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Unlimited Transcription Solutions Corporation PowerPoint Presentation
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Unlimited Transcription Solutions Corporation

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Unlimited Transcription Solutions Corporation
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Unlimited Transcription Solutions Corporation

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  1. A Company OverviewUnlimited Transcription Solutions Corporationa proud Corporate Member of the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA)

  2. Our Mission:Our mission is to guarantee excellence in medical transcription by providing our clients with accurate, efficient, timely, and secure electronic documentation of their records while offering our clients the best in customer service. We aim to deliver premium patient care by setting the standards of innovation.

  3. Despite relative advancements in the number of medical transcription companies and technological evolution in the recent years, we have established our company to be in the forefront of the booming healthcare documentation industry. UNLIMITED TRANSCRIPTION SOLUTIONS CORPORATION

  4. What Makes UTSC unique?


  6. Our People ‘Webelieve that manpower management is an indisputable facet of our organization.’

  7. Unlimited Transcription Solutions’ SmartTranscription®is professionally managed by a team of skilled medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors headed by a pioneer in the medical transcription industry which boasts of an 18-year experience in the transcription arena.

  8. B.S. Respiratory Therapy B.S. Biology B.S. Physical Therapy B.S. Medical Technology B.S. Nursing B.S. Psychology B.S. Pharmacy UTSC Production Staff With SmartTrans® , medical reports are processed by people who are also part of the medical community, people who are also concerned about the welfare of patients, like doctors and other healthcare professionals.

  9. Our medical transcriptionists, medical transcription editors, and quality assurance associates undergo a comprehensive in-house training for six months. They have the advantage of learning medical transcription systems and processes through company-developed modules in a well-equipped training facility. This training period is followed by an extensive on-the-job apprenticeship program to refine and hone their medical transcription skills.

  10. Our Operational Proficiency “Our specialized knowledge in the transcription arena is brought about by years of unparalleled experience.”

  11. Having been exposed to the American culture through media and other means, knowledge of various English accents and dialects is an edge of the Filipino people. Add to that our continuing education program here at UTSC, our workforce are also trained to recognize the American intonation patterns aswell as pronunciation.

  12. Our Expertise Ophthalmology Cardiology Immunology Orthopedics Dermatology Internal Medicine Endocrinology Nephrology Otolaryngology Family Practice Neurology Rehabilitation Medicine Gastroenterology Pathology Rheumatology Urology Pediatrics Pulmonary Obstetrics and Gastroenterology Neurosurgery Radiology Psychiatry Hematology

  13. Dictations for the following: History and Physical Reports Consultation Reports Discharge Summaries General Correspondence Follow-up Visit Reports Progress Reports Operative Reports Chart Notes Radiology Reports ProcedureNotes Psychiatric Evaluation Emergency Room Reports

  14. Our Affiliation “We are privileged to be affiliated with an organization that pioneers in information technology advancements.”

  15. Our sister company, Unlimited Solutions Corporation (USC),is theNo. 1 providerof smart card solutions here in the Philippines. Since its inception in January 2000, USC has consistently been the leader in systems integration using IC chip, Biometric and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technologies. Unlimited Solutions Corporation’s global networking experience ensures professional and timely consultancy and solution-integration capabilities. That is precisely the reason why Unlimited Transcription Solutions Corporation (UTSC) is the ONLY MT COMPANY THAT CAN GUARANTEE a very high level of security.

  16. Our State-of-the-Art Software Technology and High-Security Web-based Applications “At UTSC, we believe that data security is of paramount importance. We boast of high standards in technology to ensure security and confidentiality of all data being used.”

  17. Being affiliated with Unlimited Solutions Corporation, our company pride in using smart cards that can store information and has built-in intelligence and security features. Personal information like name, ID number, level/position, access rights, among others, are some of the things that can be stored in the microchip inside every smart card. With SmartTrans®, all members of the workforce make use of biometrics which ensures absolute verification of a person’s physical characteristics. This eliminates the possibility of unauthorized accessto the facility.

  18. The smart card has a Computer Charging and Monitoring Software (CCMS) which is a server system that monitors and either grants or denies Internet or workstation usage. Automatic shut-off features, without ID It is equipped with automatic lock and unlock, log off, restart and shutdown features, which makes it the only means of accessing the files in the computer. This means that there is no other person who can access or even see the files or programs in use at the workstation except the authorized person.

  19. We have pioneered a “paperless” assigning process by automating all transcription methods. Each level has its own dashboard which performs specific functions. We are also implementing the “First In, First Out” policy which means that we have zero downtime.

  20. Our Commitment


  22. We are dedicated to give you the highest level of accuracy. We have a three-level Quality Assurance Process. To maintain our standard of excellence, our Quality Assurance Program uses AAMT standards and guidelines in evaluating all of your reports. Not only that, the performance of each medical transcriptionist and medical transcription editor is measured against specific, agreed-upon goals and timelines monthly.

  23. Our QualityProcess Medical Transcriptionists Medical Transcription Editors Quality Assurance Associates • Quality review includes the following: • Medical and surgical spellchecks • Grammar review • Format review • Standardization checks Client

  24. UNLIMITED TRANSCRIPTION SOLUTIONS CORPORATION • 99% Guaranteed Accuracy • (based on audio quality) EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE & RESULTS Extraordinary Transcription Speed

  25. Our team’s drive to yield a minimum of 800 lines per 7-hour production time is considered to be the company’s driving force.

  26. UNLIMITED TRANSCRIPTION SOLUTIONS CORPORATION • 98% to 99.9% Guaranteed Accuracy • (based on audio quality) EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE & RESULTS Extraordinary Transcription Speed In-house Training Program for immediate client needs

  27. Our company prides itself in giving the same meticulous attention and expert disposition to all of our clients. We have extensive experience and familiarity with most forms of medical and healthcare transcription. We make sure that we answer all of our client’s needs. We make it a point to adapt ourselves to varying situations which would include differences in accent and workload.

  28. UNLIMITED TRANSCRIPTION SOLUTIONS CORPORATION • 99% Guaranteed Accuracy • (based on audio quality) • Security EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE & RESULTS SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY Extraordinary Transcription Speed In-house Training Program for Immediate Client needs

  29. We at UTSC believe that data security is of paramount importance. We boast of high standards in technology to ensure security and confidentiality of all data being used. Smart cards that are being used in the workplace provide convenience and unparalleled data security and transmission. Its high data integrity feature eliminates human error, prevents data manipulation, and reduces fraud. All communications between the clients’ computers and our server are protected with Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL). When you register with us you can get the advantage of this security and be assured that your date and patient information would be encrypted. We offer fast and easy web-based transfers and a secure, full-featured FTP site.


  31. USC understands the importance of HIPAA compliance to our clients and their patients. Because of this, we have a Research and Development Officer who facilitates and manages the information security and HIPAA needs of our organization as well as our clients. Our Research and Development Officer is responsible in maintaining, developing effective educational programs to ensure that we are always compliant to HIPAA regulations as well as updating the organization with any changes. • All of our transcriptionists and other staff members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement upon joining the company. These people know that all patient and client information are to be held in the strictest confidence. Other than that, we make certain that we are up to date when it comes to any changes in HIPAA regulations and guidelines.


  33. We have both information and business processes consultants who are pioneers in their field. Moreover, our solutions are created by project managers who have successfully implemented projects using proven tools and methodologies. In that note, we are proud to say that we offer not just great transcription but also reliable technical expertise.


  35. SmartCampus® aids in monitoring time-in and time-out data. SmartOffice® integrates with most intelligent building systems in the industry. SmartClub® enables secure creation, capture and transfer of significant data and information by providing both front- and backend processing. SmartCare® reduces the risk of losing important medical records and history. SmartTag® provides the highest level of scanning automation and accurate inventory through automated control. SmartPoints® caters to establishments like fine dining restaurants, specialty shops, sports houses, health and beauty shops, supermarkets and department stores, hotels and resorts.

  36. SmartVille® aids in monitoring what goes on at home if and when the owner is out of town. SmartMall® promotes interoperability in tracking and maintaining loyalty points for mall owners, retailers, and customers. SmartToll® generates a smoother traffic flow on expressways, thus giving the users comfort and convenience. SmartCity® helps form a centralized access to benefits in a city. SmartSecurity® aims to monitor attendance and control the access of unauthorized persons by using RFID smart cards.


  38. Philips Semiconductors, Netherlands Digital Identification Systems GmbH, Germany Desko GmbH, Germany Lucky Technology Ltd, Hong Kong ViVOtech, Singapore VeriFone, Inc. USA QTRAC Limited, Hong Kong Radianse, Inc., USA HID Corporation, USA

  39. Outsourcing Benefits

  40. Through outsourcing, physicians can focus on the practice of medicine or other areas of their lives. Second, outsourcing allows a physician, practice or a group to pay for what it ONLY needs. This way, you will eliminate capital equipment costs and the ongoing technology updates and hardware maintenance costs. Human skill resources are not always available internally or within community.

  41. Why Outsource to the Philippines?

  42. Here’s the MANY compelling reasons why…

  43. An American colony for close to 50 years, the Philippines has a Western‑influenced culture, a unique trait that clearly distinguishes the country from other offshore destinations. With a literacy rate of 94%, the Philippines has a large pool of information technology professionals and a cost-competitive telecoms infrastructure. The country ranks third in knowledge and information-based jobs in the 2002 Global Technology Index research done by the META Group. The Philippines boasts of a large talent pool of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and medical technologists. American On Line, the largest U.S. Internet service provider, maintains a staff of 600 at its call center in Clark, Pampanga. Caltex, Procter & Gamble, Barnes and Noble, Fluor Daniel among others, have built large-scale service centers in the Philippines.

  44. Competitive Labour Costs- labour rates in the Philippines are among the most competitive in Asia, with the minimum daily wage rate currently pegged at P263 (US$5.84). Steady Economic Growth-The Philippines has been one of the least affected by the regional financial crisis that started in the last quarter of 1997. Telecommunications- The difficulty of inter-connectivity between competing telephone networks is now being addressed, and should lead to rapid growth in telephone density-which now has stands at nine lines per 100 persons. Multilingual Society- Although Filipino is the national language of the country, English is widely used in education and business. The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world.

  45. The 12-hour time zone difference between Manila and the United States gives us more than enough time to transcribe your dictations.We give you a facility of next-day reporting (practically less than a 12-hour turnaround time for a regular 24-hour service).

  46. “You sleep while we work on the files, and when you get to work in the morning, your files are waiting for you to review.”

  47. Standing in Outsourcing Business Ranked 8th in 50 countries • Countries were ranked by: • Financial attractiveness, based on such measures as compensation and infrastructure costs • A so-called people score, measuring a nation's people skills, availability of language and educational skills, and the size and quality of the IT industry • Their economic/political environment, infrastructure quality, cultural exposure, and IP security. Source: A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index 2007

  48. UTSC at a Glance


  50. UNLIMITED TRANSCRIPTION SOLUTIONS CORPORATION Unlimited Transcription Solutions Corporation MANPOWER EXPERTISE BUSINESS AFFILIATIONS SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY We have the answer to ALL your transcription needs.