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Lecture Series AVT-167

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Lecture Series AVT-167. Strategies for Optimization and Automated Design of Gas Turbine Engines (Complex Systems) Applied Vehicle Technology Panel. Agenda. Introduction to Lecture Series Aim and Goal for the Lecture Series Organizational topics.

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Lecture Series AVT-167

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lecture series avt 167

Lecture Series AVT-167

Strategies for Optimization and Automated Design of Gas Turbine Engines (Complex Systems)

Applied Vehicle Technology Panel

  • Introduction to Lecture Series
  • Aim and Goal for the Lecture Series
  • Organizational topics


why do we need optimization and automated design processes
Why do we need optimization and automated design processes?
  • Gas Turbines are complex products which have …
    • Lots of interactions between their parts
    • Parts operating in a very demanding environment
    • Far reaching failure consequences


typical loading environment
Typical loading environment
  • The forces on one HP Turbine blade are equivalent to one fully laden double decker bus. Typical Trent HP Turbine discs have 92 blades. Therefore, the total force on a single disc is equivalent to a fleet of 92 buses carrying approximately 1000 people.


consequences of failure
Consequences of failure
  • A disc burst has similar energy to a family saloon car hitting a brick wall at 100 mph or is equivalent to throwing a car 300 feet into the air.
  • A failure of a such a part during flight would result in disc sections being thrown approximately 1½ miles from the aircraft. A failed part would not be contained within the engine and if travelling in a disadvantageous direction would rip through the aircraft fuselage.


business drivers



Simulation’s Business Impact:

New Strategies in Aircraft Engines

July 13, 2009

By Bruce Jenkins, Principal Analyst, Ora Research LLC

Ora Research LLC

P.O. Box 391227

Cambridge, MA 02139-0013


tel. +1 617 875 9598


Business drivers


aim and goals for this lecture series
Aim and Goals for this Lecture Series
  • To define terminology and present optimization techniques;
  • To outline practical approaches to the formulation of automated gas turbine engines (complex systems) design tasks;
  • To teach the methodology and the processes and NOT the tools;
  • To present practical examples of component, subsystem and system level designs and optimizations;
  • To address key technical and human barriers.


organizational topics i
Organizational topics I
  • Each section has
    • A short intro to the sections
    • 2- 4 presentations or case studies
  • Typically the presentation (except the methods presentations) is scheduled for 40 min including at least 10 min discussion time.
  • Coffee Breaks have been organized to foster discussion with the participants and the presenters
  • There is no lunch provided but there are ample of restaurants in proximity of the venue


organizational topics ii
Organizational topics II
  • Copies of the presentation materials will be provided
  • Your feedback will be used to improve the material and to create Educational Notes
  • These notes will contain the presentation material and papers and will be provided via the NATO web site (within the next 6 month)



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