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Developing Defensemen

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Developing Defensemen. CEP Level 3 Brian Johnson. Developing Defensemen. Skating Puck Handling Partner Support 1 on 1 Offensive Shooting. Skating Skills. Backwards Skating. Proper knee bend Back straight up (80-90 degrees) Extension out and recover in under body

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developing defensemen

Developing Defensemen

CEP Level 3

Brian Johnson

developing defensemen1
Developing Defensemen
  • Skating
  • Puck Handling
  • Partner Support
  • 1 on 1
  • Offensive Shooting
backwards skating
Backwards Skating
  • Proper knee bend
  • Back straight up (80-90 degrees)
  • Extension out and recover in under body
  • Stick in front of body, one hand
  • Don’t crossover when defending
  • Pivoting right and left
  • Transition forward – backwards
  • Stops; one foot, two foot, two foot uneven
  • Power turns
drills to use quick feet
Drills To Use (Quick Feet)
  • Wishbone
  • Russian Cross
  • Star
  • 3 Phase Transition
  • Figure 8 Quick Pass
  • Partner Pivot Pass
  • Up and Back
  • Russian React
  • Start at top of circle
  • Skate bkwd to the dot
  • Pivot fwd and skate to circle
  • Stop and bkwd to dot
  • Fwd to circle
  • Repeat in 12-4-8 pattern
russian cross
Russian Cross
  • Fwd to middle
  • Chop to one side and back to the middle
  • Fwd to the top and bkwd to the dot
  • Chop to opposite side and bkwd to finish
  • Start at dot
  • Fwd to circle, bkwd to dot
  • Fwd to circle at hash, bkwd to dot
  • Fwd to circle, bkwd to dot
  • Fwd to hash, bkwd to dot
3 phase transition
3 Phase Transition
  • Start at net
  • Fwd to far hash
  • Bkwd to net
  • Fwd to goal line @ boards
  • Bkwd to net
  • Fwd to end boards
  • Bkwd to net
figure 8 quick pass
Figure 8 Quick Pass
  • Player skates figure 8 transition from backwards to forwards while receiving passes and giving back
partner pivot
Partner Pivot
  • Player skates the circle, pivoting at four points from back to front while receiving and giving passes.
  • Go 2 times, switch directions, go 2 times then switch partners.
up back
Up & Back
  • Player performs front to back transitions between blue and red line while passing with a partner or coach.
russian react
Russian React
  • Player performs a series of moves.
  • Russian chop out & in
  • Skate to boards & do a figure 8
  • Skate to corner
  • Retrieve puck and do an Orr, escape, reverse move.
game time situation drills
Game Time Situation Drills
  • Retrieve, scan and up
  • Retrieve and Escape
  • Retrieve with Double Escape
  • Retrieve, stop and quick up
  • Retrieve and Orr
skating puck handling
Skating & Puck Handling
  • Figure 8 Handle
  • 360 Transition Handle
  • Y Passing
figure 8 handle
Figure 8 Handle
  • Player alternates forward to backwards in a figure 8 motion while handling puck.
  • 30 second intervals.
360 transition handle
360 Transition Handle
  • Player does same figure 8 motion but does a 360 transition instead.
y passing
Y Passing
  • Player executes control with give and go passing in 3 directions.
  • Player can execute 2 revolutions.
defensive zone
Defensive Zone
  • D to D
  • D Reverse
  • D bump (counter)
  • Reverse ring or stop and back
d to d
D to D
  • Player opens to the puck as partner heads to post and then behind goal line for a pass.
d reverse
D Reverse
  • Defenseman must sell going behind the net before making reverse.
  • Always turn towards the boards.
d bump
D Bump
  • The carrying D must make the bump pass behind the net and sell the fake carry.
  • Player out front must call the play and make move after the bump.
retrieve ring
Retrieve & Ring
  • Players on off hand can ring puck back around boards to the wing.
  • Players on forehand will have to stop and quick-up to wing.
neutral zone
Neutral Zone
  • D to D
  • D to D to D
  • Drop
  • Up
d to d1
D to D
  • Make sure partner stays below puck.
  • Always turn towards the boards.
d to d to d
D to D to D
  • Each time the player goes below the puck.
  • Always turn towards the boards.
  • D must retrieve the puck, force play to follow him to the middle of the ice.
  • He/She must then drop to partner to change flow for a quick-up.
  • Good way to beat a trap forecheck.
  • Have D follow play up ice instead of hanging below the puck.
  • This forces the middle of the ice to open up.
1 on 1
1 on 1
  • Keep outside shoulder with opponent’s inside shoulder.
  • Stick in front of body with one hand.
  • Keep the gap tight to deny space and time.
  • Eyes on chest (logo) of opponent.
  • Pivot to attack, don’t cross-under.
2 on 1
2 on 1
  • Keep the gap tight to keep the passes at a minimum.
  • Position between attackers initially, keep eye on player without the puck, stick in front of body.
  • If play gets below circles, keep stick toward the puck carrier which will close the space between stick and skates and limit a pass out front.
  • D must start to drift to player out front after forcing puck carrier to a bad angle.
  • If play gets below dots, use two hands to intercept a pass.
  • Grind 1-1
  • Workhorse 1-1
  • Survivor 1-1
  • Star 2-1 Gap Control
  • 2-1 Breakout/Regroup
  • 2 spot or 4 spot 1-1
  • Block Out
  • 1-2-3 Partner
the grind
The Grind
  • D starts at dot, F in corner.
  • On whistle, D skates to boards, touches and hips out and then grinds bkwds across ice to meet fwd who is heading up ice.
  • Both ends, opposite corners.
  • D starts with puck
  • On whistle they pass to the F below the goal line and then head around circle to meet oncoming F.
  • D starts on inside hash marks, F on goal line.
  • From a dead stand still, on the whistle the players begin up ice.
  • Fwds trying to beat the D down the boards while the D try to gain gap control and angling.
  • Both ends.
star 2 1 gap control
Star 2-1 Gap Control
  • D skates behind net and passes to forward on boards.
  • F on far side comes across middle of zone and gives pass option to partner.
  • Those players then skate down 2-1 on waiting D.

Both Ends

breakout regroup
  • D breaks out 2 forwards who regroup with D at neutral ice.
  • F turns up and heads down 2-1 with D that broke them out.
  • D that did the regroup then chases puck in and starts same thing out of opposite end.
2 spot 4 spot 1 1
2 Spot 4 Spot 1-1
  • D plays 1 F out of the corner, then one from out high.
  • Each one goes on the coach’s whistle.
  • You can do it with 2 or 4 forwards.
  • Give D a chance to get up on corner forwards who must start with backs toward middle ice.
block out
Block Out
  • Protecting the middle of the ice.
  • Driving forwards outside.
  • End vs. Neutral
1 2 3 partner
1-2-3 Partner
  • 1-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3
  • 1st start 1-1, then blow whistle and new puck is alive and play 2-2.
  • Then on next whistle, a new puck is alive and third person joins and you do either 3-2 or 3-3.
shooting skills
Shooting Skills
  • Control the puck
  • Quick release
  • Low and on net
  • Move to a good angle to get goalie moving
  • Keep head up
  • Up & Back quick release
  • Off the boards, control and release
  • Off the boards, control to partner (one time)
  • Partner and back
  • Lateral move, catch, and shoot
  • Rounder
  • Husky Shooter
  • Star Shooter
up back1
Up & Back
  • Player skates to the puck, picks it up, transitions backwards to a good angle and shoots.
off boards control release
Off Boards – Control & Release
  • Coach puts puck off or around boards as player must keep the puck in the zone.
  • Quickly control the puck and pull it into a good angle to shoot.
off boards control to partner
Off Boards – Control to Partner
  • Same board pass with quick pass to partner who can catch & shoot or one-time the puck.
  • This can also be done continuous with the coach throwing a puck from one side then after the shot right away to the other side.
partner back
Partner & Back
  • Same drill as previous, but with a pass back to original D, who must put him/herself in a good pass lane for a shot.
  • Very good for power play.
lateral move catch shoot
Lateral Move, Catch & Shoot
  • Player takes passes in-between cones from coaches/players, moves to the outside of cones for a shot and back to middle for another shot.
  • Reps of 4, 6, 8, 10.
  • Players skate to pucks, retrieve a puck, hip out backwards, around top cone and shoot on net.
husky shooter
Husky Shooter
  • Player skates in on right side of cone, retrieves puck and skates backwards out around cone, then back around high cone into forward stride to a good shooting angle.
  • Always face the net.
star shooter
Star Shooter
  • Player starts low and always faces the boards.
  • A lot of transitions with the puck and a shot at the end.
  • At the top, open to the necessary hand for shot.