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Ophthalmic Payments

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Ophthalmic Payments. National User Group Meeting 21 st February 2013. Ophthalmic Payments Service. Central Ophthalmic Payments system continues as usual from 1 st April 2013 NHS Connecting for Health Including Systems and Service Delivery Lift & Shifted into HSCIC.

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Ophthalmic Payments

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ophthalmic payments

Ophthalmic Payments

National User Group Meeting

21st February 2013

ophthalmic payments service
Ophthalmic Payments Service
  • Central Ophthalmic Payments system continues as usual from 1st April 2013
  • NHS Connecting for Health
    • Including Systems and Service Delivery
    • Lift & Shifted into HSCIC
ophthalmic payments service1
Ophthalmic Payments Service
  • The central Ophthalmic Payments system will continue to operate using PCT organisational structures
    • NHS CB approved
    • Minimising risk
    • Minimal change
  • No PCT migrations
ophthalmic payments service2
Ophthalmic Payments Service
  • From 1st April 2013 the NHS CB Area Teams & their Primary Care Support teams will process GOS claims using the central Ophthalmic Payments system
ophthalmic payments service3
Ophthalmic Payments Service
  • Your monthly payment processing will remain unchanged, i.e.; creating new payment cycles, defining cut-off dates and payments dates remain under your control
  • Payment made by the Integrated Single Financial Environment
ophthalmic payments service4
Ophthalmic Payments Service
  • Practices using eGOS will continue to operate unchanged
  • User access remains unchanged
    • Ophthalmic administration tool to assist with user requests
ophthalmic payments service5
Ophthalmic Payments Service
  • The Ophthalmic Payment’s Bulletin Board will be updated to show software changes and any ophthalmic service information
  • An FAQ will be published soon, to cover transition, ISFE, Area Teams etc
  • NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) have been awarded the contract to make GP and Optical payments from 1st April 2013
  • This service is being referred to as the Integrated Single Financial Environment - ISFE
  • ISFE covers all English GPs and Optical contractors
  • Each contractor will be allocated a unique Vendor Site Reference (VSR) Number provided by ISFE
  • Plan to update VSR Number electronically within ophthalmic system by 22nd March for matching contractors
  • Implementation date is 23rd March 2013 for both Ophthalmics & GP payments
  • All optical payments on or after 23rd March 2013 will be made using ISFE
  • Removal of the 20 local enhanced service codes from 23rd March 2013
  • Removal of enhanced service types not supported by ISFE from 23rd March 2013
    • Unsupported services to be confirmed by ISFE by 22nd March 2013
    • Fees & unpaid claims to be removed by the Ophthalmic Payments team from 23rd March 2013
  • All optical payments on or after 23rd March 2013 will be made using ISFE
  • No other payment route possible for English opticians
  • On-line help updated
  • ISFE support line available (TBC)
  • Welsh LHBs are not affected at all and continue to make payments as normal
    • Exeter BACS
    • External ledger
isfe changes required in ophthalmic system
ISFE Changes required in Ophthalmic System
  • Add the VSR Number on the contractor details screen
  • Generate statements will only create statements when each contractor, within the PCTs assigned into the selected payment cycle, has been allocated their VSR number
isfe changes required in ophthalmic system1
ISFE Changes required in Ophthalmic System
  • Transfer to Exeter BACS facility unavailable to PCTs
  • Produce the ISFE payment file
  • All BACS transfer switches for PCT organisations and PCT contractors will be set to NO and access removed
isfe changes in ophthalmic system
ISFE Changes in ophthalmic system
  • Removal of 20 local enhanced service types & fees
  • Removal of unsupported enhanced service types, fees & unpaid claims
  • Removal of ‘other’ adjustments
isfe changes in ophthalmic system1
ISFE Changes in ophthalmic system
  • No other payment route possible for English opticians from 23rd March 2013
isfe interface payment file
ISFE Interface Payment File
  • Access restricted to Local Administrator, Operator & Claim User roles only
  • ISFE interface file is not protected and it’s security is the responsibility of the Area Team
isfe file transfer
ISFE File Transfer
  • Upload to ISFE via website
  • User must be registered
  • Confirmation of email sent to user once ISFE receive payment file
isfe file transfer1
ISFE File Transfer
  • Errors reported back to sender via email
  • Corrected within ISFE
  • ISFE manual payments available but requires approval
area team details
Area Team Details
  • Update the name and address details accordingly for your responsible organisations
    • PCT
    • Payment Authority / Agency
area team reports2
Area Team Reports
  • User access
    • Users wishing to access the Area Team Reporting module will need to register their interest by contacting our National Helpdesk (0845 371 3671) while we develop a new authentication process for such requests
gos fees 2013 2014
GOS Fees 2013/2014
  • England
    • Voucher values should be available from 1st April 2013
    • Sight test & domiciliary fees are currently being negotiated
  • Wales - TBC
gos regulations for english performers
GOS Regulations for English Performers
  • Uniform List Number has been removed
  • Replaced by Professional Registration Number
    • GOC Number
    • GMC Number
gos regulations for english performers1
GOS Regulations for English Performers
  • GOC/GMC number will be updated to become a linked field, like the Performer’s Uniform List Number
  • Performer’s Uniform List Number will remain as a linked field
pension changes
Pension Changes
  • New Pension Tiers from 1st April 2013
electronic links
Electronic Links
  • Accredited Suppliers, Pilots & Electronic Links Activity
    • There is a link, called national availability & pilots, now available on the Ophthalmic Payments Bulletin Board showing latest eGOS activity and pilot information
    • https://nww.openexeter.nhs.uk/nhsia/opthelp/Ophthalmics/eng/ECActivity.html
electronic links egos
Electronic Links (eGOS)
  • Activity Details
    • 371 active stores
      • 247 Specsavers stores
      • 89 practices using the Optix system
      • 24 Vision Express stores use Ocuco
      • 11 Independents
    • 122 PCT/LHBs over 53 payment agencies
electronic links egos1
Electronic Links (eGOS)
  • Claim Volumes from May 2007
    • 7,158,590 GOS 1
    • 4,622 GOS 3
    • 849 GOS 4
    • 3 GOS 5
    • 52 GOS 6
practice wishing to use links
Practice wishing to use links
  • Check for accredited supplier at the practice (using activity page)
    • If yes, follow usual activation process found on the Bulletin Board
    • If no, then pass on the URL for the NHS CfH Ophthalmic payments electronic links website & ask the practice to forward it to their system supplier
    • http://www.connectingforhealth.nhs.uk/systemsandservices/ssd/prodserv/ecophthalmics