $3.75M

    • Special Education Reduction $3.00M

    • OCILE Transportation $0.60M

    • Central Office Reduction $0.50M

    • Total Reduction $7.85 Million

  • Magnet Busing is not Eliminated

  • Complete redesign of routing patterns for 2011/12

    • Routes will be streamlined

    • Goal is to mitigate student impact

  • Mandated Programs (PI & Special Ed.) will be the new foundation

  • Minimum of 65 staff impacted

    • Including bus drivers and office

2011 12 transportation reduction impacts
2011-12 Transportation Reduction Impacts

  • Board Adoption of Budget Recommendation Will Include:

    • Elimination of bus stops within 5 mi. radius of school

    • Increase ridership rule to 25 per bus

  • Buses Will be Utilized To Maximize Capacity

    • Centralized pick-up points will be used

  • 43 Schools Impacted

    • A maximum of 20% of transported students will be impacted at any one school

    • Some percentage of those students will continue to ride or find alternative transportation

    • Surveys will be conducted to determine impact on enrollment

2011 12 transportation reduction impacts1
2011-12 Transportation Reduction Impacts

  • 3,623 General Education Students Impacted

    • Only 3% of SDUSD’s non-charter population

  • Additional Special Education students will be impacted

    • Exact number unknown at this time

    • Special Education ridership will be limited to students qualifying for transportation as a related service in their IEP

  • 84 Routes Eliminated affecting 1,464 students

  • 138 Routes modified/consolidated affecting 2,159 students

    • Longer walk to bus stop, longer bus ride etc.



2010 11 police services reduction
2010-11 Police Services Reduction

Reduce Police Services Staffing by 12.5% (8 FTE’s) for a Savings of $ .67M

4 Campus Police Officers

3 Community Service Officers

1 School Police Clerk

Impacted Campuses

La Jolla High, Scripps Ranch High,

Wilson Middle, Mann Middle,

Euclid, Edison and Sherman Elementary

Business Office Reduced Hours of Service

Closed two hours per day (or an entire day if remaining clerk is off)

School realignment committee
School Realignment Committee

The School Realignment Committee

Composed of 16 staff members representing all geographies, grade levels and major academic, HR and finance services (complete list in backup materials)

Focus on realignment of schools rather than on the closing of small elementaries

Values the work of previous school closing committees

The School Realignment Committee Recommends:

The district pursue a year-long holistic and thorough review of a comprehensive plan for school realignment, including :

Grade level alignment

School size and configuration

Attendance boundaries

Choice/community school priorities

School realignment initial considerations
School Realignment: Initial Considerations

Items for Continued Study:

Examination of high cost per student, non-mandated atypicals for closure or movement to a district school site

Reduction of one elementary school in the Mission Bay Cluster and Clairemont cluster

Reduction of one elementary school in the Taft feeder pattern of the Kearny cluster

Revisit grade configuration, reduce one elementary school and review need for two middle schools in Point Loma Cluster

Development of a long term strategy for the consolidation and alignment of the Logan/Memorial campuses

Creation of a school marketing strategy and training for site administrators for competitive purposes

The negative impact on school enrollment of premature discussions related to specific school closure

The need for middle schools to be the focus of a district-wide right-sizing and realignment

Potential for consolidating district staff on fewer sites

Special education key reductions
Special Education – Key Reductions

  • $7.25 million Total Special Education Reduction

    • From $264 million budget (3% cut)

  • Non-Special Education Personnel

    • Human Resources Support

    • Finance Support

  • Resource Teachers (Cluster Support Teachers)

  • Certificated Staff

    • Education Specialists

  • Classified Staff

  • Transportation(reduce overall special education costs)

  • Reduce Special Education Summer School program

Alternative budget recommendation
Alternative Budget Recommendation

  • June Special Election Impact

    • Potential Restoration of $57 million

  • Alternative Budget Can Only Be Implemented After Passage Of State Ballot Measure

  • Superintendent Recommended Alternative Budget Includes:

    • Restoration of K-3 Class Size to 24:1

    • Set Aside Reserve for 2012-13 Deficit

    • Allocate Funds to Site Discretionary “X” Factor

    • Partial Restoration of Magnet, Gate and VAPA Funds

    • Other restorations

Summary comments bill kowba superintendent

Summary Comments

Bill Kowba


Next Steps and Timeline

  • Feb. 10 – Recommended Budget Action

  • Feb. 22 - PKS Resolution & Vacancies Elimination

  • March 8 - Second Interim Approval

  • March 15 - Submit Second Interim

  • March 15 - Certificated Notices Deadline

Recommended board actions1
Recommended Board Actions

  • Approve Superintendent’s Recommended Preliminary 2011-12 Budget

  • Approve Recommended Alternative Budget with Restorations

  • Direct HR Department to Proceed with Preparation of Staff Reduction (PKS) Resolution

    • Finalization of staff reduction numbers

    • Board approval on February 22

  • Direct Finance Department to Proceed with Completion of Second Interim Report for Submittal March 15 to SDCOE

    • Board approval on March 8

Board discussion and questions
Board Discussion and Questions

  • Questions?

  • Backup Materials:

    • Transportation Impact spreadsheet

    • School Realignment memo

    • Central Office Reduction spreadsheet 2011-12

    • School Site Allocations list for 2011-12

    • Special Education Reductions list